I’ve been stalking this threat but I think I’ll finally contribute. This is a snippet from Chapter 19.

Essien continued to stare out the entrance into the stadium. After a few seconds, he spoke. “It’s alright. I was tripping anyway. Let’s just win this fight.” There was a tinge of humor in his smile.

Marshall patted him on the back. “Let’s get these granola bars.”

“It’s ‘let’s get this bread.’”

“Same difference.”

And this is from a little later in the chapter.

Marshall felt butterflies surface in the pit of his stomach. Allowing him to fight Sienna seemed like a terrible choice. There was no way it could end well. Still, he bit his tongue. “Alright. I believe in you.”

“Sweet. Let’s get these granola bars.”

“Oh, but you corrected me when I said it.”


From chapter 40 of The Legend of the Moonflower Princess:

“I am Yasahiro,” they introduced themself, “I am the Mystic of Blossom River. I attempted to contact you through the Tamashi of your war fans in White Mountain, but you had not yet connected to them then. The only reason I am able to speak to you now is because you nearly killed yourself.”


“Brave words for a man staring death in the face. I expected more from you,” she taunted. His guards inched forward cautiously. “Call off your men. Or we die together.”

sub-general Cassandra Nightwing, Daughters of Fate, Chapter 9


“I’m not about to be chained to a man who’s used to getting his way. For what? His swollen abs and flowing hair? I don’t care if he’s the prince of England, if he’s smart he’ll stay out of my face.”

  • Jaylynn


“Don’t worry, Waterburn. She deserves it after what she’s gone through. Besides… She’s gonna be a princess soon ‘nough, anyways. Without needin’ to marry a prince.” - General Argona (Masquerade)


Granola bars :rofl:


I found Tali standing near her bed. I had not expected to see her this way. She was wearing a simple dress as always, but there was linen wrapped around her hands and bare feet. Her hair was up and out of her face. Her eyes were closed. She held her dagger in one hand, moving it along with the rest of her body in slow and fluid movements. I could not help but watch her. She opened her eyes, glancing at me momentarily, before continuing her dance. That is what it reminds me of. She was fighting against an invisible opponent. She raised her arms slowly and brought them to her sides at the same speed while bringing one foot up into a slow kick. She spun, bringing her foot back down to the ground and pushing out with her armed hand. Her movements continued for a long while. I stood there the whole time, unable to do anything but watch her movements.


Wattpad chat exchange between my two MCs in my first ever completed book.


Ok. But Shaun, just one thing.


What’s that, Sal?


Please don’t kill him. Whatever your “work” is, I don’t want to have to lie to Interpol about your whereabouts after McAllister’s unexpected disappearance. 


I won’t lie to you Sally, that is exactly what I want to do… And nothing would make me feel better than to stab him some hundred times… But don’t worry, I won’t. I promise. 

Besides, I thought we’d already established I’m not part of the Colombian guerilla.


That doesn’t rule out the mafia…


Touché, but we don’t call them mafia here. They’re British firms.


Tuh-MEI-tow, Tuh-MAA-tow. Same shit.


“They named me the Forest Wrath upon my birth! After I slew a bear on my fourteenth name day I reaffirmed the name given to me. I am the Slayer of King Barantoon! I am the Beast of Mortok Pass! And I will not allow low-grade knife-eared bastard like yourself to terrorize any more towns!”

The chimera No while facing an Anadori mage in my novelette [The Kindred Spirits].


“Everybody has a place in the world, everyone else just happens to want mine.”

This is from one of my stories that isn’t published yet.


“Why do you resist me ?” he asked again, an edge to his voice now that spelled potential danger, “I could give you everything . And yet you spurn me . Me , for that pathetic spirit that I could easily reach out and tear into a thousand. bloody. pieces . I can hear your soul call for him now, wanting him to be near while I am so close to you. Are you afraid of me, Eleanor ?”

-Kane Gin Shita, The Legend of the Moonflower Princess


Another chat conversation between my two MCs Shaun and Sally:

Just_me , three minutes ago

Thanks for adding my book to your reading list. Now that you can’t avoid me since I’m stuck in your inbox messages and will keep haunting it until you answer. evil laugh Do you mind if I ask you how old are you?


You really are an annoying writer… why do you want to know so much?


I like mysteries, and right now, you’re the closest to one. Besides, I shared with you my age, why not share with me yours?


Because, Sir Shaun, it is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS… And I didn’t ask for your age. You blurted it out.


I have a feeling you’re 25. Am I right?


Persistent, aren’t we? -_-


You have no idea. 26?


You’ll eventually get tired of this silly banter.


Wanna bet? 27?


Sighs… Warm…


Now we’re getting somewhere. Clasps hands together excitedly. 29?






Hot… but that’s not it.




Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner…


31 is not that old. You are still capable of reproducing cute-named-Andromedian babies. In my book, that’s still being young.


Awkward silence… Do you make everyone you know feel awkward or am I special in some way?


We can say you’re special. ;D


Is it bad that I laughed? Hey, everybody wants something from something but this sounds like everyone wants this character’s position?


No? I don’t know to be honest. :joy:

Not necessarily her position, but the power she has.


Oh no. That does NOT sound good. @wildwolf708 please protect


I can protect her in herself (physically, at times) I don’t know about her heart and the people around her though.








Do you have a better idea that will make it so the story plot/line goes on?