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And, cause I’m bored, here’s another one I just found:

’ Parts of this life did seem normal: I was a teenage girl in highschool with a circle of friends and mostly good marks. I played piano, flute, sung, drew, and could cooked a little. Then there were things I didn’t understand: I woke up one morning and could both read and speak an ancient language, I had magic, a box of candles and crystals under my bed, and strange memories that didn’t fit with this life. Heck, I could levitate.


I’m back with morrre:

“Let us cease the games then. Since you are so keen on candour, do enlighten me, what are these dastardly plans you have in store for me?”

“If this is how you inspire loyalty among your subjects, it surprises me that you are still holding on to any territory at all.”

“But you are not my subject. I can start caring when—”

“You ask me to understand your perspective and then in the same breath openly alienate me?”

“I am getting there. Please have some patience. I am more comfortable giving orders than explanations, if you must know.”

I chuckled as my knife separated another chunk of steak, “Please, you need not pity me for a few strict tutors. When I later learned that their treatment of me was not of the expected norm, I had them all caned to death.”


“You saw Spider-Man?” Ned suddenly perked up.
“Yeah,” I said, then grinned, “He’s actually quite creepy.”
Peter let out a nervous laugh and sat up, “What do you mean?”
“The dude climbs walls, can sneak up behind you without your notice and his webs are pretty strong and sticky. Which, by the way, are great for kidnapping,” I said, “See him in a new light now?”

~ Violet Race, in my fanfiction, Zaffre.


This is a random deleted version of a scene from a story I’m working on- The boy is named Sami, he is fourteen, and Marjorie is a vampire stalking him.

He whipped around, swaying and nearly falling. He slurred, “Who’s there?”

Marjorie took this as her cue. She stepped out of the shadows, grinning wickedly. "Hello there. Why are you bleeding?"

He seemed stunned. "Oh, I am so fucking drunk right now."

“No, boy, I’m real. Let me help you,” Marjorie could be so convincing when she needed to be. “Let me heal your wound.”

He scoffed. "No way. Stranger danger."


Ah, and I suppose this one as well.

Miraculously, he was still alive. Eugene had hoped he would be. The boy would be no use for him if he wasn’t.

He walked over to him, crouching beside him. “What is your name?” he asked.

“Sa- Sami.” The boy stammered. Eugene sniffed the air- blood, of course. And alcohol. Strong whisky.

“Sami,” Eugene repeated. “Do you wish to live?”

Sami made a frightened noise, similar to that of a wounded animal. “Yes.”

Eugene slid a knife from his jacket and drew it across his forearm, crimson blood running. “Then drink.”


Alright sooooooo… I found another lol

Keir flirted with Julienne a lot. Of course, there was hardly anyone Keir didn’t flirt with. Except Alexandra.

Alexandra didn’t know why, but that bothered her. What was it about her that Keir didn’t like? Sure, Julienne was gorgeous- pale freckled skin, fiery red hair, and green eyes like sea glass- but Alexandra wasn’t exactly ugly. She had the classic blond hair and blue eyes that people liked. People, except Keir, apparently. She looked away as he started feeding Julienne strawberries across the table.

“Man whore,” She hissed, kicking his shin under the table.

“Jealous wench,” He hissed back, kicking her in return. They went back and forth, Julienne looking quite put-out by the display. She pouted.

“Keiiiiiiiir,” She whined. “Pay attention to me.”

Keir obliged, turning his attention back to Julienne with a twinkle in his dark eyes. Alexandra huffed.

Men just didn’t know how to get the hint.


We saw Senegoid again.

This time he was running around the town with a torch in broad daylight.

People were laughing at him! I can’t even describe how absurd this man is.

“Hey! Old man why are running with a torch in daylight?!” I scream at him.

" I’m looking for good men! But I can’t seem to find any!" He replies and runs away.



Lmao :joy: why was this deleted?! His parents taught him well. This girl got some low standards though. THIS man, he sure is on a road to success. Yes sir. He too smart.


Ahhh yes… the ol’ razzle dazzle


Lmaooo yes Sami is quite the kid. He’s my favorite to write about.

It wasn’t so much deleted, it was like an early version. I started writing that scene last year around this time.


Eugene is verrrrry charming isn’t he?


But why did you delete it? That scene is golden




I am on the struggle bus when it comes to this story; I have like five different versions of a lot of things. It was rather funny, I just didn’t think that how it was worded fit who Sami becomes as I write about him. I will keep the stranger danger part though, because I think that Sami would still say that.

I am flattered that you think it’s good!!


I got a chuckle out of these


Ahhh thank you so much; this means the world to me because I was genuinely so nervous to post these here because like… everyone here is so funny? I love it.


I am aware I am probably being annoying but I found one more thing I’d like to share. It is from Sami’s POV

Sami had been undead for two weeks now and he was getting really tired of being holed up in Eugene’s apartment, reading old newspapers and watching Wheel of Fortune reruns. It was tiresome and he was pretty sure he was starting to get bedsores.

Every time he asked Eugene to let him go outside, the answer was a sharp no. A no that left no room for argument. And he wouldn’t dare try to run from Eugene; he had once watched him cleave a watermelon in two with his bare hands. He couldn’t help but picture that the watermelon was his head.


Hardly any of mine are funny.

The opening to The Greatest Obsession, “Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Peculiar Gathering.”

There was calmness that filtered the air the next ten days. No one fought. No one gave strange looks. No one questioned. Elijah went on about his life during the day, doing his best to please Irina as much as possible. They were locked at the hip in the garden, being children of the sun. The children of the sun danced and laughed and kissed as innocently as they had before July, before life turned upside down.

If the couple wasn’t enjoying the garden Elijah took Irina out. Their destinations knew no limit: dinner, theatre, dress shopping, furniture, antiques, even a few toy shops just to see what was there. He lavished his affection on her. There seemed a pep in his step these days and Irina smiled whenever he rambled or pulled her into his arms to give her a kiss.

Yet, there were times, as the sun set over the horizon, when the buildings were nothing but shadows with orange halos, the girl would look up at her fiance and notice he was silent but his mouth was set in an involuntary grin full of snark and something Irina couldn’t identify. He’d turn his head as if he’d spotted someone familiar, Irina too distracted by her new purchases to be aware that he’d caught a glimpse of long tawny hair or felt the faintest brush of a cold hand on his cheek in passing. It went by too quickly for passersby to see.

It was after the couple returned home, had supper, spent time with Abraham, and said their good night’s that Elijah transitioned to a child of the moon. Passion, debate, history, love, and lust were part of almost every night. Things had been cautious at first, considering Haydn had only just forgiven him, but in no time, just like with Irina, nothing had changed.

One of the twos most intimate rendezvous came late at night when while waiting for his lover, Elijah found himself soaking in a midnight bath, borrowing new candles from Irina. His shoulders relaxed even further when from the darkness came Haydn’s cool fingers pressing into them.

“The water is warm, my darling bat,” Elijah said.

Haydn’s hand slid down the human’s chest, the water coming up to his wrist. “You are warmer.”

The mourning tunic had fled his body minutes later, narrowly avoiding the splashes of water that crested over the edge.


This has such a lovely tone and lush description. It really makes me want to read the story.