“Yikes.” -Dmitri Belyonavichi (Also main protagonist)


A short exchange between two characters.

“Yeah… it doesn’t bother me so much that they’re watching us, but the fact that it feels like they could attack us is what bothers me.” Rin says.

“Don’t worry.” Wies says laying down and closing his eyes. “The Watchers are peaceful. They merely observe. In fact, they’re probably my favorite thing about this place.” He says.

“Why’s that?” Rin asks.

“Because, they’re curious. Always observing, always inquisitive about what new presence has disturbed their environment, but never interfering. That is the true soul of a scholar—to learn about that which is new, not attack it.” Wies says.

–The Autumn Tree


So I started a new book fro the ONC 2019, and I’m incorporating messaging writing style. Here’s an interaction between my two MC.

Just_me , three minutes ago

Thanks for adding my book to your reading list. Now that you can’t avoid me, since I’m stuck in your inbox messages and will keep haunting it until you answer. Do you mind if I ask you how old are you?


You really are an annoying writer… why do you want to know so much?


I like mysteries, and right now, you’re the closest to one. Besides, I shared with you my age, why not share with me yours?


Because, Sir Shaun, it is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS… And I didn’t ask for your age. You blurted it out.


I have a feeling you’re 25. Am I right?


Persistent, aren’t we? -_-


You have no idea. 26?


You’ll eventually get tired of this silly banter.


Wanna bet? 27?


Sighs… Warm…


Now we’re getting somewhere. Clasps hands together excitedly. 29?






Hot… but that’s not it.




Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner…


31 is not that old. You are still capable of reproducing cute-named-Andromedian babies. In my book, that’s still being young.


Awkward silence… Do you make everyone you know feel awkward or am I special in some way?


We can say you’re special. ;D

~ Wattpad Letters: A vintage twist into a modern love story


I’m stealing your fly and spider analogy for my own bad guys, thanks


Still has me in tears!!! :joy: :joy:


“Stop it, Sombra,” Widowmaker commanded.

“Awh, come on, blue! Don’t say you didn’t miss me!”

“I didn’t miss you.”

Overwatch: Anthology (II. Wistful Ends).


Ha now that’s good!!


Serval: “Congratulations, you’ve managed to answer my rhetorical question wrong!”

Tristan: “Wrong?”

Serval: “Yes, wrong. Do you know what happens to people who fail to answer my rhetorical questions?”

Tristan: “You kill them?”

Serval: “Wrong again! They’re right here, every single one of them. You are very good at guessing games.”


'One might not be a criminal
but we are all committing crimes
inside our heads.’

— Gwendolyn


That’s so true…


Lol :joy: :joy: :joy:


No problem, it’s an existing quote by Charles Adams. “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly .”


One of my favorite quotes so far is from my character Paisley from Heaven’s Memory and she says “I must have done something wrong. I’m stuck in Heaven with a bunch of white people”

I might update this later lol!


wrote this last night;

He rolled to his side[…] There were two sets of eyes a breath away from his face, peering out of the dark.
Gracious son of valor!” He jolted to his hands and knees.


From chapter 30 of The Legend of the Moonflower Princess:

"…It began to slowly move towards her, teeth bared and foam dripping from its gums onto the snow.


“Sahara, run!” Blue shrieked, “Run away!”

Sahara stopped hitting her fan against her palm and tried to stand up, but her foot slipped on ice and she fell backwards with a pained grunt. The creature was almost upon her, its limbs bending at the knee in order to charge at her. As with the battle with Lamia, time seemed to slow down as the creature sprang into the air, one paw reaching skywards in preparation to tear her apart. Sahara watched her impending death inch nearer and nearer, her war fan pulsing hotter than before.

Is this it? is this where I die?

In an instant, her fear and panic were replaced by an overwhelming surge of anger. She didn’t know what the anger was directed at, herself or her situation, but she knew it strengthened the sudden resolve that had just sprung forth into her heart and mind.

I’m not going to die today…

Her fan burned hot, hot enough to burn the palm of her hand, but Sahara didn’t pay attention to the sharp pain. She swiveled her body into a crouched position and swung her arm towards the creature with a defiant scream.

"I’m not going to die today!"


Fia: “I don’t believe in fate. I do believe in stalkers.”

Joel: I grab the beer, “you know, if you’re trying to get me drunk, you should know that I already am.”

Matteo: “One day I’m a normal kid,” he begins again, his voice cracking, “and then I wake up to discover that half this damn town would be okay with seeing my blood on the ground.”


Here’s a good one from The Autumn Tree!

“What the abyss is this thing?!” Kyme yells.

“A chimera!” Ifirit responds. “Be careful, it’s saliva contains a neuro toxin that causes paralysis!” He says.

“Great, just what I need.” Kyme says to himself. “All my strength is gone, and now I won’t be able to move if that thing bites me. That will make killing these guys real hard.” He continues as he pushes the chimera off him.


But… the chimera loves you! Let it kiss you


He is now my spirit animal