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I’m not sure how long, I will keep this thread open.
It will depend on how many requests the
thread gets. Be aware that I will be extremely picky
about the requests I take.

Below are links to my examples and forms.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Thank you!

minimal cover examples
simple cover examples
manip cover examples
story ad examples
img thread examples


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omg ur back!!! ah!!!

[ C O V E R F O R M ]

○○○ requesting > cover

title: We Were There
subtitle*: none
author: NN Rivera
Short summary: A revolutionist and a housewife find out their partners are involved in an affair together
mood/color scheme: sad/artsy/romantic - reds/oranges or just plainly warm tones
ideas: [1] Man and woman silhouettes [2] Woman smoking a cigarette [3] In The Mood for Love vibes [4] Hongkong streets [5] Woman wearing a cheongsam and a man wearing a grey suit or just each one of them alone is fine

btw I love everything in your examples!

@crystaloceanic I am! hahaa for a bit
@AliasScarlet Denied, sorry! Good luck with your cover search

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i’m really bad with ideas e.e ;-; do you have any premade threads?

@crystaloceanic I dont sorry!! If you give enough inspo pics I’m sure I can come up with something. But that’s up to you if you want to request.

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○○○ requesting > cover

minimal simple manip

title: Hush (in a very creepy and horror type font)
subtitle*: none
author: D. Crowe
short summery: Raven woke up naked in the forest, covered in blood and surrounded by the dead bodies of her friends. Her parents send her away to a mental asylum/rehabilitation center where more bodies continue to stack up around her. Raven is desperate, trying to figure out if someone is hunting her, or if she is the real monster.
mood/color scheme: Very dark and low saturation, bloody, mysterious, very horror like
ideas: I definitely want my face claim in here, which is India Eisley. I love the idea of using this picture (specifically this one because she’s covered in blood and it looks like she’s wearing asylum appropriate clothes) and maybe having a creepy looking asylum surrounded by a forest behind her, or a shadow/mysterious stranger, or maybe just distorted to represent her going crazy?
inspiration: Casual Layout | Mysterious Stranger | Distorted

kk! will try x

○○○ requesting > img thread

title: nicotine
subtitle*: a solo graphics shop
color scheme:

link to body text: body text
ideas: ok! this thread is inspired by the song nicotine by p!atd, so manye screencaps of that video? what i’m thinking is to use all kinds of shapes (check inspo i’m bad at explaining) that contain both the text and images! the title should be in the blue color, in a serif font (i’ll let you pick). i hope these ideas are ok ^.^
inspiration: 001 | 002 | 003
extras: if you could maybe make me a code to use for any subthreads? thank u ^.^

@DarklingDarling @crystaloceanic Hello! I’d like to attempt your requests first if that’s alright. I’ll get back to you both with an accepted/denied answer in about a day or two!

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thank u! <3

@crystaloceanic hey! Do you mind if I use brighter blues/greens for the thread color scheme? It’s looking a little muted on the screen.

nope! go ahead x

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@crystaloceanic you’re accepted!

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omg thank u!!! <3 is there a payment? i didn’t see one owo