The girl’s eyes opened weakly, and looked up at Eld.

“What is your name?” Eld asked her.

The child croaked for a moment, then cleared her throat. “Aegis. Aegis Alcoleiz.”

“Not any more it isn’t,” Eld said to her, and looked down at her. He watched the tears forming in her eyes. “That person is dead. Do you understand?”


I haven’t written this book yet (and probably won’t for a long time), but this line of dialogue has always stood out to me for some reason:

Odette set the sword down carefully on the table. “Now that you’re awake, you’d probably like to know why I’d haul you out to a cottage on a hill.”

Tate narrowed his eyes. “Yes, I would - if you’d care to elaborate.”

Her eyes sparkled. “Well, I’d love to, except I can’t. I would never buy a cottage on a hill. Seems to attract all the dangerous weather, you know? So instead, we have a goat farm. Hope that doesn’t detract from the experience.”


woah, chills…


This is actually from the sequel to my book! If you knew the context, you’d freak!


Wow! This is a VERY rough draft from the third book in a trilogy I’m writing. The only explanation is that our minds must be linked together :wink:


Series writers unite!

I don’t know that I’m going to stop at a trilogy, hence why I’m referring it as a saga for now.


“Aurin,” Angela said, and walked over. She crouched down by him, and touched his face with a gentle hand. “You’re too injured, and if you push things too far, you could get yourself killed.”

“I’m fine,” Aurin said, and took Angela’s hand away with a slight squeeze. “I just need some fresh air.”

Angela sat down next to him on the ground, and sighed. “Okay. Just promise me you’re going to take it easy, if you’re going to be out and about.”

“Sure,” he said. Angela socked him in the calf, and he chuckled with pain. “Ow! What the hell!”

“Don’t be a dick,” Angela growled. “I’m looking out for you. We’re all we got, remember?”


“Let’s throw Nathan Sharp in the river.”

Dead silence. Nothing but the sound of Nate’s heart taking off and falling apart.

“Wh…what?” Caleb finally managed to choke out a sentence.

“I want us to throw him in the river. Right now.” Jonathan’s voice sounded cold and hollow, like the wind on a snowy day. “Now’s our chance. There’s a path that ends just a few miles away—it’ll lead us to the water. We won’t get a chance like this again.”

Whipping his head to the side, Nate tried to peer through the murky darkness covering the horizon outside his window, hoping to make out a familiar street or road that signified how close he was to home. After a short period of frustration, his tired mind finally figured it out:

The whole time, Jonathan had been driving them to the middle of nowhere, and Nate had been too preoccupied with pretending to be asleep to bother looking out any of the goddamn windows.

Oh, shit.

“What the fuck, Jonathan?” screeched Caleb, swearing for the first time that evening. “Are you fucking serious?”

“Shut your fucking loud mouth,” ordered Jonathan, grabbing Caleb by the shirt. “I will not let you ruin this for me, do you understand?”

“You can’t do this!” Caleb protested, pulling away from Jonathan’s tight grip. “Not after you hurt Will. How on earth can you say that Nate’s the insane one in this situation?”

“Oh, come on, Caleb,” Jonathan shot back. “Maybe I’m not the nicest person in your book after treating Will the way he deserved, but let’s be honest here, because of me, you have a job, Jessica has a beating heart, and I have a following. At least Sharp’s death would be a benefit to humankind.” A sadistic grin formed on his lips. “Besides, he tried so hard to kill himself anyway. Perhaps we can be of some assistance to his cause.”


No one takes away Park Hyo-Min’s cheese Danishes. He has celebrity privilege, and she put him–and his fan girls–in place. LOL


He’s really not that bad, honestly. He just didn’t expect Hyo-Min to call him out. LOL


This is from the first chapter of MAID FOR HIM:

“Ugh! If that Wet-Sock calls me his ‘Little Cocoa Bean’ one more time, Thick. One. More. Freaking. Time. I’m going to plaster his usual all on that bloated, wrinkly slab of blab he calls a face.”

Park Hyo-Min, busy pinning three orders across the line, glanced over a shoulder and cringed at her best friend and co-worker Odette Marshall. Both in three-inch heels, Odette still stood a head taller than Hyo-Min, her violet Senegalese twists trailing down her back and shoulders complementing her skin that was, as so elegantly put by Mr. Sterling, the hue of fresh ground cocoa. Her expression was grave on her pretty face, soft lines hardened with distain.

Hyo-Min quirked a brow; faced Odette properly. Carefully she asked, “Mr. Sterling?”

Odette’s mouth twitched. “Yeah. Mr. Fucking-I-have-the-World-at-the-Tip-of-My-Saggy-Wraggly-Dick-Sterling.” Hyo-Min just blinked, her other brow now matching the quirked one. “I know. I know,” Odette said with a head shake, her twists casting glints of violet off the chandelier lights. “Thought the old bastard was dead too.”

Jaw-drop. “Odette!”

“What? Oh and drop the look. You were totally thinking it.”


“If it only costs 5 bucks, then it probably has some horrible bacteria in the water. We’re already living inside a car, Vickie, we can’t afford any medical bills. Plus, they’ll hold us captive until Fredrick and Rebecca come get us. Maybe we can just go to the pool that’s outside. There’s a lot of people out there.”
-Natalie Waters, Just The Two Of Us


“You feel liable because it was your doing but you have to understand, what would have happened if you didn’t drain my life force? Think these temporary injuries compare to dying? You have to understand we aren’t invincible physically… but I guess I forget about the mental part as well”~ Oliver Hope


Where was Dmitri when this happened


Dmitri and Greta were both in a tropical country.

It was just his way of revenge after Greta pushed him off a cliff.


“baaaaa” -Black Bird


The hell? You do they hurt each other


Baba black sheep have you any wool


Both of them are rather sturdy and dynamic characters.

Besides, she declared she wanted an equal treatment with him since it felt like he’s been “saving” her a lot. Dmitri was being too soft with her even at the beginning where she clearly tried to kill him before marching off and going on an adventure together. So he kinda just went, “equality. Alright. Here you go.” :joy:


Hey, this is fun. Early on in mine:

Lidah: The oracle didn’t say! Go to this land, she said, seek out this person! I thought all I had to do was follow the directions and it would all work out! She didn’t say he’d have a whole history and life of his own!

Galen: Most folks do have lives of their own. Leastways, those who don’t aren’t doing much traveling nohow.