spits out drink boi! His name is Trickster! Boi you gotta run now, that’s human lizard in a tree!


I wanna know the whole story behind this dialogue


I wanna know the story behind this one too


For context ~ this is a Doctor Who fanfiction, so some things may not make sense to some non-fans (This is in the episode called the God Complex, when there is a hotel that have people’s worst nightmares in the bedrooms - Howie’s is being made fun of by attractive girls, I suppose)

“Death by leering girls.” Emily raised an eyebrow as she stared into the room. “That’s new. On any other occasion, I’d be thrilled. Trapped in a creepy hotel with people’s worst nightmares in the bedrooms, less than thrilled. Come on, Howie, out of the room.”


Eh, you know. Standard vampire and witch doctor problems. :laughing:


So far, this is a favorite of mine for Chapter 15 of Ether Roots:

Holly instructed over her table, arms folded imperiously. She and Kez shared a mischievous look. “Can you all shout at me as loudly as you can your proverb? Miss Kez, if you’ll do the honors?”

“Gladly. Okay my Tiny Torches, what do we say to the coming night?”

“No shadow can hide from Pyromancer light!” more than a dozen eager children all shrilled at once, drawing the eyes of nearly every wandering attendee in a thirty yard radius.

“What do we say when enemies come to fight?”

“No one can stand against Pyromancer might!”

“And what do we say when fear catches us in its sight?!”

“Be brave! Be brave! Be brave!”

And my standing favorite from Blood and Tines:

“Poor is a woman without education and dangerous is a world without educated women,” Bastian oftentimes told Ria when she became frustrated with her studies.


Oh I see, I see. nods in confusion


The children! Awwww


Damn straight! Get your education bro!


lol funny enough, the story this came from hinges on the reality that Ria wasn’t able to get an education and everything kind of fell to shit because of it XD


I LOVE these little buggers XD


I love them so much! It’s a small little gang of children! Oh god noO. If they stole something from me I’d let them. Tell me everything about them plzzzzz


But either way she got her lesson


I frickin love this! sobs I frickin love it when a small gang of children are shown in a story. They’re like small baby animals off to do some mischief. They got more stamina, more energy, and they ain’t afraid of nothing! And look at them here! They don’t even care who’s watching them. Ack! My heart! wheeze
Duuude, god bless you. Reading this was so cute!


These are both from my current novel - Don’t Disappoint Me :sweat_smile::

“What did you do to him?” She had last seen his body on the ground in that secluded side road. Seconds before she had turned tail and ran as if the few things that she actually cared about depended on it.

“You could always try doing something stupid,” he said, the dryness of his tone surprising her. “That would be one way of finding out.”


“What are you going to do – about Rob?”

“What about him?”

“He’s not – He won’t go work today.”

“An unfortunate side effect of being dead, I’m afraid,”


“I wanted him to know that at this moment, at any moment really I could take his life” King Claudvius Manautius


They’re going TO KILL HIM


thumbs up hats off to u mate


Possibly … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. How do you know he isn’t already dead?


Haha his name’s ironic. He’s actually going to be quite nice (although a little eccentric)