Pretty much all of the book is like this. It’s a historical LGBT vampire romance featuring some pretty immoral f*ckery. No one is innocent in the tragedies to come.


Sounds like my kinda stuff dude!


I live to serve.


“Magic is extremely difficult for me right now. I’m at your door, I’m exhausted, I’ve been knocking, you haven’t been hearing, now let me in dammit!” - Lilia Donton, leader of the Kragiri Draconic Research Society.




from Sons of the Wolf

“Lady, I’m not stringing you along,” Devion said. “You’re asking me questions that are pretty fucking hard to answer, all things considered, so maybe pull your head out of your ass and think like a logical human being.”

“Fuck you, Mr. Alptraum.” Dr. Barnhardt sneered, her voice a venomous whisper now. “I am nothing else if not logical.”

“Then try to act like it,” Devion said. “Think about what you’re asking me. It’s like asking me to tell you what color whale shit is on Mars. I don’t know.”

“Most likely the same color it is on Earth,” she said. Another touch to her necklace. “But fine, as you like it. Allow me to rephrase then. Will you help him?”


here’s some of my favorite quotes from my characters :slightly_smiling_face:

Londen: “Finally. I thought you guys had escaped without me. Now that would not of been any fun.”

“I’m Londen. You probably weren’t paying attention, but I’m the one your sister punched. No last name by the way, just Londen.”

“You guys sure waited long enough to leave - long enough for a cripple to catch up with you.”

“Do you ever wish you could run away?”

Roman: “You keep saying ‘they’, but aren’t you a part of the Swarm too?”

“Uh, I guess Shane’s gonna tell us his plan… or something.”

“That’s really ugly.”

“Trying new things can wait, we should just - what’s he doing?”

Jeen: “Oh my goodness Roman, people talk about her in the news like every single day.”

“How did they manage to miss that Roman clearly wasn’t dead?”

“Now we need to go find our genius.”

“Even if that does work, and Lucan is taken care of, how could I accomplish this? I couldn’t even save my Mom. How do you expect me to save - everyone?

Wen: “What, did you decide to throw an open house party or something?”

“So, you guys want some refreshments or something?”

“Does it look like I did?”

Saule: “You’re a what?”

“I remember you.”

Bosma: “So now I finally understand why you’re so weird. Being super smart, does that mean your brain is really big, or - ”

Shane: “For once you’re right, but as usual, failing to pay attention.”

“Neither. I just happen to have a greater understanding of the world.”

i kinda skipped over most of the epic ones and went for my more ‘funny’ quotes, which are always my favorite ones lol.


This is from an eternally young girl/woman who found a baby and raised him. For some more context, that phase hit her really hard and made her realize that she really didn’t belong alongside humans… so she left. This is from when they meet again a few years later:

"I measured your height every day, even if it was just with my eyes. As you got older, I couldn't help but wish you would stop and shrink back to when you were small... and the day I saw that you got taller than me... that was the saddest day in my life."


Heck yes it is. Sami is one nice guy I trust him


From 3S:

“Revenge is a form of Justice, nothing is wrong with that. But the problem is that justice is complicated. Justice is an eye for an eye, but when the one who took your eye has one eye to begin with, taking it won’t be justice because you will not only be taking his eye but his sight too. That’s why revenge is for the wise and smart, and you’re neither, Dylan.”

“You know, when he had a gun to my head, I got curious. I thought of all the movies, all the books, all the comics I read, of the all the villains with the sob stories, who the audience sympathized with, so I asked, ‘Why are you evil?’ Then I thought maybe he wasn’t aware he was evil to begin with, but since he didn’t comment otherwise, I just listened intently to his answer. ‘I like money,’ he said, ‘I love it so much that I killed my wife, my father-in-law, and my men for it. I can kill my children, too, if they ever stood between me and wealth.’ It was not a sob story. But it brought tears to my eyes.”


This looks fun! Let’s see what my wonderful characters have said that was quite amusing…hmmmmm

Second Chances - Ariyah to Damian
“If you stare at my ass again, I promise I’ll squish your balls so hard, your ancestors will feel it,”

Black and Blue - Kara to Craig
“Please just take me home, so you can go back to whatever cesspool you’ll be swimming in,”




The greatest threat I have ever read. EVER.


Hahaha thank you, thank you!


“I’ll find a way to save my brother. Do whatever the hell you want. I’m stealing your guns.”
Famine when he takes a knight’s guns to fight off redback spiders to save his brother’s displaced ego/soul.


A scene that I’m writing on:

Vivaan exhaled a breathe that slightly ruffled Nadia’s black tangled hair and he patted her head. “You ought to comb this. You look ugly.” Nadia glared up at him, her cheeks swelled up and her eyes narrowed. Vivaan could only manage a grin back at her.

Another one:

“Do you have a strong stomach?” I looked up from the documents in my hands and stare up at Aaron. Perhaps sniffing through the papers for several minutes might have effected my hearing because that was an absurd question. “What?”

Aaaand another one:

“When I breathe my hearts burns, when I think my mind stops and when I move my limbs falter.”

“I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m just so tired.”

“I want to wake up.”

Last one (I went completely bonkers on this one):

“What if the silence was the one that killed me? The sky empty without the sun and moon. The ground empty with no fertility. What if I was a mistake? An experiment that was sent down to see and reject. What if the plains were dead? The blood of the universe sucked away by an entity, not living for its own existence but this entity was created by…me. And the walls crumpled and so did the stars! And my creations suffocated me, not by hands that were not even there! That entity that had no body nor a name may be the one who killed me but the truth is I, the silence and the creator of the entity, was the one who killed myself!”


I like this one! It’s intriguing and very interesting!


My works are filled with “tongue-in-cheek” missives. Here are some examples:

“Starting to feel sorry for himself and having his hopes dashed, Kylian caught himself from flushing down a toilet of misery and decided not to let this plot twist ruin his day.”

“He was dressed a bit nicer today. He loitered in front of the building, but he shifted his weight from side to side. It looked like he might have indigestion.”

“Viviane walked off leaving Anaelle and Marielle to their schooling and leaving Luc the time to remove his foot from his mouth.”

“On one of the largest screens, it read, ‘Your government at work.’ Right above these gallant words, if it could be believed, was a photograph of what looked to be government officials actually working.”

“Second day on the job, he sat at his desk within his personal 512 cubic feet of air which he called ‘his cube’.”


Ahhhh thanks mate. This a year old. And I was just sitting playing with my sister until this came in my head. I went crazy at that moment