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Secrets and Lies.

Ryan Fitzpatrick- has a secret. A secret that only her brother and best friend know about. A secret that caused her to be shipped off to a different country. Now over a year later she is forced to move back to the states and is expected to attend her former high school to finish her senior year like nothing ever happened. Will she be able to keep this secret, or will the school’s Queen B find out and expose her?

Axel Mathews: QB, Wood Port High’s resident bad boy and star player in more ways that one. When Ryan rejects his advances and knocks him down a few pegs, a prank-war is declared. Will he go too far in his quest for revenge, or will he see everything in a new light?
Follow these two seniors and their friends as they navigate their last year of high school with the pain and secrets of the past and lies of the present. What will the future hold for this group of friends? Will Ryan and Axel destroy one another, or will they choose to save each other?

Secret and Lies is full of drama, comedy, a touch of mystery and may take a few twists and turns before its over.


‘It was the town of death’

17 year old Luke Wilbur is the envy of all. Handsome, talented artist and a skilled Basketball player, he is the heartthrob of the town. He lived in Gallows Fall as long as he could remember.

Beneath his mask, however, Luke harbors a secret: he dreams of death. His dreams reenact the gruesome deaths of countless people. Refusing to let these dreams control his life, Luke ignores his dreams and hides his ability from everyone.

But his efforts to suppress his ability are thwarted by his strange encounter with the ghost of Lillian who died over 300 years ago under mysterious circumstances. After some initial friction, Luke teams up with Lillian to find out the cause of her death and the root of his abilities. Little do they know, the truth will bring them face to face with the sinister forces lurking underneath the town’s idyllic facade…

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Mac has pretty much had enough of life. But that’s okay, because life doesn’t much like him either. He’s dying and boy is it dragging.
There’s nothing else he really wants to do with his 3 months left. He’s tattooed himself to high hell, taken every drug he could (some he couldn’t bear to give up) and told his little old grandmother that he loves her. That sounded alright to him.
That is until, Kathleen. A stand alone, take-no-shit kinda girl. She’s abrasive and rude, and sometimes he wishes his disease would kill him sooner. But she’s dragging him around New York.
And she’s not aiming for some Make-A-Wish Disneyland bullshit, Kat’s got something way worse in mind. 28 things, to be exact.
28 things on Mac’s bucket list before he finally kicks it. And it’s all her fault.

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Royal War
“Oh but darling, you are every inch of innocent in a war caught up with the most sinful”

Stuck in a world of kings and sinful immortals, Will Amora find a way to stop a war in-between the two worlds she belonged from? Will she stand beside the people who raised her or the ones she was taught to hate. Most importantly will she keep the secret she swore upon her life to keep or will she give it up to save the world? The alpha’s see all, they said. Then again. There is more than meets the eye and fate sure does love a good hunt.

This story is a mixture of dark humor, twists and turns, sizzling romance and action.

Weekly updates!


I just published the first part of my new story!

Nine people, four districts, one city. San Moirae is the City of Luck, and barer of good fortunes. Home to more than 5 million hopefuls willing to place their lives in the hands of the fates that seem to favor that city over any other in the world. Nine lives will become one in the heart of San Moirae. Now that the web is woven, all that’s left is to watch all the pieces fall into place.

-Veronica, a recent college graduate still looking for a story to write and hoping to find it in the city.

-Cammilea, A newly wedded wife with a nauseating fear of commitment

-Heath, A newly wedded husband and an ambitious business man, ready to start the next chapter of his life. Which will be harder? A new business or a relationship?

-Nina Glover, far from recovering drug and sex addict that has gotten herself way to connect with very wrong people, and is always too high to figure a way out.

-Ren Glover, trans girl struggling with the disapproval of everyone around her, but the transfer kid in her 7th grade class might not be the worse thing that’s happened all year.

-Tate Glover, over protective twin to Ren but at the cost of all his other relationships. The son of the city whore and sibling to the ‘confused boy’ Tate’s beginning to feel the crushing weight of the Glover name.

-Ezra Moore, a runaway whos trying to lose his identity among the faces and the names of the city so hes not returned to the torture house that was stripping him of his identity anyway.

-Greyson Ferris, one of many trans kids that are banished from home. Abandoned with nothing but their identity, Greyson is determined to make a name for themself as long as social services doesn’t come looking for them.

A/N This book will be a lot about relationships and friendships and identity and I’m trying my hardest to represent all of you. I hope you can find yourself in these characters or in their moments. This is a book about everyday human lives. Every life has an impact on other.

It’s a really fun and mildly stressful and romantic read surrounding growing up and identity in every day life. I hope this description is interesting enough to give it a try. Once the book gets going there really is something for everyone :smiley:


When lightning strikes

Two sisters, One bolt of light. Danger around every corner and the world as they knew it is gone; replaced by visions, secrets, abilities, and destinies. Will they overcome their bickering and differences long enough to achieve an impossible goal… with their lives entwined so tightly and a future to save, only Eva and Liliana can say for sure.