Her irritation was at herself, her lack of control, but as she dragged her fingers through her hair and grimaced in frustration and fear, what came out of her mouth was, “Fuck your opinion! Mary Poppins relaxes me!”


Heck yes it does


So one of the characters tends to talk really fast when she gets excited.

“Nikki!” Maria spots me before I can duck behind a display rack filled with blankets. Can’t they just shop without dragging me into it? Maria skips over to me, leaving her aunt with the cart.

“Canyoubelieveit?Itlooksjustlikethecollegebookstorebackhome! Wedidn’thavetimetofinishshopingbeforewegothere! Hey! Aren’tyougoingtobuyanything?”

How can someone talk that quickly without even taking a breath?


“A damsel in distress… just my type.” - Broderick Kraftloon

“How you gonna tell someone they’re dying, and then refuse to answer all their questions?” - Vincent Nightone

_ “Technically, you were always in a world of… magic. You are now in a world where magic is of immoderacy.” - Julissa Zennye

“But it was fun.” - Winona Lockster


Me when I try to justify myself to my mum when I kicked my cousin


Back away. Slowly.



~ Violet reacting to her brother eating pineapple on pizza


But pineapple pizza is good!!!


For some reason, I keep seeing your profile pic as one of those fruit strips with eyes


It’s a cloud puking rainbow bu yeah sure


Yeah I know, and i was like, “wow, I’m blind.”


“You should cook some food on that fire before it burns out.” - Serval

“I’m not strong. Just scared.” - Fossa

“It doesn’t matter how you live. It’s what happens after you die.” - Regan Resuba

“A life’s good work is undone in a minute by one mistake.” - Regan Resuba

“The winter’s cold, but I’m frozen.” - Felida

“The more people I’m with, the lonelier I get.” - Felida


The man crouched down opposite her, “I’m Nick Heno. King of the Heno’s. But you can address me as your majesty. You killed my mum and my cousin. That’s high treason times two in my world, so now you’re dying very painfully.” He stood up and moved to the side of her, “That wound looks disastrously painful. Just how I like it.” He smiled and stuck his hands in his pockets, “No one gets the better of the king, and you’re stupid to try it.”


I personally like this quote from one of the last antagonist of my book:

“When you don’t understand the Authority’s thinking, you hate the Authority, when you understand it but very roughtly, you love it. If you understand it too much, you hate it, and when you understand it perfectly, the Authority is all you care about in your life. I have been in those 4 positions” Diego


From chapter thirty of The Legend of the Moonflower Princess:

“It’s ripping through the trees!” she squawked, her voice rising significantly on the last word. Sahara couldn’t blame her for her apparent terror; the noise alone was terrifying in its own right. There was another snap! that carried much more force behind it, the sound striking against Sahara’s eardrums as another yelp escaped her on instinct. Blue gave a screech of panicked alarm.

“It just tore through an entire tree!”

“Keep going, Blue!” Sahara yelled, ducking underneath a very low branch that was in her way, “Don’t look back!”

“It’s getting closer!” Blue squeaked in reply, ignoring her advice, “It’s getting really, really close! Too close for comfort! Oh no, there goes another part of a tree!”

Sahara had no time to advise her not to look again. A sudden wall of trees loomed before her, only a few yards away. The space between two nearly entwined pines was the only possible way through here, no where else to slip through to the other side. Sahara didn’t stop; she couldn’t, if she wanted to keep her life. She heard another snap! behind her and she barely had time to dodge as a branch was hurled past her; it impaled itself into the nearest section of the ground a few inches to her left side. The creature was close now, too close, and Sahara could hear the click of its claws against snow-covered rocks on the ground, it was that near to her. Sahara merely kept running and, when she reached the space between the wall of trees, she yelled and threw herself forward…


“I guess we’ll have too since the dumbass over here got swindled by a dwarf… dumbass.” Kyme says glaring at Cloud sideways. --The Autumn Tree


“I’m your boyfriend, not your Walkman” - Patrick from Mixtape For The End of the World


“Fists of iron, hearts of gold”
-Bronze District motto


On if morality is subjective. “What is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly. I am only evil because in this game we play, I am winning, … and you don’t like that very much.” - Jirgief Day (Main antagonist)

“Eat piss.” - Percival Farlow (Main protagonist)


She talks really really fast when she’s excited. Hopefully that came through.