“Ransack, this dump of a town, will fade. The cliff that surrounds it will fade. My clothes will fade, then my skin, then my bones. They all will fade. Why wait for it? Why run and hide from it? It happens to everyone. No, the best thing to do is enjoy it. And enjoy it however way you want, because any pain you cause will fade, too.” - Serval


“Two things that’ll never get old; dark humour and unvaccinated children.” - Vanessa Ackerman, Ctrl, Alt, Delete [COMING SOON]

“There are characters on EastEnders who have less dramatic lives then me right now, Ness.” - Kathrine Ackerman, The Boyfriend Experience [Re-Upload COMING SOON ]


“Pain hurts / but only for a minute / Life is short so go on and live it / 'cause the chicks dig it . . .”

– Chris Cagle (NOT a character quote . . .)


Lilly: This is exactly Lionne. Always in conflict with herself. Always in conflict with the world. This is where she belongs. (Well, its rather thought than spoken but… I like her perception of Lionne.)


Both of these lines are perfect.


“I mean, my boyfriend just broke up with me, you know. He just told me things weren’t working out and… he just left me. It was raining. Actually raining. Like something out of a tragic movie.” - Strastor Mire (Neon Gods)


“You’re going home?”
Fable shook her head. “No,” She said, “I’m already home.” - Warlok and Fable (Renegades)


is Lionne pronounce ‘lion’ or ‘lee-own’?


My characters just die


tbh same.


We need a character-killer community. There are too many happy endings.


From The Spirit Veil

“It had been a normal day to start with. I was off school for holidays and, at the time, trying to solve my storage problem. See, while my room may be considered big , I have so much stuff. Most of it is either books or crystals. There were a few paintings as well but those were all on the wall or in the cupboard where no one would ever find them. [Shit. I actually just put that on record, didn’t I? . . . Yes, I’m focusing.]”


“Now’s the time to decide if you want your future to be defined by your past or by your choices in learning from your past.” — Yeula Nars Erenet

“You cling to hope like a bleating baby to her mommie.” — The Progenator

“Don’t grieve the Griever.” — Lian Griever

“To some living creatures, death is liberation. I do not wish to live forever, truthfully said. When finally I know the man who created me, for what purpose would I have left to live, after all? Should my death come, I will not face it a coward; that I promise. Still… think only of your own wishes, Enlenia—not those of humanity, nor those of myself, even. Beyond all else, you, and the others, too… you are all free spirits in my own eyes.” — Astot

“Enlenia sought her creator; Caevin vowed to destroy the Scourge; the Garden of Mercy desired to restore this world; the Blade of Humanity fought only to survive; and I surpassed myself for the power to protect my loved ones. You were born from every one of those desires, but you will always have the power to define yourself, whether you choose to follow your own dreams or one of ours.” — Argen

“You seem to enjoy grandstanding before it even means anything. I’ll pay for my heresy in your blood if anything, so by all means indulge in your deluded fantasies of a world you could never make reality in your last moments.” — The Blade of Humanity


From the recently published prologue of my book The Legend of the Moonflower Princess:

"…“Should we tell them?” the woman asked, their answer sparking another question within her, “The other mystics, I mean? They should know what will happen, and what we plan to do.”

“No,” they shook their head again, “We should not.”

Solari raised an eyebrow. “And why’s that?”

One nimble finger raised at her question, the light of the altar illuminating the white bone. “We’ve done enough interfering as it is, don’t you think?”

Their companion scoffed, but, all the same, she did not press them for answers. Instead, she turned and started down the steps of the temple, knowing full well that their conversation was over.

“I hope you’re right, truly,” she called over her shoulder. They nodded their head, although she could not see them do so.

“As do I…”


Matteo: “Are you still mad at me?” he asks.

Fia: “No,” I start, leaning back up and looking across the street, “I just feel like killing you.”


At long last, I’ve found my people


“I first met the Pope at Hogwarts…or was it somewhere else? Man, this weed is good.”

(♯ᴖ.ლ) (უ‸ლ)


“Claire! Love your outfit!”
“Aw, thanks, hon. . . fucking bitch.”

taken out of context it sounds bad :joy: :joy:


Okay, I’ll play. Here is a line from Red Light. Nikki’s therapist is asking her a few ‘get to know you questions’.

“I see your brother Matthew is in the Navy. What does he do?”

Should I tell her he kills people with his bare hands? Maybe not, it might stop her heart. That probably wouldn’t go over well.


I’d pronounce it like ‘Lee-oh-ny’ or ‘Leon-ie’ when thinking of her character in English. If not, I pronounce her with a rather silent ‘e’ at the end, maybe like a softer version of ‘lion’.


These were the best ones I could find :joy: (sorry if the language is funny, these are translated from my finnish story):

“He called me a goldilocks. And a yob. And a loudmouth.” -Armas (Copper Heart)

“To top all off, you have conquered a bed of a sick person and you are throwing clothes meant for her at her. Shame on you!” -Fredrika (Copper Heart)

“Let go of me, unless you want this skeleton to push his spoon up to your nostril” -Armas (Copper Heart)

“Look, there are many types of people in this world and what makes me special is that my beauty exceeds the limits of the laws of nature” - Armas (Copper Heart)