Ooooooooh That’s a good point

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I hope so


For someone with no balls, you have the biggest pair in the room."- Mikey to Max (Unreleased material)


I’ve got a few from my romance short stories:

“If people think I’m wrong for loving a soul…for loving you…then I don’t want to be right. Never right again.” -Empathy

“It’s going to hurt…making love to a bladeling…are you sure?”

“I have suffered a thousand wounds in my life and I know I’ll suffer at least a thousand more. But if you inflict a small sum of them, I will gladly suffer them all if it means spending even a single night with you.” -Music of the Night

“T-t-there was another story my mother told me I liked a lot. She said that giving another a moonstone under the full moon binds their souls together forever.” She looked at him and grinned. “Corny isn’t it?”

Startled by her words, he inhaled sharply on his cigar and started to cough. “Yes…very…” he replied between coughs. -Moonlight Sonata


“Haha, no, he’s sexxy, but bossy” -Byong Ki-soo


lol xD I’m glad you enjoyed it! I loved adding in the Tiny Torches to the story and having one of my MCs be their teacher. It was a nod to my wife who’s a preschool teacher, so all this a nod to her

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Finlay: No one told me this was a first person shooter

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“Our parents are dead to us. And please don’t look at my little sister like that. She’s already been through enough judgment. I’ll tell her not to cuss around adults anymore, but I can’t control her way of speech completely. Just like how you can’t control your husband’s infidelity.”
-Victoria Waters from Just The Two of Us, Chapter 2


Tell your wife she’s a blessing


lol she’s sitting right next to me and smiled really big =)

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Daaaamn blushing tell her she’s a great woman for approving the Tiny Torches! Where can I join? I want to join this group ;-; but I am an adult. Woe is me. Which book of yours has these kids?


lol she’s honestly a saint by my standards. She teaches over 35 four-year-olds daily. Like…I can’t even imagine. And you can still join the Torches! =D you won’t be tiny, but I’m sure the little ones would love to teach you the Pyromancer proverbs XD

The kids are from my book Ether Roots. They aren’t the main focus, mind you, but they are a pretty large part of chapters 15-18

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Your wife is amazing man


That book is going in my library!


“When I said the streets would be dark with the stain of their burnt blood, please do not think for a moment that I had dipped into hyperbole.”


“I wonder how many centuries it will take for your kind to acknowledge me. Will it be when they sit on the edge of world domination of minds and hearts? Will it be when the luminaries cannibalize their fellow humans, as they always have?” the being mused aloud, an undertone of disappointment in its voice.


"No one in my family thinks I’m anywhere near-capable of doing what we’re doing now. But we’re such a boring little family, we really need something to shake us up. But I’m not gonna be the one to do it.”

“If San Francisco is ever invaded by giant mules who can understand Hebrew, I’ll be the hero because I can shout ‘ BLOM!’ and they’ll halt.”

“Well, it’s like what they always say, a blind clock finds two squirrels a day. Or something.”

“Yeah, it’s time I got punished for some sins. I have a lot of catching up to do on committing sins and being punished for them.”

“Los Banos! Know what that means in Spanish? The Bathrooms!”


The what?


A few random quotes from my first story Desire’s Reincarnation.

“I’m not saying you have to kill her. Just… render her unconscious.”


“Thank me by joining me in the onsen tonight. Naked.”

“If you want to trail me, do it properly next time so I won’t notice.”

“So what!? Just because we can’t explain everything doesn’t immediately mean that I am your dead girlfriend!”

“Fuck you Hamadate! No one dies. Except for the enemy.”


That’s me mum this morning