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Sebastian typed in the password on the small touchscreen. There was an almost inaudible click and he pulled the door open to reveal a variety of weapons. Adeline grabbed two silver brass knuckles adorned with blades extending from either end.

“So we’re being impractical today,” Sebastian remarked.

“Do you want to be punched?” she asked, raising an eyebrow and cocking her fist back.

“Not particularly, no.” He crouched down. “Okay. Now we can have a conversation on your level.”

“Agh! You are so annoying!” she huffed.


“He just traded our friendship for the princess’ life.”


Dun dun DUH!!


“You know, what?” her mom whispered as she gently stroked the girl’s hair.

“Hm?” the seven-year-old said, completely immersed in the sky above her.

“We’re made of stars.” the woman said.

At this, the little girl turned to her mother, “What does that mean?”

"Remember when we were talking about different elements? Iron, calcium, stuff like that?’


“Well, those tiny things that make us,” Katherine Race pointed up, “came from up there.”

This is where I think Violet (my character) first became a space fanatic. Her mom dies in the story so stars are like her only connection to happy memories.:winterstars:


Aww, what a beautiful mother/daughter moment!


“I SAID I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP!” I yelled at them and then lowered my voice again. “Every time, Parker. Every single time I let someone help me, I end up destroying them. That’s what happened to Nick and my mom. That’s what happened to Riley. I’m a fucking curse. So you better get your little butts out of my life or you will face hell too.”

~ Violet Race, Zaffre

Yeah there’s a significant amount of angst in the book


Yass. :smiley:


Your name intrigues me, greatly.


Thanks. :smiley: Two people, two aspects. So a double name. :smile:

And as it’s a character quote thread, another character quote:

“A bit off the road, my friend?”

“Why, I have to keep count on your tragedies.”


what happens when you stop writing for a month and don’t reference back to see what happened:

“They use numbers instead of names. They call themselves the Followers of Aastria.”

“My name is Thirty-seven and I am alone.”

Slightly later in the same book:

Johnna sighed, turning to face Marsy. Their questions had consisted of ‘where’s thirty-seven?’ for the past four days and Johnna had no idea who or what a thirty-seven was.


During an EVA. Jamie has asked Brandon to pipe in some music from her iPod to her suit comms’ secondary circuit whilst getting ready for the first part of the extravehicular activity. Here are some of her reactions to his selections off her playlist:

. . .

“Pink Floyd? You’re giving me Hey You?”

. . .

“Brandon, Soundgarden is good, of course, but I don’t think The Day I Tried To Live is going to do anything for my anxiety.”

. . .

NO! I am not listening to Nyan Cat today!”

. . .

… sometimes I feel like I’m giving my MC too much in one series…


“Brandon, Soundgarden is good, of course, but I don’t think The Day I Tried To Live is going to do anything for my anxiety.”

Lol, that’s too good!


I was in a special, glorious place in my head when that came out. What can I say. :slight_smile:

P.S. They did settle on ‘Loser’ by Beck.


I really like this quote, and I really feel the vibe here, and this really speaks to me . . .

. . . and I’m really trying not to spoil it by carelessly making a Lion King reference here.

I’m failing. :frowning:


From one of my unpublished books:

’ Cyan sparks flew from my body. I was surprised as they were when it happened.

“That’s what I’m talking about.” Ethan was practically jumping as he pointed towards me. “Too hot to handle.”

I waved him off. “I’m sure its nothing to worry about.” He went to continue but I stopped him with a look. “I don’t see what you guys are so worried about.” I spread my arms in exasperation, accidentally causing a strong wind to blow us all off our feet. They all gave me dark looks from where they were lying. I blushed. “Okay, so it might take a while to get control.”

“You think?” they cried. ’


And in the next line the character is like “please don’t tell anyone i said this” lol


Lol now it’s inspirational AND funny! :joy:


“Okay, so, maybe to the rest of the people, we’re not the same. But we should be. And to me, we are. And to prove it, I want to be your friend.” - my MC trying to prove a point, her heart in the right place.

“Well, miss… okay. But it’s hard to be friends if I don’t know your name” - the other character, pointing out the slight problem in her way of thinking.