Looks weird outside of context of the story haha


It’s funnier cut-off, but if it were to continue it might go something like this;
Rory: I’m not disabled, my prosthetics give me full range of motion.
Rieka: Your fake leg is broken right now–
Rory: Anyone can break their leg.
Rieka: --and a metal corset is keeping your organs from popping out.
Rory: That’s not-- it doesn’t–…whatever. I’m not gay either.
Rieka, a girl: Ohh, so you like girls, too. That is interesting.
Rory: You’re impossible.
Rieka: I’ve been told.


I like the fact that Rory is trying to deny everything Rieka is saying lol

What does that have to do with everything



him being pedantic bc him annoyed


“I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t, so I might as well love you till the day I die.”




It must be lonely not having someone to love and someone to love you in return. I really do feel sorry for you. And you’re right; all the criticism I send your way does mirror my actions, but the difference between you and I, is that I admit I’ve been an ass, but you… Sasha, I honestly hope that your body holds til your ninety because really that’s all you do have to offer. You lack substance. If all this was really a game to you, what really have you won?


“she stares at my bald spot.”


“Ray, if I get the President to back this, it will not be enough for there to be no skeletons in the closet. There cannot be so much as a dog bone in the closet, am I clear?”


This is from the planning of my book Atropos: Without a Trace because I tend to think of dialogue scenarios before I actually know what’s happening in the plot

“I just want to live. I want to pause time and stop for a moment. I want to stop all this chaos, just to take a moment and live on this beautiful, this dying, planet. Without disturbance and without a cause for stress. I want to stop anticipating the future and just appreciate now because we don’t have much of it left.”


Cyrus: “You’re – Doll, right?”
Doll: (dangerously light tone) “Call me that again and I kill you.”

There’s a whole hilarious scene along with this but I can’t transpose it all here right now. :rofl::sunglasses:


Aurin: “This won’t mean much coming from me, but… isn’t it up to you to decide?”

Angela: “Huh?”

Aurin: “So life’s dealt you a shitty hand… again, and again. That’s what it does, Angela. Take a number and get in line with the rest of us. You’ve spent your entire existence letting yourself be defined by other things, what other people think of you… But you always have a chance to be who you want to be. You alone have the power to break out of the circumstances that bind you.”

Angela: “It’s weird. That sounds almost like non-advice that completely discounts my experiences, but… none of that ever occurred to me. I guess I really am just overly self-centered.”

Kind of lame out of context I guess :joy:




“I always look delicious. Are you sure you don’t want some of this sugar?” ~ Paxon Reeves

“Oh, I mean what’s up? No I mean hi. Actually, how are you?” ~ Joey Montoya


Amneris turned to Leo who was standing behind her with Jay, gaping. She gave him a flat look. “Why didn’t you bring my army?”

He snapped out of his daze. “You mean my army. I am the general.”

“I’m the queen. I outrank you by far.”

He huffed, suddenly very interested in his swords.


Sorry I’m diabetic Jk




A war is about to happen and all you can think of is competition


Yeah, that sums their relationship up


“First off…” Kroy waved a finger in front of Major’s face. “How are you in love with her? You have so much to live for. Women like her don’t grow from trees, they swing from them. Or, in your wife’s case, they drop from them.” Kroy leaned back in his chair and peered up at the ceiling with a small smile. “Major, if there’s one good thing about your wife, it’s that her face is not as ugly as her body. You married a cow.”