maybe it’s best if you don’t


I didn’t go in detail in the book with anyways. The dick jokes are actually just a thing to add as a running gag since it’s a com-rom merfolk story. :joy:

It’s more like a slapstick than anything.


aaaand suddenly i’m disturbed.

like a tape measure.


I don’t know, I can’t remember. Was it like that? :thinking:

My thoughts have been jangled.




Also Paul is the poor human character who got stuck at being with a group of a dangerous Greek merman and a cannibalistic Japanese merman and some other merfolks that could possibly kill him imaginable. :weary:

RIP Paul. You shouldn’t have joined the boy band.


I don’t even know what to say to that sentence.

expect getting vote and comment notifications from me on that book now


All he wanted was to be part of a normal boy band. :joy:

He walks into a group of a band of mermen instead.



From The Spirit Veil

’ Hello?

Is this thing even on?


Ugh, who really cares at this point. I’m gonna continue. The damn recorder is either on or it isn’t . . . It is? You’re sure about that? . . . Alright.

Hello to whoever is listening. First off, this was not my idea. I didn’t want to record what happened. I was hoping people would just forget about my insane stunt. Sadly, I have been convinced otherwise. ’


Some wise lore from The Autumn Tree, courtesy of Gin.

“The purpose of the offering is to pay tribute to the Tear, and to contribute to the life of this valley.” He says.

“The Tear of Life that resides in this shrine is responsible for the life of this valley. All of the oni know this, and all pay tribute on their right of passage when they too make the pilgrimage on their sixteenth birthday.” He continues.

“This offering is a magical concoction that allows the tear to remain strong and continue creating water so that this valley may thrive, but it is not complete.” He pauses to look at each person individually before continuing.

“Each of you who wishes to make the pilgrimage must contribute part of your life to this offering, just as the tear gives life, life must be given to the tear.” He says picking up a small knife from beside his seat.


From Edge of Oblivion

“You said you’d help me.” Ikeha ground out.
“Yeah?” Ekko said, twirling her staff and jumping towers her. “I lied.”

When she noticed Ekko, she raised her false leg into the air.
“I lost my leg again.” She said. Ekko breathed a sigh, a smile creeping onto her face as she watched Arin try to fix the bent limb back into place. “Those things really seem to love this piece of me.” Arin said, although Ekko was sure it was for herself.


A little bit of background… MC Adeline’s mother has a birthday party. One of Adeline’s brother’s close friends, Newton, has come, and she thinks he’s cute. About a third of the way through the party, her best friend Sebastian texts her to tell her to open the balcony doors. She goes and does so, and in he comes. The following conversation occurs on the cat walk style hallway above the room.

Sebastian: “Who’s that?”
Adeline (smiling): “Oh, that’s Newton.”
Sebastian: Not a bad looking guy… but his eyes are too close together and don’t even get me started on the hair.
Adeline: What? What’s wrong with his hair?
Sebastian (insulted): Seriously?! Just LOOK at it!!!
Adeline: … Um, I am.
Sebastian: Harder!


“Of course that was the problem! We are obsessed about controlling everything! We need to control everything to govern correctly! Control is part of our motto, when we say “Authority, Order, Peace!” we say order as control. Generations born under us would have their entire idea of reality, and thus, their actions, sentiments, etc. completely under our control, for people born 50 years from here, even something as natural and personal as having sex, would be a way to praise us. The very existence will revolve around the Authority. So, that is the problem, we can do that with people born 50 years from here, not not with people which exists now. The first generation, are the Authority’s problem. Of course some of them us completely changed their minds to join this new world, but we could never truly change culture completely within this generation. This would inevitably lead to a rebellion. The very idea of someone not constantly thinking about the Authority makes us paranoid. You, and anyone older than you, is a very threat to our existence. And you are 20 years old. That’s the reason of our paranoia, but we knew how to deal with this. People can be controlled through fear in the short term, and in the long term, anyone who raises their head gets shoot. That’s also why we considered nukes to be neccesary. The very anhililation of dissent when they got too much power over a specific area. Does that makes us evil? Well, depends, define evil to me. Wait, no, we define what is good and evil. History will remember you as evil. Because we have the guns, we have the bombs, we have the power, we have the historians. We truly were born in the worst era to be born in, didn’t we? All this instability in the name of eventual stability that won’t arrive until everyone who lives today is dead. But it’s worth it, so that in 50 years, there is no longer anything except the Authority. The Authority will then truly be in control of everything, and we, we will have the power of all of humanity’s destiny in our hands, and then, we will be God”


“You fuck with my family and you’ll never fuck again!”


"…No one answered her question, and that only served to make the tension in her chest threaten to constrict her lungs into nothing. She skidded to a halt, struggling to breathe from those stark emotions welling up inside her. She looked around wildly, seeing only white for as far as she could feasibly see.

“Answer me!” she screamed, “Someone, anyone! Please, answer me!”

“Sahara, calm down!” Blue called out, circling overhead. Sahara, however, ignored her attempt to calm her. Another wail swept across the way and Sahara flinched at the noise. Turbulent emotions raced through her in a sharp wave, almost engulfing her then.

“Goddamn it!” she yelled, “Somebody, please, answer me!”

Still, no one answered her. At this point, Sahara felt herself be overwhelmed by that bundle of emotions, they so stark they nearly took away her ability to breathe. She distantly registered that she might be on the verge of a panic attack, but, seeing nothing but empty whiteness, she couldn’t calm herself down.

“Donovan!” she screamed, “Donovan, answer me!”

She didn’t know why she had screamed Donovan’s name, but she didn’t have time at the moment to ponder it. She was nearly gripped by a panic attack and that periodic wail, edged with so much raw grief, made her hair stand on end. She gritted her teeth against the ball of tears threatening to lodge itself in her throat. She wasn’t going to cry now. That wouldn’t help her situation in any way. But logic was quickly being overtaken by pure, panicked fear.

“Donovan!” she screamed again, “Please, answer me! Donovan!”



“Gray, no. Don’t pee on that.” - Lavender
“Yeah. I’d rather have the anime character on our team, compared to you.” - Cyan
“Very yes.” - Gray
“Wow! Cyan - Chan really does like me!!” - Feles


Love the names!


Such a heartbreaking moment for Rin from The Autumn Tree.

“No… I’m sorry, but we’re out of time. I need you to make the decision. Do I remove the arrow?” Miderna asks changing the subject.

Rin pauses, tears still streaming down her cheeks onto the floor mixing with what little of Cloud’s blood had managed to fall onto it. After a moment, Rin looks up with determination in her eyes.

“Pull it out.” She says.

A little back story for this. Rin’s lover was injured in combat with a mortal wound. The healers may be able to stabilize him and save his life, but due to the condition he’s in, he may be in a coma for the rest of his life. However, without treatment, he will surely die. Therefore, Rin is faced with the decision to let her lover go, or save him and risk him never waking up regardless. A no win situation for her.


Context: prosthetics typically last about three years (if you’re extra nice to them), and Rory just broke his [metal] leg trying to stand up.

Tethys: How old is that leg? Two or three years?
Rory: …four years.
Tethys: You are overdue. And the arm?
Rory: trying to hide the conspicuous stab-hole four-- uh, five…? Five years.
Tethys: disappointed dad mode engaged

Chaska: Hurry up, Rice Grain! What do they teach at that school, lollygagging?

Chaska, shortly after Rory snaps at him: Tethys, do we have a walking stick for this salty grain of rice?


Augusta: «I don’t claim a truth expected inherited. I claim myself. The true and hardened truth of my existence.»

Helena: «I can’t live another way. As long as I keep on fighting I’ll overcome most, and it doesn’t need to be good. Nonetheless, I fight - every day. So I one day can stand a bit stronger, rise further and shine brighter. All I’m looking for is a better tomorrow.»

Translated from my norwegian wip. My heart project on hiatus.