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Hey! I’ve looked at your banners, and they’re pretty incredible. Could I request one to be made as a profile header?




banner ❨x❩ blend ❨ ❩
genre: drama/action
Ideas: Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish), Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos), Natalie Manning (Torrey Devitto), and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) in any order with a city skyline in the background. I would also like the lyrics to Little Mix’s Salute across all four: “sisters we are everywhere” with the first woman in the row, “warriors, your country needs you” with the second, “if you’re ready ladies” with the third, and “better keep steady, ready, aim, shoot” with the last.
extra: I have these images of the ladies, but any other images would work as well.


accepted, you should receive your graphic in 2-3 days

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Thank you!


If this is copy and pasted, maybe you want to change the wording.

“We ask on Wattpad that you threat all people with respect even if their opinions don’t align with yours, Try to threat others with courtesy regardless of ideals.”

Unless it isn’t a mistake. In which case I don’t think that’s the right message XD.

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cool stuff. sub!


thank you


Hey, I’m just wondering what the status of my graphic is? I haven’t gotten a response for 18 days.


title: all rise
subtitle: /
author: zeinah omar
genre: crime - drama
ideas: a close up of camila’ mendes’ face on the cover and half of her face has a faded american flag on it , behind her some sort of court or faded latin words regarding justice or words of the amendments and you could also a bloody faded egyptian flag in the background somewhere
simple ❨ ❩ mania ❨X❩
extra: , ,