Just Derrick (Ongoing)
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When DERRICK HAMMOND’s first love vanished without a trace, DANICA SUMMERS, his heart is never been the same.

He vow to never love again.

Then SOPHIA COLLINS enters his life. Beautiful, smart and strong willed woman from a rival company. While still battling his own heartache, he will find himself protecting the woman under his care.

Yes, he should hate Sophia. Despise her even. But the timid beauty with fiery soul intrigue him. Love or hate? He should pick one, right?

And no, he can’t offer her anything more than friendship inside their marriage. That’s the plan.

Then Danica returns.

Would he stick to the woman he promised a marriage? Or pick the woman who made his heart stutter?

Its his decision.

When Sophia Collins’ life intertwined to a brooding and handsome bachelor and CEO, Derrick Hammond, her life is never been the same as before. Especially if she find herself falling for the man who said ‘I would never love again’.

Trap in concealing her feelings for the man she ought to marry, she needs an iron heart. She desperately needs it when the very woman who holds his heart returns–Danica Summers–that threatens her love, heart and marriage to dust.

Would she fight for her heart or walk away?

Its her decision.



Going into senior year is going to be the best. At least that is what Natasha thought as she made her way into the new year with her perfect boyfriend, Jake, perfect elite boarding school, amazing friends, and overall the perfect life. Although the year starts off this way, things aren’t always what they seem.

Natasha finds out her parents are getting a divorce, her boyfriend cheats on her but now wants her back. Lastly, her friends start backing away when she needs them the most.

Then comes Colton, here to save the day and be the friend that her so called “friends” were supposed to be. For she has known him for three years now, but things start to heat up as they get closer. Colton has always looked out for Natasha. They weren’t the best of friends, but he always cared for her.

Now, Natasha needs to get her life back on track with everything falling apart around her. Not only that, but she needs to figure out if she wants to give things another try with Jake or if she wants to explore what she has with Colton.

Find out what happens in The Distance Between Me and You…

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In this romantic-messed up-dramatic novel, young dancers cross each other’s paths, troubled with their limitations and traumas, putting their feet on weak beliefs and hoping they won’t fail this time. They want to escape from dark pasts and confidently reach for an unknown dream, guided by the passion for Music and the urge to Dance.
Yet their inevitable personality will trick them and raise their worst fears. In this long story full of crashes, crushes, wrong convictions and strong steps, each will mark their presence with a peculiar and precious signature.

The first victim of this rollercoaster is :purple_heart:Gwen, a sensible, introspective and bombastic girl. Addicted to drama, she is an easy and inevitable target. Little they know that dealing with her might make their life a passionate hell, where love and hate come hand in hand.
“He is ice, and the other is fire, I’m drowning in the flames. :billed_cap:Blue and :fire:Red driving me so Purple.”
“So what’s the next step? Can we break our masks and dance together, 'cause I can’t keep up like that.”

Get ready for sweet-bitter-hot affairs, multiple perspectives, and the chance to find the sensibility that lies beyond their almost unbreakable stereotype. Almost.

Join their crew and get inside this musical journey, feel their amazing dance, fall in love and hate, pick your best and worst character, and connect with this world. You will not be left behind. After all, that’s what we’re here for: to stay connected.

Have a pleasant reading!

Some important info:
The rating says “Mature”.

Each chapter follows a song!:musical_note:


The Bad Boy’s Soulmate

This book is about a girl called Liri who lives in a world where the haircolour or your soulmate is on your wrist. It changes when your soulmate dyes their hair. Liri’s soulmark suddenly turns blue and when she goes to her new college, she finds out that there are two blue haired boys in her class.
Now she has to find out if one of them is her soulmate



Something More

Irma Moore is an introvert who spends her time in fictional worlds.
Albus Cavanaugh is a guy who is trying to find his place in the real world.
Iris Dennings has one goal in her life right now.
Caleb Ford loves to drink and fight, especially with his brother.
Eric Grey closed himself to the people around him after his mother died.
Ian Turner is always laughing and cheerful on the outside.
Their past is haunting them, their present taunting them. But what will their future hold for them? Something more, they hope.


Mac has pretty much had enough of life. But that’s okay, because life doesn’t much like him either. He’s dying and boy is it dragging.
There’s nothing else he really wants to do with his 3 months left. He’s tattooed himself to high hell, taken every drug he could (some he couldn’t bear to give up) and told his little old grandmother that he loves her. That sounded alright to him.
That is until, Kathleen. A stand alone, take-no-shit kinda girl. She’s abrasive and rude, and sometimes he wishes his disease would kill him sooner. But she’s dragging him around New York.
And she’s not aiming for some Make-A-Wish Disneyland bullshit, Kat’s got something way worse in mind. 28 things, to be exact.
28 things on Mac’s bucket list before he finally kicks it. And it’s all her fault.

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Check out my book “Awkward”


Synopsis: Amelia “Lia” Hill is an 18 year old high school senior who has always done the right thing. She gets good grades, dresses appropriately and barely has a social life. As high school is ending, Lia decides she’s had enough. She wants to live her life on her own terms, and be young and dumb like the rest of her classmates, including her twin brother Aiydan. On her journey to freedom, her crush Tyler Smith starts appearing more, causing the most awkward moments in her life.

Teaser: Chapter 1

“Lia, Lia, wake up! Its time for school!” I hear my mother calling, screaming actually, from the kitchen. I rub my eyes, and pull the blanket over my head. “Is it Friday yet?” I ask myself. I pull the covers down and glance at my phone, its only 6:30 a.m. Monday. My alarm isn’t supposed to go off for another half-hour. Why am I even shocked? Since I can remember, my mother has always woken me up earlier then needed. I lay in bed for another 5 minutes trying to fall back asleep, but it doesn’t work. Mom-1, Lia-0.

I stumble out of bed, almost tripping on the pillow that must have fallen while I was asleep. I groan to myself as I walk into the bathroom and glance in the mirror before heading to the shower. “How do I look this bad every morning?” I start the shower and let the boiling hot water wake me up, trying not to get my hair wet.

I turn the shower off and hop out to check the damage done to my hair by the water and steam. “Not bad, if we just run the straightener over the top,” I say proudly. Having long curly hair is a hassle. I hate keeping it natural, probably because I don’t know how. Every female in my family has long silky straight hair, but for some reason the joke was played on me and I was given a lions mane. Growing up I had no one to give me hair advice, so finally after years of begging my mom finally agreed to buy me a straightener right before I started high school. My happiest moment and my mothers biggest regret.

As I decide what to wear, I cant help but feel excited about my last month of high school. I cant wait to start college and start dorming. I hate high school and I hate living at home. I spent all 4 years trying to please my parents (mainly my mom) with my grades, attitude, and my non-existent social life.

I pick out a regular black tee that fits my body tightly, and some high waisted skinny jeans that make my pancake butt look nice. I go over my hair with the straightener, and wonder to myself if I should even bother putting makeup on. Nah, maybe tomorrow.

As i’m about to walk out of my room, the familiar smells hits my nose.

“MOM!!!” I yell. “What did I say about not putting that nasty candle on until I LEAVE the house??”

“Lia, you have absolutely no manners!” I hear her yell. “I need this candle to start my day, it opens up my nose, I have sinus issues!”

I whine and spazz to myself thinking of ways to get out of the house without smelling like the dreadful candle. I put my robe on, grab my bag and head out to the kitchen.

“You don’t have to be so dramatic,” my mother says, looking over a Women’s Health magazine.

“I’m not being dramatic, I just don’t want to smell like dirty socks every time I leave this house,” I reply annoyed.

“Well boohoo, cry me a river.” she bites back. “It was prescribed by my doctor, and it helps me, so deal with it.”

I roll my eyes and grab a banana from the counter. I hear the doorknob turn, and smile as my dad walks in.

“Daddy!” I say a little to excited.

“Hello sweetie, is it pajama day at school?” he replies back, confused.

“No, no, no, your daughter just doesn’t want to smell like dirty socks when she goes to school, because apparently thats the biggest issue in her life,” my mother responds. “How was your business trip?”

“It was okay, Im really tired though, Im gonna go take a nap,” my father says, as he kisses my mom, “Have a good day in school pumpkin”

I roll my eyes even harder, and take a bite out of my banana. I don’t even bother arguing because I know how this will end. I’ll say something rude, and my mom will throw it in my face how my father works so hard for this family, and how we are so ungrateful blah blah blah. How the two topics parallel? I will never know, but my mom is good at twisting the conversation to that.

“Ma, I need you to not burn that candle so early in the morning,” my twin brother Aiydan says waltzing into the kitchen. “The smell really sticks to everything on us, our hair, our bags, our clothes, our body. I just don’t want to drench myself with body spray every morning, the smell from it gives me a headache.”

My mom doesn’t respond back, but looks as if she just did something terrible to him. Thats how it always is. Im the bad guy and my brothers the angel.

“You ready to go doofus,” my brother says to me

“Ive BEEN ready buttface,” I reply back, and then look at my mom whose giving me a dirty look. Aiydan-1, Mia-0.



Have you ever believed in fate so much that you made it fool you?

Elsa was hypnotized by the facade of what she thought was destined love, but when betrayal and her love for the “game” ascended everything she ever believed in started to change.

She never anticipated that one day she would be one of the most envied and successful criminals behind drugs, guns and other illegal activities. She worked along with other druglords and criminals from almost every part of the world to accomplish her mission. Her legacy as a young drugs master was amongst some of the most successful druglords who hid behind the disguise of wealthy business men and women.

From being forced to start off in the streets, she ended up becoming one of the most virtuous Drugs master. She had a taste of the game and now she wanted the entire recipe. Through her, passed some of the most dangerous and high quality drugs and guns that were worth millions of dollars.

Beauty with a gun, that’s what they call her now. She wasn’t afraid, they turned her into a heartless criminal, now she wanted it all. The Heartless bloody trails she created meant nothing to her. She killed anyone who got in the way of her getting what she wanted, no disrespect just respect. Elsa’s love for being the reigning champion had taken control and her passion for getting what she desires isn’t backing down.