From The Forgotten War:

  • He retreated a step but pushed the tip of his sword to my throat. I placed a finger on the blade, lowering it. “Yeah, that ain’t gonna stop me.”

  • “Hello, father. Have you missed your wonderful daughter?” No reply. I clicked my tongue. “Pity. Perhaps I should just murder everyone in this room and make a run for it before you throw me out. That would be fun.” Stifled cries sounded around the room as more guards surrounded me. I laughed. “Oh, relax. It was just a joke. Or was it?”

  • “Play nice, sister,” Assar smirked. “That tongue could get you killed.”

I placed a hand over my heart in mock outrage. “You dare doubt my power. You remember the hole?” I pointed over my shoulder to the now-fixed wall. “Even I didn’t know I could do that. Who knows how far that guy went. Not that I care, of course. He did try to kill you. For all I know, he’s splattered on a large rock.” I grinned. “That would look beautiful, don’t you think?”

  • “I’m glad you find my currently out of control powers ‘cool’,” I said flatly, crossing my arms.

  • A bell was rung – the signal to begin. The man took up a fighting stance while I remanded in a casual one, assessing him and all the spots he had left exposed. I sighed. This will be no fun. I called out to the Organiser who was now standing at the side of the Pit . “You said you’d get me someone good !” The man in front of me bristled, going red. “This guy’s an amateur.”

The Organiser called down to me. “Our best tonight is a tough one. Though I would give you a warmup.” I swore violently enough that he started laughing.


Waht XD

Oi. She’s like that apple that fell on Issac Newton’s head. Your lucky she didn’t fell on you

Hey! Respect women you radish! All women are beautiful


warning: language

“To us, this Loony-Toon with too much time on his hands was called Hop-Scotch. To the faculty and staff and our parents: Vice Principal Lennox. And one wily son of a bitch. No bullshit. The man could snake through air vents. Conquer a flight in a blink. Mold into the most conspicuous spaces inconspicuously. In a name, he was my reality’s Solid Snake—minus the epic tragic backstory and not possessing a flake of Snake’s badassery (also: fuck Konomi). And boy wouldn’t it thicken his dick to see me walking out a janitor’s closet all antsy and disheveled right now. If he did pop out—wild-eyed, belly-flopping, and jabbing a stubby sausage finger in my face yelling, “I got you Knight! Da-ha-ha-ha!”—he’d be sorely disappointed.”-- Dare Knight, #slipperySLOPE


“Sometimes, the things you want to forget comes rushing back to you over and over again.”

“It’s easy to ignore people. But how does one get away from one’s own thoughts. It always chased my peace, even in my dreams.”


She gave Leo a small wave. He did not even bother sitting up as he gave her his ‘obviously pissed’ look. “It’s nine in the morning. Go away,” he muttered in Lyriumian.

General indeed. Sorry, Leo," she started. “But I have a friend of Tara’s who is willing to help us in our cause.”

This got his attention. He sat up, running a hand through his long obsidian hair and rubbed his eyes. “You got a what to do what?” he asked dumbly.

Amneris raised a hand to her head. “Go have your morning coffee and call me back.” He muttered something she knew she did not want to hear and hung up.


When the Sleeping Bird Sings:

“Y.ou got good ta.ste. Tol.stoy is of my fav.orites.” Just like every other girl’s. He replied with a slight smile, enough to reveal pearly white teeth that radiated against his warm complexion.
“Something magical has happened to me: like a dream when one feels frightened and creepy, and suddenly wakes up to the knowledge that no such terrors exist. I have wakened up.” It comes from under his breath.
“Pardon?” Refusing to look at him, I busied myself by putting the book in a bag.
“One of my favorite quotes from the book,” he said, while sliding a ten and a five across the tabletop.
“Right.,” I nodded as I picked up the money.
“Keep the change.”
“This one I definitely won’t be returning.” -Bryn Quinby and Mr. leather jacket


Quote 1 Reina jumped in between the two boys. “Touch him and I’ll make abstract art with your mommy’s antique vases,” she warned in an overly cheery voice.

Quote 2 I laughed, surprised at the time it had taken me to connect the dots. In the corner of my eye, Jack was giving me an emergency expression which I conveniently ignored. “What a coincidence. You’ve been in this business for around 40 years, right? That’s right about the time of the Stonefield Massacre.”

All quotes from Two Can Keep A Secret


Star Wars Fanfic Quote:

Mom with the bogged kiss! We cannot let me to tell me.

Shakespearean quotes:

I with music make a scab sing
Bending each touch surer, Milford, as he did.

He’s healed so much he is to be beaten: I’ll dance.

by Aurora, AI writer

For more stuffs that don’t make sense written by a bot, feel free to take a look at Aurora’s Notebook (in my profile).


"If you don’t keep your head, you will lose your head, " Elizabeth from Those Blue Eyes.


‘Something in particular caught her attention. Colt was holding his swords up against Tara who was quite literally seated on her high horse.’


Steffen from Igniting Spark.

“He claims you guys just have a very good friendship going on. Well to that I say; Friendship my ass, you guys need to get over yourselves and just kiss already.”


Steffens knows what’s good


“Mom, where’s dad?”

“He must be somewhere around here.”

“Allisa, honey. Where are my canvas stands?”

“See, he’s somewhere around here.” She yelled to her husband, “honey, I put those in the closet in the garbage!”

Her husband walked into the dinning room. “Did just say the garbage?”

“Honey, I meant the Garage.”

“Don’t use that excuse that you forgot English.”

“Dad, you know mom’s sentence does not even make sense. That sentence is grammatically incorrect.”

“I know what she means, son.”



  • “Patience and perseverance are the best allies of Time.” [ Kozoro ]

  • “This smell… This perfume of lies, of villainy… This pact that flows in your veins, this damned bond… Everything in you inspires me only blame and mistrust. Don’t you understand? What I feel in you is him ! Your whole being only reflects his infamous heritage. You’re its vector, and you want me to trust you? Enough… Enough! No more lies! No more trouble!” [ Kozoro ]

  • “Why do I have to torture my mind so much?” [ Beran ]

  • “Release him immediately, otherwise, I only have to make a gesture to tear off your arm!”
    [ Beran ]

  • “I want to face the one I deserve to kill.” [ Rakovina ]

  • “I’ve never guaranteed that I wouldn’t pursue you…” [ Rakovina ]

  • “I’m only listening to your desire.” [ Rakovina ]

  • “In the old days, we were both bound by our admiration for Father. But in the end, only one of us was really loyal to him.” [ Panna ]

  • “You will not take my place. Today, it’s me that Father loves the most! And unlike you, I really love him!” [ Panna ]

  • “The mouth can lie, but the eyes can’t hide the truth !” [ Panna ]

  • “I’m not arrogance, I’m justice.” [ Vahy ]

  • “Love is a very powerful, but double-edged feeling… I can only hope that he’ll finally find peace when Kozoro will come back to us. Just as I wish it for you when my time will come.” [ Styr ]

  • “Don’t blame them, they don’t know anything.” [ Sterel ]

  • “Do I need a reason to glorify you, my beloved ?” [ Vodnar ]

  • “If you could avoid making me forget how beautiful I am and spare my face, I would be very grateful!” [ Ryby ]

  • “What would I be without beauty ? What would beauty be without me ?” [ Ryby ]

  • “Fate had nothing to do with it. I just had the chance to win my place for this trip, and to stay alive until now.” [ Ophiuchus ]

  • “I can’t blame her for falling into their trap, and you shouldn’t either. We have no right to deprive her of her family any longer! In spite of what she did, she’s my daughter, and I will always love her.” [ Ophiuchus ]

[ Ophiuchus ] “What were you playing to? You could have killed her!”

[ Had ] “Of course not, I knew what I was doing. You know me, come on.”

[ Ophiuchus ] “Exactly, I know you too well. You took a thoughtless risk, and without my consent. You should have consulted me before undertaking such a maneuver!”

[ Had ] “The important thing is that she came back, right? Isn’t that what you wanted, Ophiuchus?”


You should see my male lead.

He pushed his own love interest down to a waterfall.

What a loving man.


Radish :joy:


True love at its peak

Why did he do that though?


Another quote (by a human this time):

“I want an answer… an answer from God. Why would a girl - who feared God and mortals alike - kill a man not for love, not for revenge, nor for fortune, but simply to devour his flesh?”

Where Eggs Bleed Brimstone (coming soon… hopefully)

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The female lead pushed him off a cliff. Probably even worse than being pushed off at the top of a waterfall.

The female lead keeps complaining about how he seems to be getting all the glory so he just straight up said, “alright. You want equality. Here you go.” :joy:

Note: These two characters are actually very sturdy. This was the only time the male lead was ever savage to his love interest. He meant to push her as a joke.


How generous

Poor girl, tho.