“I protect my sister from harm and right now you will harm her more than anything.”


"Funny that your sister nearly dies at the hands of your monstrosity of a boyfriend, and you ask her why she attacked. I don’t know if you were too blind to notice but let it go on record that he attacked me first. I was simply trying to make him see reason." - Zoya Sefya Daka




Hello to whoever is listening. First off, this was not my idea. I didn’t want to record what happened. I was hoping people would just forget about my insane stunt. Sadly, I have been convinced otherwise. Apparently doing this will set a few things straight.

My name is Aurora. Yes, a real spacey name. Blame the parents for that one. I’m sixteen years old. I have dark brown eyes that seem to change colour depending on my mood, dyed purple long curly hair which I straighten sometimes, and tanned skin. Most importantly, I can see ghosts. Well, not just ghosts. Spirits in general and . . . I’m getting there! Stop interrupting me!

If you’re wondering who I’m talking to, it’s one of said spirits. Her name is Lydia. She was the first spirit I ever saw. Apparently she talked to me as a baby. I don’t remember that far back. Then again, who can? If you were to look at her from a distance you wouldn’t see much. Just some black fog hovering in the air. If you are close enough, you can see through the fog. You’ll catch glimpses of her dark body, her azure eyes, her long straight onyx hair, and the dark dress she says she died in. I’ve only seen her in solid form once. That was during that accident that was totally not my fault. What? I had to put that on the record. Get it? . . . You have no sense of humour.


…Disney princess


This is wholesome



  1. I misread and thought Aurora was implying that she’d accidentally seen Lydia naked.

  2. your character Aurora and my character Leo, who also sees dead people and related things, would get along well.


Perhaps they’re in the same universe O_o


dramatic music plays the plot thickens

how did Aurora come across her ability? Usually people die before they see ~ghosties~, I’m still trying to decide how Leo does it since she hasn’t died or had a near death experience.


Same here. I figured I would come up with something as I went


Trying to be original with a trope that’s been used half a million times is difficult :sweat: lol


For sure :sweat_smile:


I wrote that for my story and in my brit lit class


“Look right there! Her laught seemed worried, while her friend’s seems to be genuine laughter! She is scared!” said the Chief like he discovered fire for the first time

“Well, yes” said Valentina, “cameras are following you, in this era. I would be scared too. There are , like, thousands of variants, maybe they are both rebels but Isabel is a better actor, maybe Isabel is giving a better show because she is the rebel and Elena is simply scared. Or maybe you are right and Elena has something to hide”

“Hear me out, Agent Valentina” answered the Chief, “what are we Chileans good at? To laught off everything no matter how serious, if Isabel did nothing wrong, is logical for her to laugh even if she is scared of being arrested and tortured. But Elena… Elena is hiding something…”

Fernando raised his voice

“So, chief, we have a suspect?”

“Yes, send 3 police teams to School 6241, orders: Arrest and interrogate Elena, unconfirmed suspect, so dont hurt her too much”

“Aye” said Fernando

Valentina couldnt believe what she was hearing

“That wouldnt hold up in court” commented Valentina

“Courts no longer exist, you should know that by now” the Chief said while laughning


Melissa Anderson in Ch 5 of “Three Day Rental” -

During last period, my English teacher announced that we would begin to work on “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead” by Tom Stoppard. She said, “It’s an absurdist tragicomedy.”

(Which pretty much sums up the teenaged experience, so I can understand why she assigned it)

As she handed the paperbacks out, she added, “The nice thing about this story is that it’s one in which the bit players take the lead.”

At this point there were quite a few audible groans in the room. Probably because while it’s a nice idea that the supporting players get a chance to headline, that never really happens in high school… There are always a few shining stars that capture all of the accolades and a few devastating black holes that suck up all of the concern. And everyone else in between those extremes just kind of floats around in the dark, without getting a passing glance through the telescope’s lens.


-Victoria “Vickie” Waters from Just The Two Of Us chapter 1


“If it isn’t the slaves…My, my, you are still such an ugly bunch.”

“How about I torture you , then? Will you beg me to stop, Eleanor? Or will you even have time to scream ?”

“Oh, I can’t wait to kill her…Not quickly, of course. I want her to hear the screams of her Entachthikan beloved before she chokes out her final breath. I want her to feel the pain I felt when she left me at the mercy of that damned Brotherhood. I want her to suffer .”

“Yes…Leave my daughter to me. I want to see her blood stain the ground by my hand. Understood?”

-Lamia Majikku, The Legend of the Moonflower Princess


“If you don’t stop worrying, I will put my gladius through your gut.” Colt faced Leo who had a hand resting on the hilt of one of his swords. He gave him a slightly softer look. “She’s fine. We would know if she was in trouble.”

Colt huffed a laugh. “Yeah. There would probably be a large explosion.”


“It’s not the world we should blame, it’s the people in the world we should forgive.” - Dmitri Belyonavichi, CAMBION

“I dream of seeing a field of flowers someday. Every time I read about them in the books, they make me jealous. Poisonous, quirky, or bright, intimidating, I don’t care… At the end of it all, they are beautiful in their own way.” - Emperor Izia, CAMBION

“To judge someone is to judge yourself.” - Dmitri Belyonavichi, CAMBION

“If you cannot handle dealing with an entire country, deal with only one. Yourself.” - Ratesh Tahmilan, CAMBION


“I look like hell, but at the same time, I’ve never looked so good.” -Karma, dumb students doing dumb things