I like this man. Yes, he sounds annoying but I like him goddamnit


This man. The scholarly Watchers. They good bois. That’s the kind of attitude you don’t find in all nosy, they just want to interfere with your life.
So don’t mind me, I’m going to support them Watchers with my whole heart. Those kayoot things


Here’s a bit from one of my favorite antagonists in my current story:

A hand placed itself on her shoulder when Tom disappeared into town, and Medora kept a scream from squirming its way up her throat. “Pitiful, isn’t it?” Ella said.

Medora shrugged off Ella’s hand. “Where the Hell did you come from?”

“Exactly, dear.” Ella smiled like a cat that ate the whole carton of cream.

“Is it a habit of yours to ruin people’s lives for the fun of it?”

Ella scoffed and dismissed Medora with a wave. “It’s good promotion. Give them a taste and leave them wanting more, in more ways than one.”


Love that one! I feel like it describes my mood most of the time.


bass drop


“What do you think they thought of it, up there in the vulture’s nest?”

“I try my best not to consider the thoughts of the complacent,” Leif said, his lip curling in mild disgust. “Whatever infects such apathy and avarice into the hearts of men is a contagion too volatile to handle with something as vulnerable as thought. I only seek to understand enough of the mechanical workings of their tinman hearts to know where to throw the wrench into them.”

Francis looked at him as he tipped the copper cup into the pocket of his beard where his mouth was hidden, his brown skin a slice of starless night with the sun shining behind him, and said in his whispery rasp, “We should probably kill them while they’re all here.”

“No. This is systemic, not something you can isolate to a roomful of individuals. Attacking them directly would only divide your cause from the order as it currently stands. Killing the other players won’t assure you a victory by default.”

“Then what do you suppose we should do?”

Leif moved his hard glare from the balcony of thieves to the writhing mob of revelers as their cheers once more swelled to announce another champion. “If you don’t like how the game is played, then change the rules.”


Wishing he was always this philosophical in the story. :joy:


It probably isn’t as funny just read as dialogue without any descriptions but I am too lazy to translate them. :blush: :sweat_smile:

“Mom, I am safe not to get pregnant!”

“Oh, that’s what I told my mom, love.”


One of the things I love most is my characters cussing in their native languages.

Remy does it most and she does it beautifully

“OI CHUTIYE! Saale kutte! Watch where you’re going! Bastard…”

Chutiye: Hindi, pronounced choo-thi-ye, means “stupid” but is used as an equivalent to "fucker"
Saale: hindi, pronounced sa-le, one of the minor words that doesn’t have a meaning
Kutte: Hindi, pronounced ku(oo)-tth-e, literally means dog. (Kutte is male, kutti is female)

“Teri gaand. If you payed more attention while I was speaking, you might’ve had a chance at surviving.”

Teri gaand: Hindi, pronounced th-e-ree and g-aah-nd, teri meaning your and gaand meaning dick.

There’s a ton more but I’m just too lazy to type it all down.

Ask my characters anything!

You don’t need to tell me more, I love her. I want to marry.


bro she’s eleven lmaoooo


spits out tea wahTTTTT?! HOW. NOOOOOOOO. ;-; I WANNA MARRY HER. Welp, guess I gotta wait.
But where did she learn that language?! She small. She shouldn’t be cussing at this age. What are her parents doing? ;-; that innocent child. Does she know what she’s saying even means?


Guess I don’t blame her. I also have a certain uncle who really needs to look at what his children are learning nowadays


She learns all of it from her adoptive older sister. Max. But then…meh, not necessarily learn words, but more like she feels okay to use them because “she doES IT TOO”. Her parents live in a completely different country and she lives with her grandpa. Now her grandpa is half brown so he knows his fair share of Hindi curses. I guess that’s where she got it from.


"Sweetheart, Don’t you think it’s inappropriate to fuck your mans best friend"- Amynda Glass


”Yeah. That’s pretty gay.” -Alex(Hooked!). A gay protagonist.


A dialogue from Hooked!:

Paul: Why would I listen to you? You guys don’t even have dicks!

Gou: Mermen have dicks you dumbass.

Paul: How—

Alex: Anyways, we need to get him before he takes Lucia!

Fellow Undiscovered Writers 11

Another part from Hooked! :

Gou: Dude… I think I like her.

Alex: You do realize what you’ve just done, right?

Gou: Like what? Save her life from drowning?

Alex: Yes! What are you? The little mermaid?

Gou: Well, If you put it that way… it kinda does look romantic…

Alex: You left her with a bloody face at the beach!


Paul had a good question, can we get an answer on that? Like are they fish dicks? Human dicks? Where do they go if they’re not being used?


It is actually referenced somewhere in the book faintly. :joy:

It’s like you kinda have to pull it out from them or something— I don’t wanna go in full detail, haha.