“Why do you resist me ?” he asked again, an edge to his voice now that spelled potential danger, “I could give you everything . And yet you spurn me . Me , for that pathetic spirit that I could easily reach out and tear into a thousand. bloody. pieces . I can hear your soul call for him now, wanting him to be near while I am so close to you. Are you afraid of me, Eleanor ?”

-Kane Gin Shita, The Legend of the Moonflower Princess


“Are you joking? You’re a vampire! People have feared your existence for thousands of years! You have sharp, pointy murder teeth. You are goddamn undead and you’re afraid of snakes?!”

“THEY’RE ICKY!” he snarled back. Anything threatening about those unsheathed teeth was lost while he tried to balance on top of the rocking chair to get away from a rat snake the size of a ruler. “WOULD YOU GET RID OF IT PLEASE!”


Uhhhhhh… looks around YES


Hey sometimes Danger Noodles can be friendly but other times they can be ultimate bastards. They’ll bite even if you say “Hi”


My protagonist is the most powerful sorcerer in the world, but can’t handle cockroaches. :joy:


“I was hoping you’d give your liver a break. We need to talk.”

"Workaholic liver for an alcoholic mind. I’m well built," I babbled as I took two steps towards the door.

“I swear, one day you’ll drink yourself to death.”

"And what a blissful death would it be."


Well that’s fine. But sometimes Mother Nature can be an A-hole and give the tiny bastards wings. It was easier to kill them without it. There is no danger when you see them but ohhhhhhh when they start flying you oughta run. Your protagonist got a valid reason.


NoO dONt


That sounds like a good quote


After Raziel had made a quip about Abel’s weight.

“You think you are the only one to make fat jokes hmm. . . Ra-zi-el. Take your pick - prick”

Abel Magia.


That’s fair. Cockroaches are terrible. My poor vampire-hunting vampire also dislikes fish, bugs and ghost stories. He would really rather everything he ever had to hunt lived in a nice, clean suburban home instead of derelict, creepy buildings filled with spiderwebs and rats.


Rat snakes are harmless little cuties. I will smooch them all against their will.


Koma: Damn it, damn it!
Johnna: What do you mean damn it? You’re a healer!
Koma: I’m only a fourth year!
Johnna: Did you get to fourth year via bribery?

maybe I didn’t think it all the way through when I named a medical student ‘Koma’.


I’ll admit, I’m mostly sharing this for the speaker tag I included because, damn…

"Hello, Fey," the woman said—her voice soothing like a swan touching down on the water.


“Had you not been so busy with girls, work, your reputation and being a moron, perhaps I would have considered it,” I snapped. “But, no . You had to worry about what people thought of you hanging with the unpopular freak who spends all her time in books.”

“Wait. Are you jealous?”

“Of you spending more time with a bunch of women who dress like sluts, wear a shit load of makeup, and don’t know how to do anything short of turning a guy on instead of your own gods dammed sister? Why, no.”

  • On the Outside Looking In chapter 12


I love this!!!

My favorite quote from my book Aqua Waters is

“I don’t even know, maybe I"m being friendly? Maybe I like the view from your yard? Maybe the grass is greener on the other side and I’m tasting a different color palette.” - Olyvya Mcgrove - Aqua Waters


From The Legend of the Moonflower Princess:

“Let your Entachthikan lover feel this, daughter ,” Lamia snarled gleefully.

The dagger dropped as she swung it down towards Jocelyn’s neck.


A quote from my villain in Hard Times with a little context:
“Where did that useless boy go? I need him to tell me how I look!” he says while posing in front of a mirror.

The worker approaches the murderer, “Wow! It does look good on you, sir!”

“Good?” he asks. The young boy nods happily. That ends abruptly as This evil bastard backhands the kid to the floor. The poor kid lets out a whelp and I get the urge to help but Sox grips me and shakes her head. “Bitch, I’m beautiful… Get up boy. Don’t be weak.”


“Ain’t you busy with mid terms?”

Jesse looks at Marty with much despise. “Hey, breathe the fresh air of freedom before we become the slaves of capitalism.”


“A man should not worry about his station in life, but instead whether or not he lived as a good man. Chaka, no matter what the ancestors say your job should be, it is you who has the final say over your life. Job, or no job, as long as you are a good man, you fill my heart and your ancestors hearts with joy.” - Uyise, Father of Chaka Koga (Only the Brave Stood “Cries in the Desert”)

“You say that like I should care.” -Adrian Knight (After the Fall “Disordered Minds”)

“I was shown the light when the old world fell away. I was blinded, unable to see how far from perfection we had truly fallen! Can’t you see? The plague, the Spanish Flu, Small Pox, the Measles, these were all preparing us for the end times! God himself was trying to show us the way. Can’t you see?!” - Father Stanley Delacroix (After the Fall “Song of Insanity”)