As weird as it sounds I love when those moments happen. It’s like something just clicks and it all falls into place. If it was like that all the time, man writing would be easy schmeezy!


:joy: it would! It would be so much easier! It brings a sort of joy when it happens but I have to be quick or else it all goes away!


Johnna: You’re a dealer?
Saiko: On the side. University is expensive.
Ezzie: Hell yeah it is.
Johnna exasperated: You too?
Ezzie: No, I have morals.

Ruiz: What then is your affiliation?
Thirty-seven: I have none. My name is Thirty-seven and I am alone.


No, I have morals. I.LOVE.IT! Amay-zing!




Aren’t we all?


“I am strong, you are strong, but together, we are strongest”


That last one is freaking gorgeous


Hello! This seems pretty interesting… here I go! These are just a few lines from the first chapter of my story Sinful, all by the MC.
“How you feed defines who you are, it shows the character you’re willing to play.”

“This isn’t a goodbye, it’s a ‘see you later’, beautiful Ruby. My Wicca sings for you.”

“In life they try to make you believe the world is in greys, not just in blacks or whites; but those are foolish dreams. You are born either one or the other, you have no choice. You’re doomed rom the start.”


I love your last one being a rebuttal to the world of gray. No one ever does it.


Love this, very inspirational


"I didn’t think aliens liked Kulfi? (it’s ice cream but Indian)
“I’m hoping it’ll kill me.”

~ Icarus, an alien and Remy, an Indian.


That alien will get diabetes, so yeah, it will kill it lol


“And so the angel fell in love with Satan and made love to him and in his effort to purge the monster of the evil within, he too became an offspring of sin and putrid nature: a demon with black leathery wings. You cannot turn back from who you are, Elijah. To your religion, I am the very Devil they fear and you are the fallen angel who dove after him. A fool, they say. An idiot, they say. You mustn’t let them sway you, for you know I am not what they say. I love you more than the Devil ever could, be sure of that.”

  • Haydn, The Greatest Obsession, “Chapter Twenty-Six: The Man who Lost his Religion (Part 2).”


“Let me elaborate-” he reached up to take off his glasses and my jaw dropped. “My name is Clint Barton. I’m here to ask a few questions.”

“Birbman?” I heard Riley whisper.

“Hawkeye.” Clint corrected him, glancing at him to shoot a glare.

I just really love this part of my book.


Lol “Birbman”


Lol that’s funny! :joy:


Here’s one of mine:

“You don’t think I got this good-looking body by sitting around, do you? Because if you do, you probably still think your parents found you in a cabbage patch.”


And this conversation between the MC Adeline and Sebastian:

Adeline ripped the plastic wrapper off and ate half of the Twinkie in one bite.

“They’re making these things smaller and smaller,” she said around the mouthful, contemptuously tossing the wrapper to the side. It didn’t go very far at all, and, frowning, she flicked it away.

“Or maybe you’re just getting bigger. And chew with your mouth closed—you’re getting crumbs all over my nice car!”

She glared at him as she placed the rest of the Twinkie in her mouth, not bothering to remind him that this was technically her car.

Twinkies are like heaven in its most non-nutritional form.


Like both of yours, lol but I would have never guessed they were talking about cars in the beginning of the second passage.

The Ssaasss In the first one though.