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Accepting all genres. I will leave one honest comment on the chapter of your choice. Please include the following,


Payment: A comment on my book Where There Is Nothing

Leave a reply below if interested. I will follow up ASAP with your critique once payment is completed. Detail of feedback based entirely on your effort.

thanks ill give feedback on your book

Great! Accepted.

funny thing… I have already read your book and gave feedback :slight_smile:

Then I should write more chapters!!

yes… you should :slight_smile: i’ll be waiting

Title: somebody to you
Chapter: 1-4

I don’t have four chapters written, the most I can do is two.

Maybe just chapter one or four

Title: The Burden of Broken Hearts
Chapter: 1

Title: UGLY.


Chapter: 1

Let me know if my request is accepted and I will start with the payment!

I went ahead and read it, sry for not waiting for your reply.

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Thank you for your understanding

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