Oh ma god Dmitri NoO XD WTH
Gender equality is his jam I guess


That’s the only time Dmitri was ever really savage to her though, lol. He never does things without anyone’s consent. Since she gave him the freedom to be in the same terms, two can play this game.

The female lead has a bit of an ego, so she really deserved it anyways. :joy:


Dmitri enjoyed himself huh?


Revenge is sweet. :joy:


Indeed it is. I wish I could share that sweet fruit of revenge;-;


“It is not forever that I fear, Noranda. It is the time between then and now that bothers me most.” ~ Lord Hedric, Daughters of Fate … soon to be published Chapter 9.


This reminds me of the original Ghostbusters …


A little diologue between two characters in my book (set in a dystopian future of America) that I was particularly proud of :’)

"Kit pauses a moment, wondering how much he can safely say. “Sir-” He opens his mouth, closes it, then opens it again. “Why do we even want control of Indonesia? I mean, I’m all for promoting the American way of life abroad, bringing democracy to the world, but I just don’t get the angle.”

Major Braun takes another swig before speaking. “It’s the principle of it, Kittredge! It’s not really about who controls Indonesia. I mean, all its resources we already have from the other colonies of the American Republic. But you know that. No, what we’re really after, the true goal, is to show the world that communism is the failed ideology. That it’s antiquated, dying out, doomed to lose every battle.”

“But, sir, that’s just not-”

Major Braun laughs. “Of course it’s not true! But you need to remember, son. Truth can be controlled. Truth is in the eye of the beholder. By winning the wars, we make our own truth. We project an image, which then comes to be fixed. An image that determines the public opinion. And that, in turn, changes things in our favor. It’s really sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy.” He winks. “And that is the key to the Republic’s power.”




(Just wrote this and thought it was funny lol)

“Checkmate” said Claudio while making the last rook move

“Damn it” commented Isabel, “I haven’t played chess… since The Change I think”

“That’s a long time” said Claudio while laughning

“Yes, also I remember whites moved first”

“The Authority changed the rules after The Change, now Black moves first” said Claudio, while arranging the board for another game

“Why? Was it neccesary?”

Claudio let out a laught

“The answer to any ‘why the Authority made this unnecesary thing’ question is: Because they could. The Authority does stuff because they can”

Isabel laughned

“Good point”

“Pawn to E5” said Claudio while moving the black pawn


I like the way you think


Thanks :joy: Your username says it all


My dystopia is quite similar, but it doesn’t pretend to be a democracy at any point, their propaganda says it several times during the novel, “We are not communist, we are not fascist, we are not democratic nor capitalist. We can not be defined by Old World Politics. We are the Authority”


Sounds cool! Let’s support each other as fellow dystopian writers~ My story is based on the idea that the cold war never ended, so everyone speaks in terms of old, somewhat irrelevelant political ideologies


That sounds really cool! Cold war never ending is one of my favorite settings

My dystopia is about a Global Government, their existence howerer was sudden. They arrived and eliminated all Old World nations. This might sound like lazy backstory but it’s incredibly important, because one must remember that almost everybody here is at shock after such a sudden political change. Just their arrival also landed 500 million deads in the first few weeks, which made people more willing to not attempt anything stupid


That sounds interesting! I’ve always thought about whether or not a global government was possible, and what the consequences would be


Jesus, that’s intense! I’m 100% interested now!


Always work with hierarchies

While a lot of stuff are direct orders by Global, most of what happens in the character’s lives are administered by the Chilean Local Authority, leaded by Governor Gabriel. Their area is also governed in hierarchy by the Metropolitan Region Governance, Glorious Council of the City of Santiago and the District Mayors of the different areas of the city. When things are so hierarchized, governing large areas of terrain (Like the entire world) is suddenly easy. Global gives some orders on how they want stuff, and around a million of other people take care of carrying it out around the entire world


It’s more of a text than a quote. Enjoy!

TechnoGirl: Look, just leave me alone. I don’t like you. I don’t care about you. I don’t care to know anything about you. What I will say I care about, is that you get out of my life. Stop talking to me and stop thinking that I’ll ever like you because it’ll never happen. Ever. Get that through your head. You’re an egotistical, arrogant, big-headed, impolite, narrow-minded asshole. You’re the type of person that makes me wish I was never here in the world because all you do is plague it. So, just know that I’d rather DIE than have someone like you in my life. Do you get it now? Do you understand that I don’t want to be bothered by you?

The other person’s reply:

TheEmperor: …So, that’s how you really feel?..Well…don’t worry! I can change how you feel about me! After all, like I said, no one can resist my wonderful charm!


Thanks! The villain’s name is Kane Gin Shita, by the way.