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#22 these ones?


movie poster

title: Picture Perfect
genre: Teen
cast: Mackenzie Foy as Lily Montgomery,
extra: Picture of Mackenzie Foy with the words: Lily Montgomery and Movie Credit bascially like this but better


all requests have been denied for not giving me not enough information to work with




denied, i dont do books for the real world sorry




im sorry but your still denied, this is not the kind of requests i do




you cant sorry


do you mean me? if so ok






Hi! @epicspacedorito

We ask on Wattpad that you threat all people with respect even if their opinions don’t align with yours, Try to threat others with courtesy regardless of ideals.

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Hey there!
I’m looking to get my cover redone and I love some of your designs. If you don’t want to do it then that’s totally OK as I don’t think it’s a genre you do! :slight_smile: :black_heart:
title: The Faultless Victim
subtitle: /
author: Kristin James
genre: Thriller, supernatural?
ideas: Here is my current cover. I woiuld love a bold font, and darker colours like purples and blues and reds. I would really love a woman on the cover. The woman I used has curly blonde hair but my character has straight dirty blonde hair. A house is a good idea, too, but it has to be a sort of cabin.


simple ❨ ❩ manip ❨ x❩ extra: If you accept, thank you! I will purchase the stock you need <3


the picture isnt showing up



accepted, that cover is beautiful


Thank you!