Something I thought would be fun to do, gimme as many memorable quotes from your books!

Here’s a couple of mine:

“They call me the “Byelovitus”(White Lord) and expect everything to be restored with no consequences. When the consequences strike, they blame the existence of the “Chyrnavitus”(Black Lord) and then pike me for my “irresponsibility.” If there’s anything the world needed to hear, there is no such thing as truly black and white!” - Dmitri Belyonavichi(Cambion)

“If a man says that the sun is yellow, but the other says it’s orange, is it worth a fight?” - Danilije Trijn Heksejnt(Hex)

”My hand slipped.” - Rin Shueda(Cambion)


Here’s a quote said by my main villain in my book The Legend of the Moonflower Princess:

“I want to rip your heart from your body and extract every little thing from your soul, your mind,” he continued in that same soft tone, “There is nothing you can hide from me , boy. I see it all. Your fears, your insecurities, your guilt . I know you feel guilty, boy. That woman in your mind is your sister, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Your darling sister, who was humiliated time and time again and you did nothing about it . What does that say about your person, hmm? What does that say about it, boy ?”


“yes I remember you, you son of a-”


That looks fun :grinning:
OK. I’ll try it:


Duke: “Since you’ll be stuck here with me for a while, I decided to tell ya my name. It’s Duke.”
Kevin: “More like ‘Douche.’ Or better ‘Douchebag.’”


Kevin: *kicks Duke in the groin area*
Duke: *screams*
Kevin: “I think you lost you b*lls there.” *stabs him* “'CAUSE YOU SCREEAAM LIKE A GIRL!”


Duke: “Mad? I’m turned on! Ya see? I just got a boner.”

  • All character are from "Got Guts?"


I got one that I may need to work on.

Oristina: “I rise above all others and I reign over those before me with that I stand strong as a leader”.


One from my favorite alien, Cyril: “Who is this child? Is she your child? Have you impregnated a human carrier?”


I didn’t like hurting people. Not directly, anyway. It was more of a self preservation type thing. I’d have much preferred to wipe my brain and be able to believe in the full “dream” package; wife, kids, dog, all that. Exist as a depressed statistic in a slowly dying marriage. The good life. That’s the thing with relationships - they always die. Either through literal death or the other person just getting tired of your shit. Well, there is one way you could stay together until the end, but that way involves a gun or pills. That’s what true love does to you - make you a news headline.

  • Marcus in THIS IS NOT FOR YOU


I have one my readers really liked before I did the ATY Rewrite. o-o

“Your majesty, with all due respect… What the hell?” - Aurora Noel (A Trillion Years: Rebirth)


Here’s the first one that came off the top of my head:

(She’s getting walking directions.)
Jamie Cunningham: “That’s the door next to the person that looks like Dr. Frank-N-Furter, right?”

Edit: Olé. Another one came to mind from a favorite interaction I wrote:

(On the moon:)
Brian Adkinson: “I am mission commander, Jamie Leigh Cunningham. I’m also your de facto parental unit and probably persona non gratis at the moment.”
Jamie Cunningham: “But–”
Brian Adkinson: “And I am not letting you get away with saying no to this. I will not listen to you whine all the way back home about how you chickened out and didn’t get to walk on the moon.”



A quote that goes very well with this one:



~Violet Race upon hearing the hiss of a flamethrower in the dark that her brother was holding =)))))


I have another one from my universe. o-o

“So, you’re super strong now and you’re still experiencing changes to your body? Are you sure you’re not going through puberty again?” - Blake Archer to Jan Ravn realizing her powers. (Valkyrie: Aesir’s Ascension)


“I don’t like this at all, Mor. I can’t calm meself down. I feel like somethin’ brutal is gonna come our way an’ we can’t do anything ter stop it,” Her Irish accented voice shook slightly. She lowered her bow and arrow down to her side but didn’t let go. “It terrifies me that we came 'ere unprepared.”
-Brenda, The First of Her Name: Prologue


Lmao. I laughed so hard at this :joy::+1:


All characters from Loving Ivy’s Colorful Mind

“Yo! The silent treatment gets old after a few years!”

~Gabriel Rosenblatt

“You can never regret what you do out of love.”

~Ryker Tesla

“So, I’m like dead Snow White? And you and Damien are the dwarves?”

~Ivryl (Ivy) Tesla

“Hey asshole! You have your entire pathetic excuse for a life to be jackass, why don’t you take the fucking day off and leave my sister alone!”

~Maverick Tesla

“You’re beautiful… Your soul is beautiful. Your entire existence is beautiful, Ivy. You are light in so much darkness.”

~Damien Crestfall


“If you don’t calm the heck down, we’re gonna have ourselves a happy little accident.”

~ Max Grey


“Look, pretty boy, I don’t care on who you’re with. I just used it to get you out of that trance you were in. Apparently, slapping didn’t work, so I had to try something else. So calm down.” -Annamarie Azure from Fire and Ice


“His lips look like strawberry candy, dripping a sugary syrup that draws you in, only to be filled with rot on the inside.”

“I fell in love with a Lily, but deep down I preferred roses instead.”

“They say the dead are wise and outspoken, I now realize the people who believe that haven’t met you.”

‘It’s made from ground up souls’ His monotone voice somehow manages to cut through the loudness of my brain and my laughter ceases.

‘Now did you really have to tell him-‘ Granny is quick with her words, but Azrail doesn’t allow her to finish.

‘He had to know, he legit just ate a dead person!’ They all look at me with concerned faces, except Azrail, his is plastered with annoyance. ‘I’d wanna know if I ate a dead person!’”

The text might show up weird and I don’t know why so there’s that. lol


“The coke’s going to explode now.”
“Throw a mentos in, that might help.”

~ Violet and Peter, Zaffre


There’s no snark in there at all, is there? :wink: