Excerpt from Glass, a TWDDD short story.

“I-Is there something I’m missing right now?” Lori stood behind the four of us, Dale, Andrea, Jacqui, Glenn, Carol, and T-dog next to her.
I let go of rick and walk over “Since everything seems to be your business Princess of the Apocalypse if you must know I’m having Shane’s baby. I’m keeping it, he or she is coming September, Oh and Lori if you wanna watch my vagina as it pushes a baby out you’re welcome to do so. Bye.” I roll my eyes and push past her. T-dog was laughing.


“I found Assar in the kitchen scavenging for food. He did not seem to notice I was there as he went through one of the cupboards. Isn’t that were the chocolate is kept? I cleared my throat. He jumped, whacking his head and turning around with a sheepish look. I raised my eyebrows. His face went red as he stood, closing the door. He laughed nervously.”

  • The Forgotten War


Oh that sounds like it would be a cool character to write! steals idea and puts it in idea pocket for later


“Stop in the name of the Lord! You are under arrest for the murder of Lady Joanna, come back now and face the consequences Demon.”


One of my editors enjoyed this line from an upcoming chapter, so it seems good for sharing here.

“You’ve turned me into a sunflower,” he accused, rounding on her.

"A dashing sunflower," Hazel said, her tone one of mock flirtation. "A well dressed, alluring sunflower."


This is from a in-universe book written by one of the characters: Antonio. The meta book is called “Thoughts of a regretful collaborator”

I’m a bad man. My whole life, I have only worried about myself. About money, power, women. I was a bastard. When those two guys in uniform appeared and told me what was going to happen, and that mi options were simple: Collaborate or die. I didn’t doubt, I didn’t doubt even for an instant. I was basically discovering that the entire world would fall under a sociopathic and dictatorial government. But, maybe, I was even more sociopathic. All those people trusted me, I sold them. A drug cartel was deemeed something too powerful to exist by the Authority’s eyes. I grabed my things, and that 20th of May, or 28 of Fifth, whatever you like to say it, I entered that car, and left. I just felt a little earthquake that I can only assume was my whole cartel being annihilated. Not only my cartel, of course, the National palace there in DF too, and the White House in the US, and the Kremlin on Russia, and the Pink House in Argentina, the Miraflores in Venezuela, and all around the world. Any military base with importance, monuments like the Eiffel Tower, and most political party’s headquarters in the whole world. At that precise moment, at least 50 million people must have do died. And at that precise moment, I wasn’t thinking in what was happening really, didn’t think about the future of humanity. I was only hoping they would give me a nice apartment.

Of course, I had little options, the other choice was to die. But I’m sure most middle-ranks in the police who used to be cops in their old world nations at least were doubtful for an instant, they thought “Am I doing the right thing?” Not me, of course. I was only thinking of myself.
I am so sorry…


(roughly translated, beware drinking is mentioned, that dialogue is full of cliche)

Shelly: Aunt Lesley brought me to St. Petersburg once. She’s got some really creepy friends.

Her mother: Can’t be weirder than mine. They speak another language. It just may sound harsh to you.

Shelly: No. Creepy like… really scary. Scary as in punch ups and alcohol.Lot of it.

Her mother: Alcohol doesn’t surprise me.I still owe her a drinking contest.

Shelly: You do?

Her father: Oh my…


Does your book take place in a theocracy?


From Chapter 34 of The Legend of the Moonflower Princess:

"… Kakos Doyle was the first soul to ever fall into the embrace of base magic. He became its founder, so to speak. After the slaughter of the Paratirs, he was essentially a ghost, wandering these lands without a trace to his name. So many attempted to find him, but they all came up short. It was only when other souls emerged with the ability to use base magic that his location was realized. And when we mystics arrived, we showed him no mercy.

Sahara couldn’t help the shiver that ran up her spine at the oracle’s tone; it was completely cold, hard as solid stone. Whatever had happened, it clearly hadn’t been in Doyle’s favor. But, Sahara couldn’t find it in herself to feel sorry for him. She may be a kind person at heart, but she could tell that Kakos Doyle didn’t deserve any sympathy.

“What…what does he have to do with Kane Gin Shita?” she questioned. Darienne exhaled through her nose, tapping a finger lightly against the altar…"


“Ew. You actually thought I’d do that. Sorry, but I don’t go for preschoolers. I’m interested in women who are, what’s the word, fully developed.”

Ah, yes. Another fine quote.


umm no.

it takes place in Napels,Italy in 1382 where the queen Joanna was murdered by her cousins who wanted her crown. The pope were trying to capture the one they believed was the murderer but it is actually her son who was said to have died when he was two.


I was still kinda correct


From They Could Never Guess, chapter 28:

Carrie’s already taking charge of the situation, standing up and pushing Slade back into his seat. “Axel fainted. Low blood sugar. It’s lunchtime and he didn’t eat breakfast this morning. Hassan, you got that? Jacob? Because if one of you snitches, you’re fucking next. Is that clear?”

From Graffiti On His Heart, chapter 34:

He pulls his scarf down and grins, pleased with himself. “I bought them today. I knew you’d like them. I always buy them at this time of year.”
“You are a very special bastard."


From chapter 34 of The Legend of the Moonflower Princess:

"… She looked over at Sahara. Did Solari tell you about her, Sahara?

“A little,” Sahara said quietly, “Not very much, though. Only that she stopped Kane Gin Shita.”

She did , Darienne confirmed, She sacrificed so much in order to safeguard these lands. An entire kingdom reduced to a lifeless wasteland, all so a tyrant couldn’t spread his plague. She couldn’t even stay amongst us in order to truly heal.

The altar flames shrunk slightly, coiling in perfect spirals. Sahara lowered herself down to the ground, her muscles twinging with fatigue. She drew one knee up and rested her arms on top of it, tucking the other leg underneath the first. Darienne didn’t say anything about her sitting down; she merely began to walk around the altar very slowly, trailing her hand across it.

The Moonflower Princess used a very powerful spell to ensnare Kane Gin Shita, but it came with its own consequences , Darienne went on, While the mad sorcerer cannot leave the Ashen Swamplands without his soul burning into nothing, the spell affected the Moonflower Princess as well. You see, in order to preserve the boundaries set by the spell, she was forced to tie her life to it…


ok. yea a little but its more fantasy and supernatural. then anything else


Man, I’m not sure I totally understand this, but can I just say that I love your characters’ names?


Thanks! Feel free to check out my book then, if you like the character names :smile:


“Tell me Oliver… you’re showing her the same mercy you shown me why?”- Luna Arachne

“It wasn’t mercy I showed you that day, that was compassion. To feel alone is a fate much worse than death. This girl been through hell because she feared being alone and it’s unforgivable who ever the person was.” - Oliver Hope


“He’ll pay.” Korax spoke quietly but this time he failed to hide the growl. “I’m gonna make him pay for what he did to you. And when I’m done I’ll kill him.” - Korax (Claws and Blades), being in a good mood


“Quit laughing at me, Baka.” -Hisaki (Travel into History)

Hamilton nods his head, eyes on ‘Snape’ watching as he grabs my hand and shakes it up and down, letting go after an uncomfortably long time. I smile at him wishing in my mind that I could just grab a toilet plunger and shove it up his grotesque ass. “Yes, Hisaki is his name. He’s a really good friend from Providence.” Hamilton turns to me with a mischievous glint in his eyes saying to play along. I nod subtly. “Isn’t that right Hisaki. It’s been so long I haven’t seen you in almost six years. How have you been by the way?”