My favorite so far is from my book Beauty of a Crimson Soul. Angel goes on a lecture again and ends with “think of me as your therapist.”

Ayden then says, “a dead therapist, how thoughtful.”

I don’t know why I find it so funny…


I love quotes from characters, it’s so inspiring to read everyones <3

Here’s mine from my book Dark Skies:

  1. "Curse the gods they care for no one and will save no one, even if the world burns in the hands of its own festered evil."

  2. "Human beings compartmentalize words according to respective context. If man prioritizes honesty but knows he must lie to save those around him from regime, he’s willing to concede against his own principles. He can still honor honesty while knowing at times he can’t. It doesn’t make him dishonest, it makes him a human being."

  3. "Heads begun to turn the other way in feigned ignorance, typical when ones self-preservation is in play to save the skin of their own teeth even if their values are begged into question."

  4. "When one is confronted with overwhelming power, they should kneel before its presence and submit. There’s no use fighting when the outcome is the same: utter helplessness."


This is a scene from The Killingsworth Revenge where Adeline (one of the right-hand members of the Alternate Demons) and Memphis (leader of another gang syndicate) are leaving from a meeting between their syndicates, and a reporter is hiding in the bushes, trying to get pictures of the gang leaders.

The man swung wild at Memphis, catching him off guard.

Oh, boy. Adeline shook her head.

Rubbing his jaw, Memphis’ blue eyes glittered dangerously as his grip tightened on the knife. The man shrunk back, clasping his camera close to his chest, eyes darting from Adeline to Memphis.

Memphis stalked towards the frozen man, a smirk spreading across his face. When he was close enough that their noses could have touched if it weren’t for the height difference, he wrenched the camera away.

The man stumbled back, eyes wide. As he fell backward, Memphis let the camera fall to the damp grass. A long second passed before he drove his heel down on it, over and over again, combat boots shattering it into little pieces.

“No, no!”

The man hurled himself forward, grabbing for the broken piece of equipment, but Memphis kicked his hand away and crouching down, smiled a predatory smile.

“I’d suggest you get out of here before I do the same to you.” Straightening back up, Memphis offered his arm to Adeline. “Let’s go.”

They turned away and started walking towards the awaiting vehicles. The man lingered a moment longer, picking up the fragments of his camera before dropping them and skittering away.

“Don’t ever tell me I have anger issues,” Adeline said as he opened the door of her armored car.

“I don’t.” He shut the door and strolled away.


“Alright, Cinder-fuckin-rella. But for the record, not being aware you’re a dumbass isn’t the same as not being a dumbass.” – Jacelyn Rae (The Smile Parallax)


From chapter 34 of The Legend of the Moonflower Princess:

"…She paused, cocking her head as she regarded Sahara. “Why’s your face all red?”

“No reason,” Sahara said quickly, pressing a hand to her cheek in a feeble attempt to cover her blushing. Blue tilted her head to the other side, clicking her beak in a teasing manner.

“Really? No reason at all?”

“What are you…you were eavesdropping, weren’t you?” Sahara accused, noting the change in her demeanor, “Blue!”

“Eavesdropping?” Donovan repeated with a frown. Blue, however, just shrugged nonchalantly.

“What? I just happen to have good hearing. And besides,” she added, with a big grin, “I figured things would be a bit awkward after your little moment out there in the snowstorm. No wonder you’re both so embarrassed.”

“That’s not…oh, you were there,” Sahara groaned, palming her face. Blue twittered at her reaction.

“Oh yes, I was,” she said happily, “And I cannot wait to tell Shen what happened…”


From Fractured Bonds — a Marvel’s Inhumans’ fan-fiction. The story is told from an OC’s perspective, and is my first foray back into fan-fiction in several years.

I don’t remember the exact moment that I lost my mind. - Prologue

They treated me like a caged animal, and then had the gall to be surprised when I lashed out like one. - Prologue

Monsters are not born, after all. No child begins life with hatred in their hearts, no person starts out wanting to kill or cause destruction and chaos. Every monster is the byproduct of the people who made them into this. I am no different. - Prologue

I’ll punish each and every single person who dared to take him away from me. I’ll protect my Max. - Prologue

This is my story, starting from the moment of my Terrigenesis Ceremony, all the way to when Attilan crumbled, and everything in between. This is my confession note. - Prologue

Every monster has their story, and this is mine. - Prologue


“That is all the mercy I have to give. If you want more, tell your masters in the Underworld to come up here and take it.”


“Jeez, I’m coming!” Max opened the door to find her adopted younger sister with another, much older male. The guy was slender and tall, probably about 6’3 in height. He wore a grey hoodie under another denim jacket along with baggy black jeans. From under the hood, she could see paper-white skin and pink lips, the upper half of his face covered in a shadow.

“Remy, who’s this?” Max eyed the stranger suspiciously, inching closer to her sister and sliding an arm over her shoulder subconsciously.

“Well…It’s complicated.” She breathed out, glancing once at him. He remained unresponsive to anything going on. “A better question would be what is this.” She nudged him slightly and Max could swear she could hear a growl from the back of his throat that sounded anything but human.

He pulled his hood back just enough for her to be able to see his full face. His nose had a bandaid over it, probably covering a cut. She could see a hint of blue under the material. His raven black hair was slicked back, a little wet from the rain outside, reaching until the end of his neck. His widow’s peak made him look evil.

But what made her eyes widen and caused a gasp to enter her lips were the eyes. The pupil, the iris, the sclera. Everything was black.

“I named it Icarus.” Remy looked between Max and the stranger. “It fell from the sky.”

  • Outsider, an unpublished work.


“The Town with the Spindly Trees is a town that is everywhere and nowhere at once. It’s inhabitants are in all towns and yet in no town. They are the reflection of every corner of the world. And you, an inhabitant, are everywhere and nowhere as well. There are thousands of people just like you, and you are their reflection. But if you are a reflection, how real do you think you are? How real am I?” - Abu, Lord of the Cage.


“So you don’t believe me?” Icarus chuckled. “Tell me, human. What can you do? What’re these five senses of yours?”

Remy raised her brows. “To see, taste, hear, feel and smell.”

“And how do you do that?” It gave her a sly grin.

“Because I have organs that help me do that?? The hell is this?”

“So you’ve never considered the possibility that perhaps, maybe, probably, there might be something else to sense but you humans just have never had the organs needed to discover it? That maybe there were more than five things to sense?”



“Holy shit.”

  • Remy unlocking a conspiracy theory with Icarus, Outsider, an unpublished work


“Tahro, at this rate, I don’t think I’ll ever get out of bed. Tell my parents this is it. And my sister that I love her. I can’t go to school anymore or do any homework,” he sniffed. “When I die, bury me with my action figures.”

  • Yuuhei Shinguchi, The World Changer.


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