“Research!? What is this? A project? Do I have to write a proposal before execution too?” - Park Jinyoung

I actually like this line a lot bc of the context.


“I doubt he is surprised,” Ben responded absently. “Seeing as he’s dead.”
~How to Solve a Murder and Fall in Love


Feels like wiser words have rarely been spoken. xD


inhales deeply DMITRI!!



Dmitri sexily dabs away.




omg thats rly funny xD


“You watch… anime?” - Yuki (Trapped Reality)
oof you may not get it because in later in the book(I haven’t written a lot since I’m new here) she’s like the only person other than her * cough cough * soon *cough cough * to be love interest who likes anime lol




Oh my god, did I have sex with him? -Lana

I’m sorry I can’t remember you Sammy-Lana

“I actually thought you’d slap him, the old Lana would have done it”- Daniel


“No sweetie, what have you done?” - Baldwin

“While you worry about dreams, I worry about our lives.” - Blossom

“I missed cause I care, Cos.” - Blossom

“Cadet Ned? No wonder, you suck at your job, mate.” - Hans

“If you are staring at my ass, I will shoot you in your balls!” - Blossom

Some of the quotes I can easily find rn xD


This is great lol


Haha thank you so much!

@TalesWithTana xD Thanks it’s one of my favs.


Rieka: Wow, you’re ticking all the boxes, huh?
Rory: What?
Rieka: Gay, disabled, and an orphan. The antisects would love you.
Rory:…Okay, first of all–


Bahahha. That made me laugh out loud.


If you are staring at my ass, I will shoot you in your balls… xD


She is serious, Blossom doesn’t hesitate to use her arrow and bow xD


lol Rory made it to the oppression olympics but only placed 11th due to the fact that he has a penis.


But you … said the dudes name…so u do remember him? Or are you just being sassy?


Where’s the rest of it?!