the line made it but don’t know when to use it
" I thought that I’m my own knight in the shining armor but turned out that I’m nothing but a damsel in distress "


She kinda deserved it, though.

He just went with what she said and treated her with the respect she wanted. He’s also fairly annoyed by her usual nagging even though he’s just doing his job. She’s annoyed by the fact he’s rather childish and immature and she had to always clean up his mess.

At the end of it all, they both need each other. This was just a phase where they were a bit in denial, haha.


Yeah, that makes more sense. They remind me of some cute anime couples.

Hope she survived the fall though.


Well, isn’t he a keeper?


I love this line so much


If you want a man who knows you’re a strong independent woman who can handle everything. There you go, he’s the man.

Male lead is happy-go-lucky, female lead is serious. She loses her stuff, he finds them for her. He loses his way, she finds him. Pfft.


“Ugh. What do you care about this no-lifer, Nat?! He could have seen something!” - Michell to Nat when she is about to break someone’s neck but Nat stops her.


From Cambion :

Greta: -Places a massive book that’s all about Cambions on the library counter.-

Dmitri: Ugh… You’re going to make me feel naked after reading that thing.

Greta: Good.

Jun: Oh, I like her.


I don’t even know what’s happening here, but I laughed. XD


The male lead is infamous for being a Cambion in the story(thus, the title implies). He knows there’s going to be examples of Cambions in the book, especially him. Because he’s famous.

Just imagine being an extremely famous person and someone googles your name or something like “does she eat like a normal person” or something. :joy: It would feel rather creepy.


oh my. yes. that is creepy.


Those are the type of male characters I write anyway. LOL


“I have read too many horror stories to know that if I don’t call the police and have a knife in hand that I will be the common white girl that gets slaughtered in every horror movie ever.”



Male MC/Love Interest: “Do you even know who I am?”

Female MC/Love interest. “Why?” She cocked her head. “Have you forgotten yourself?”


This sounds like a sick roast for some reason. :joy:


My response to the Male/Mc love interest would be,“Someone with an incredibly inflated ego?”


The male MC is a wealthy heir and is famous. And Hyo-min is new in town and doesn’t know him. Also: he skipped the line at Starbucks and took the last two remaining cheese Danishes.


That could be it too. :joy:

Thanks for adding in my thought.


Another one from Cambion with the same leads lol:

Greta: Why is he the distraction!?

Lyko: You’re just as strong as him, your attacks are less messier and better for infiltration. Besides, you’re uncharismatic, bossy, and the stiffest woman I’ve ever seen.

Greta: Excuse me, sir!?

Lyko: Plus his butt is better than yours. No offense.


Darn. This guy—