Your character is stuck on an island with what...?

XD poor Ciel…

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Ah, five days!

Anyone besides me still doing this?

I’ll still turn mine in by 11:59 PM EST today, but it’d be kinda boring if I were the only one…

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Password: No Rest

Nar rubbed his eyes and sat up, confusion clouding his mind. “Where the hell–”

His eyes seemed to clear as water crashed against the rocks he was lying on, splashing him with cool, refreshing seawater. He lifted his head, staring at the giant volcanic mountain located in the middle of the island. “Oh yeah….”

Standing up, Nar could see the wrecked skeletons of ships clinging tightly to the boulders. Those might come in handy later, he thought as he turned toward the jungle before him.

Vines hung between the trees, making navigation difficult as Narcissus hacked through them with the random machete he found sitting just outside the forest. Every so often he would see a small, lizard-like animal skitter past, or a bird soar by overhead. Both were dangerous, he recalled from what the island had said. It would be in his best interests not to deal with those animals this round.

Soon, Nar could see the ruins of the Cheese Museum up ahead. Burnt wood, rocks, and shattered glass littered the area. He stepped closer, intending to take a closer look and see if there was anything to be foraged. There wasn’t. Except for a book on how to make pottery and bricks, and a small plastic fork.

Frowning, he tossed the book over his shoulder and stuffed the fork into his pocket. “Nobody needs a stupid book on making bricks when there’s a FREAKING VOLCANO UP AHEAD. Though I guess the fork wouldn’t do much either….”

He shrugged, then turned and began retracing his steps. Might as well start searching for that spring they were talking about.

Sweat dripped down Nar’s face as he continued walking. He removed his jacket and tied it around his waist, then continued hiking forward, ears alert for the sound of water. His breathing was heavy, and it was starting to feel like the jungle would never end. The machete in his hands began weighing him down, though it was too precious to abandon. “Dammit. Who’s idea was it to make this place so hot? I can’t stand warm weather.”

Finally, the sound of gurgling water reached Nar’s ears. Leaping over tree roots and ducking beneath branches, he sprinted as fast as he could. He dashed to the small spring, cast the machete aside, and drank deeply. “Oh gosh. Something to drink, finally….”

Then the realization hit him. “Crap. That’s what the book was for….”

Too late for that. Let’s just try to save moisture and begin building a shelter from that volcano.

After taking one last long sip from the spring, Nar began strolling back to the rocky beach, following the path that he had cut through before.

An idea sprang into his head as he finally left the forest. He grabbed a sturdy vine, tugged on it a few times, then cut it from the tree with the machete. Tying it around a boulder, he began hauling it next to another and made sure they fit together snugly. After a while, he had a miniature mountain built up near the ocean. This way if the volcano erupted, he could stand on high ground and use ice magic to block some of the lava. The ocean would take care of the rest of it. If it was too dangerous, he could always move out onto the water, but that would use a lot of energy….

“Alright. Now to get some more water, hunt for something to eat other than birds and lizards, and wait for the result……”

Nar picked up his machete and walked back into the forest. Maybe this round wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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… would it be bad if I did it one day late…? Oh well I’ll add it anyways?

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Password: No Rest(?)

Max slowly rose to conciseness as he starting hearing the crash of waves on rocks, the warm sun beating down on him. How the hell… where was he? Then he remembered. He sighed, sitting up and rubbing his eyes, this was going to be a pain… though he was lucky he was wearing light coloured clothing, it would keep him cooler than darker colours.

He needed to avoid the lizards and birds, that was for sure. The volcano though, there wasn’t much he could do about that but be prepared for it to explode at anytime. Max knew for sure to keep the book, for it’d be very useful for a shelter. A plastic fork? There wasn’t much use with it, though it might prove otherwise at sometime. And the machete… it would be heavy, but it was a weapon… screw it. He was taking it too.

He went to the ships first, taking strips of the torn sail and using them to make a makeshift bag–he placed the book in there. A belt, so he wouldn’t need to hold the machete, and took a bit extra just in case.

Max bit his lip, he would need to find water soon, and high ground would be good too. Maybe a food source if possible…

As he trekked into the forest, it wasn’t long until he found al crest where there was a spring too. It was good he had found it so soon, any longer and he’d get heat stroke… There was also the tree coverage so he wouldn’t have to worry about the birds since they were large, though he’d make a shelter just to be sure.

He took a sip from the spring, letting the cool water sooth his thirst.

“Time to make a shelter…” He mumbled to himself as he took out the book. “Let’s make myself a clay hut…”

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Oof I forgot about the shelter…

Nar: “Screw you.”

Whatever sleep beneath the trees you’ll be fine!

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XD Poor him…

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Ahaha, he’ll be fine! (Just like Sol)

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… Should’ve used Sol XD put him through more hell… Though Max is cute so :woman_shrugging:

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Oof Sol. And can’t wait to learn more about Max ; )

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If I get more writing down that is XD

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Guys, I’m so sorry for letting this get behind. This month I am juggling Physical Geography (a.k.a. the most interesting nightmare one can summon) and writing a novel in two months. For now, this will remain inactive. I’m very sorry for the this, but I have some goals this summer that cannot be ignored any longer. I hope you all can keep your writing going as well. Thank you for understanding.


Everything’s fine :grin:

I hope you’re able to have a great summer despite all that work. Good luck!