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“Imagination will often carry us to worlds we thought never were. But without it, we would go nowhere.” -Carl Sagan.

Ray Richards is a guy whose imagination played a big part in his past. When he was 13, he never would’ve imagined that he would ever rekindle his friendship with Sophia Smith, with whom he hadn’t talked to in 8 years. 4 years later, the seemingly impossible became possible. Sophia is now one of his best friends ever, and he’s also got Victoria Bell as his good friend. Now at their senior year, they couldn’t ask for anything more or less. But, Ray finds himself falling. Falling hard. But he can’t figure out who is perfect for him. How will their imaginations help or hurt them this time? And what worlds will their imaginations carry them to?


Title: Remember the Burning Dream?

Dream drēm/ noun plural noun: dreams

  1. a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.
    Dreams are supposed to be things you’ve experienced bits and pieces from what you’ve seen during the day,you’re thoughts,your hopes, your memories. These dreams they aren’t always mine. They scare me. I want it to stop but not really. Then when I think about it I want to help although I know I can’t.I wish I can control them do something but How can I? I can’t escape what’s in my head. I wish I could…I think



Click here to read: Ugly Fruits and Vegetables


On the surface, Zenobia’s principles of segregation were pure with good intentions; separate the men and women to keep the peace between genders - to stop gender discrimination, inequality and violence.

However, is a segregated society the best place to nurture humans?

As two young adults venture out to the Wall for solace, they uncover an essence of humanity long since forgotten after many years of segregation; and with it, the experience of the bittersweet taste of ugly fruits and vegetables.

Any and all feedback is welcome! :blush:
(although I’d really love to get your opinion on whether this type of story is captivating and unique enough to pursue, so if you have some free time, I’d appreciate your input! In return, you’re welcome to message me to give feedback on one of your stories as well)



Instead of graduating university early and still struggling with her father’s recent death, Bailey seeks adventure. As a young, novice traveler and aspiring artist, she takes a gap semester to backpack Italy, her father’s birthplace, and do a work-exchange at a hostel in Catania. Upon befriending a female volunteer at her work-exchange, Bailey begins to question her sexuality.



THE GUYS’ girl

Nerdy glasses? :heavy_check_mark:
Frizzy Hair? :heavy_check_mark:
Smart girl reputation? :heavy_check_mark:
Best friend, brother, and crush all members of an up and coming boy band? (Sorry, are we talking about the same girl…?) :heavy_check_mark: … apparently so

Avery Taylor is sixteen when her family decides to follow her older brother’s boy band dream, moving away from her small town and onto a worldwide tour. Unsure of her place, she feels destined to become the little sister mascot. What she doesn’t expect is the five hottest guys in the music industry to bring her in as one of their own.

She’s living every teenage girl’s fantasy. Except Avery isn’t sure how long she can keep her romantic feelings a secret.

Will becoming THE GUYS’ girl be everything she’s dreamed of or the very thing that ruins her?

I might as well daydream about the guys… it was the closest I would actually get to any of them. I tried to focus on reading my book, but the beautiful distractions across the room were more appealing than the words on the page.

Nearly an hour later, everything seemed to be settled. Contracts would be finalized with lawyers later in the week, the boys would begin rehearsals, and the label would begin to lay the groundwork for recording and touring.

As small conversations began around the table, my mom’s voice rose above everyone else’s. “Wherever this journey takes Aiden, we’ll be right there by his side. Our family moves together.”

I jerked my head up to look at my mother. Was I understanding correctly? We were going to travel with the band if they went on tour?

I glanced past my mother to where the guys had gathered together and saw that they too were listening to my mom’s declaration. That’s when five sets of eyes met mine.

I swallowed hard. Could they see the red creeping into my face from across the room? I nearly fell over when my stare was answered with more than one alarmingly cute smiles.

Oh crap. I’m in way over my head.



ROMANCE :white_check_mark:
Her dad is running for Mayor, and so is his.

It’s not allowed to be real, but they can fake it until the make it.

But when Hudson sets a bet that Bailey won’t fall for him, out of stubbornness she finds herself submitting to it

Because Bailee Monson will not fall for Hudson Reed.

It just won’t happen.



| ROMANCE | :white_check_mark: | COMPLETED

☆ When Aspen Waters best friend Kaitlyn comes back from a long summer away from Santa Barbra, the two find it impossible to stay away from eachother. Gossiping and talking about how much they’ve changed…but their not the only ones.
Ryder, Kaitlyn’s brother is back too, looking better than ever. ☆

☆Will Aspen be able to control herself? Or will she find herself drowning in the ocean that is Ryder Nicolson? ☆



Allie Dellinger has spent the past three years moving back and forth between her parent’s homes, going through constant uncertainty as she tries to cope with her parent’s divorce.

It wasn’t always this way, they used to be a happy family that had traditions. Not all of them were always her favorite, but she had been hoping maybe one of them would come back.

Unfortunately, it was the one she wanted least, so when her mom announces that they’ll be spending the holidays with the Kanes Allies life falls apart, only to have the pieces pushed around by the cocky self-obsessed Brett Kane.

It’s been five years since she’s seen him and he’s changed just as much as she has, but have their feelings changed?

Can Brett and Allie continue to hate each other, or will the phrase ‘opposites attract’ be proven true?

Copyright 2018 Kristmas With The Kanes



“I don’t need to do anything!” She screams, causing me to freeze. “If there’s anyone who doesn’t have the right to tell me how to feel it’s you! Seeing as you’ve been playing with them since we met.” She trails off and crosses her arms.

“What? Playing with what?”

She groans, “My emotions you idiot! My emotions.”

I sat there trying to gather what she was saying and then suddenly, it clicked. I’ve been playing Delaney.




Title: It’s That Biker Chick
Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance/Humor
Author: @truthfulmistakes

Florence Elizabeth MacIntyre is the daughter of James MacIntyre - CEO of MacIntyre Inc. which is the largest and most famous architectural firm in the world. It’s known for its exquisite, intricate designs especially when all of its clients are either celebrities, wealthy people or very powerful political figures. It’s clear that she comes from an extremely wealthy family and has a pretty exquisite lifestyle. Even her name sounds fancy.

However, despite being raised in a posh home life, Florence, or Flo, as she would like everyone to call her, is a delinquent. She breaks rules, she pulls pranks and she makes insensitive jokes at the most inappropriate times. And to add the cherry on top, she’s been expelled twice within the same year for skipping classes, failing all of her tests and causing excessive damage to school property. Her relatives think she’s a disgrace, girls think she’s a bitch and boys think she’s just some badass biker chick.

Flo wasn’t always like this though. Now the question is, why? Why act this way when you have everything and anything anyone could ever wish for? Leo Archer soon found himself wondering this exact thought after having an encounter with the biker chick herself. He should be offended by the rude comments she’s made but behind that anger, lies pure intrigue for her story.


link: [’s-that-biker-chick 1]

Message me if you’d like to do a read for read!



click on the cover or click here to take you to the story

In which a boy and girl meet and at first hate one another but are constantly pulled to one another.


click on the cover or click here to take you to the story

In which a girl who thinks the world has it out for her and rich, popular guy who only wants the best for everyone meet and get to know one another.

I am willing to do read for read and give opinions, please PM me.


Mistress Honeycomb And The Bad G.E.N.T.L.E.M.E.N’s Club (Ongoing)

Crossburrow Academy seems like your typical school with the usual clubs.

But, there’s a rather special club located in the school. The G.E.N.T.L.E.M.E.N’s Club. It’s abbreviated because there are 9 members whose first names each make up G.E.N.T.L.E.M.E.N.

And due to an accidental fight that happened at the school, Bartleby Honeycomb has to work with the club. Or rather, make them turn into better people.

But with this comes secrets, laughs, rules, romance, and drama.
How will the Honeycomb handle the swarm of bees that is the G.E.N.T.L.E.M.E.N’s Club?

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New Wattpad member here, excited to get started in the community and read everyone’s creations. Here’s the summary for my first story, which is ongoing and currently has two chapters.

When bad girl Joey finally escaped her small-town home for university in the big city, she scoffed at the idea of ever returning. Now, after a year away that was more challenging than she ever anticipated, Joey is back for the summer - a summer she dedicates to reclaiming her strength and tough exterior. But she’s not the only one coming back. When two very different boys from her past show up with very different intentions, Joey discovers the deepest pleasures of being bad and the burning desire of being good.


Alexandra Grayson is sure her life will get better after she decides to go to Boston for a school exchange, leaving behind her lifestyle in Mexico for a year seems the best option to take a break of all of her problems. Suddenly, she ends up in the same place as some acquaintances from years ago, two boys and their sister that will make her year memorable.

A new friendship.

One attraction.

One love.

Promising herself a fresh start, she will need to overcome her fears and put her constant demons aside, but wounds are still fresh and everyone knows how emotions can be nothing less than a time bomb. In the middle of her chaos she will have to learn to trust her heart and, with the help of someone, let go and live.

Positive feedback is very welcomed, also if anyone has a suggestion or just to talk about anything (really tho) you can always message me <3

Read here:


Sometimes the ones that we want only bring out the crazy in us. And sometimes that’s ok.

Dylan’s in High School. That’s about as much as she tells the world when they are her about herself. Her name is Dylan and she’s in high school. Not that she writes stories in her free time or she’s desperately saving up to buy a car. Not that she wants only to pass her Chemistry 20 course so she can be accepted to UCLA. Not that she will walk through the rain or snow to get to the Varsity Boys Basketball game because her and her friends never miss it. Her name is Dylan and she is in high school.

Harry plays Varsity basketball. Harry tells the best jokes. Harry gets all the girls and has all the friends. Harry travels to South America in the winter to volunteer. Harry always shows up to school late. Harry has a spare first period. And Harry is in Chem 20.

Dylan and Harry. She knows more about him than he’ll ever know about her. Their only memories together are made up of smart remarks to the Chem teacher and passing notes in class containing the dumbest jokes of the day. Well, it is Chem 20.


Hey, Check out my book,
Anita: My Crazy Girlfriend


Thanks for reading!

Rainey’s good at her job–great even. But when she’s put in charge of the newest employee, Danika, who’s sweet and hot and maybe a little dumb, Rainey finds herself falling in a new direction. The problem is Danika is as straight as can be and as clueless as a baby bird. Or is she? Follow the crazy lives of two college girls dealing with friendship and blooming love, and a looming water crisis in their town.

Let me know what you think!


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Just Derrick (Ongoing)
||open for read4read||

(Slowly Editing/Revising)

When DERRICK HAMMOND’s first love vanished without a trace, DANICA SUMMERS, his heart is never been the same.

He vow to never love again.

Then SOPHIA COLLINS enters his life. Beautiful, smart and strong willed woman from a rival company. While still battling his own heartache, he will find himself protecting the woman under his care.

Yes, he should hate Sophia. Despise her even. But the timid beauty with fiery soul intrigue him. Love or hate? He should pick one, right?

And no, he can’t offer her anything more than friendship inside their marriage. That’s the plan.

Then Danica returns.

Would he stick to the woman he promised a marriage? Or pick the woman who made his heart stutter?

Its his decision.

When Sophia Collins’ life intertwined to a brooding and handsome bachelor and CEO, Derrick Hammond, her life is never been the same as before. Especially if she find herself falling for the man who said ‘I would never love again’.

Trap in concealing her feelings for the man she ought to marry, she needs an iron heart. She desperately needs it when the very woman who holds his heart returns–Danica Summers–that threatens her love, heart and marriage to dust.

Would she fight for her heart or walk away?

Its her decision.