Your character(s) find out you're their god and ask why you did this to them and forced them through their story, what do you say back?

So your character (or characters, feel free to do more than one) have just learned that you are their God. Based on your knowledge of their characteristics and traits, how do they respond and what do you say back to them?
Do they assault or attack you for some horrific thing you let happen to them in their past (i.e. loss of a child or a horrifically abusive childhood?) or do they bow down to you and beg you to do something for them or change them or even praise you for what you’ve done for them and turned them into?
I’ll start off:

Neona Taft: You are a flawed and broken character and an utterly despicable and selfish person who believed that she could attain redemption by raising a wolf pup and finally making something in the world truly pure, innocent and free of your corruption, completely untainted by your own self-centred hatred and destructive tendencies. I would honestly be inclined to feel bad for you for all of your mother’s death when you were a girl, your suffering through your broken engagement and the loss of your child shortly after childbirth if you weren’t just such a truly fucking terrible person and a real whore of a woman who believes that everyone is a tool for sex and a means to an ends for temporary pleasure. And I didn’t kill you because I am not finished you. You’re completely right, you haven’t atoned for all your sins yet. Not yet. Get ready Neona, because you and I have a long road ahead.

Det. Jensyn: I didn’t abandon you when you were a child. When you were being shuffled around orphanages and Catholic Boy’s Homes and when the nun, Ellen was abusing you so bad that she left scars on your back, I was there with you the whole time, I caused it all…and I just didn’t bother to do anything. I didn’t bother to help in anyway, to change anything or to answer any of your prayers in the churches all those times, because you needed to become the man you were meant to be. You needed to break before you could become stronger. But I did bring Esther to you. I did give you your one lifeline and your ticket away from the life of crime and gangs in your youth. You can hate me as much as you want, but I did it all…to get you right here. And we have a MUCH longer way to go still, so I suggest you buckle up kid.

First, they wouldn’t!
Second, if they did come alive for a moment, they’d kill me for making them go through so much separation and misunderstandings.
Third, I would explain to them the need for me to write that story cuz a certain someone is very close to my heart and one of the character is modelled after him.

It was an accident. I swear the whole thing was an accident. You (points at Amneris) weren’t supposed to die and you (points at Assar) weren’t supposed to bring her back. It was supposed to be a happy story! Not immortals running around the multiverse. Though you have to admit it did turn out alright on the end, yes? No. Oh… I’ll just run for it now…

Naluma challenges me to combat by saber to solve this issue.

I break her legs. I send Luke to Snoke. I let Ben run wild.

And then we have a formal audience:

It is your destiny. You, like your father, are now mine. Muahahaha.

Don’t complain, or I’ll kill you off in the sequel. (Oops, too late)

Oh my character Genevieve would be PISSED with me. Not surprising; her story is kinda sad. I’d say to her that she does eventually get her happy ending; it just takes her longer to get it than others do.

“And wouldn’t it feel all the more great Genevieve if it felt like you earned it?”

“I don’t care J.E! You made me Jewish and an orphan during Hitler’s elections and give me a sadist bully for a future love interest?! Are you some sort of sadist?”

“You’re not real! Why are you giving me a hard time?!”

“Because!..maybe you should see a doctor…”

Damn. I might have 2 or more parts of posts because I have a lot of main characters. But, let’s go!

Abel: I made you because you are the character that I always wanted to be. You have good traits that I wanted to have, but you have bad traits that I actually have. Well your mom and your dad injected the black serum for 2 reasons, first because they must protect the black serum from Leo’s and Lucillius’ hands, second because they have faith that you’re the only one who’s strong enough to endure the darkness of that serum and the only good person who will use that dangerous power to save the world (even Cain who’s equal to you wouldn’t stand its power). I also put you on an adventure because you have the ability to make a lot of friends and also connect your friends each other, and that will be useful when you’re about to defeat Leo and Lucillius.

Dean: I know you have a lot of different traits with Abel, but the both of you have the same way of thinking, and Abel needs atleast one friend who knows the most of his needs, and of course he’ll also be the guy who knows you the most. Listen, even if Abel is the core in your universe, Abel will be nothing without your appearance, he’s nothing more than a potato if he doesn’t have a friend who will protect his ass without him knowing it like you.

Simon: Just as I expected, you’re not gonna complain for what I’ve done to you. You see boy, you’re the brain of the gang. You have the knowledge to be the doctor in the gang, and you have the best cooking there. But that’s not the only thing, well your existence is the same as Dean, Abel’s nothing without you, he wouldn’t survive the world of social interactions if he doesn’t have a friend who will patiently calm him down from his high level of envious and rage, even though that you ended up being the guy who also have the role to stop Dean and Tara everytime they fight. But guess what? Not only Abel, Ursula would also become nothing if it’s not because of your patience that would face her dishonest feelings (trust me, anyone besides Simon will probably just get pissed off by this).

Tara: You know something? You’re the person that Abel fall in love with. You seem to be upset that you’re the dumbest person in the gang, but your cheerfulness is second to none. Don’t be scared if no one will not love you because you’re dumb, truth to be told Abel loves you more if you’re dumb (because he wants a gf who’s not smarter than him). Plus, your cheerfulness is the world’s cheerfulness as well, everyone will get happy when you interact with them, and I also want you to do me a favor, please don’t be sad, everyone will be sad if you’re in the wrong mood, well I’m not forbidding you to be sad, but if you’re really sad you still have many precious friends and relatives who will happily cheer you up and get their clothes wet by your tears. I also want to tell that Abel’s nothing more than a lonely man without your appearence, and vice versa, Abel will always be in the first line to hear you out, pat your head, or even get his clothes dirty by your tears. Well there’s also Dean and Simon, your cousins that will always love you as a family member, Chloe who has the touch of a mother and also your closest female friend, not to mention that you also have Melvin that will do anything for you (although Abel won’t allow this to happen lol).

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Characters from Frozen Flame: Why did you do this to us? Why did you make our lives a living hell and force so much pain on us?
Sylvia Shadow: (evil smile) How is this any different from all the things you’ve done?


Frozen Flame: You KNOW why we did that! This never would have happened if you had just let us have peaceful lives!
SS: And YOU know yourselves enough to be able to tell me exactly what would have happened. You would have tore yourselves apart if I hadn’t done what I did.
FF: No, we would have-
SS: I gave you your past, but you were the ones who made the choices. If you chose the wrong path, or the path that hurt the most, or the path you ended up regretting, don’t blame me. I gave you free will - your decisions are your own.
FF: I… I… You…
SS: Speechless?
FF: Never.
SS: Of course. I gave you an opportunity. Your past could be both a hindrance and a lynch point. It’s your choice.
FF: It’s our… What if we choose to rebel? To stand against you? To fight?
SS: Then by all means come and try. But remember, I just gave you a past, I didn’t make you choose anything - that was all you. I made you who you are, I gave you a past and I created you. The rest was all you.
FF: (silence, then) Then we choose to remain silent.
SS: Well, that’s a first.
FF: We choose to make our own decisions and follow our own paths, wherever that future may lead.
SS: Well, don’t get comfortable yet - it’s going to be a bumpy ride. But, I’m sure you’ll make it through. As you. You ready for it?
FF: No.
SS: Well, too bad. Here it comes…:blush:

Medora: Look girl, you’re the main character, but you do know you’re an impulsive, prideful bastard of a goblin, right? The Barnett siblings might have you now, but you playing the long game and you might be in hell now, but they got a Big Storm Coming TM. Be patient.

… and then I get the absolute shit beaten out of me.

oooohhhhh boy. Sorry? Yes I did kill your mom, but my mom is also dead, it’s called “catharsis”, Clover.


Me: I never asked for this. I gave you a power and you decided how to use it

Alfonso: YOU ARE NOT GOD THEN! [Soldiers proceed to try and arrest me after Alfonso does a hand sign] GOD COMMANDED ME TO CREATE A PERFECT WORLD, YOU ARE A FAKE!

MC: A God? You did this? Why?

Me: Is fun. Dance for me puppets. Dance.


Just like I am your God, there is also a God that is my God, and a God that is the God of my God. But there are Gods who have yet to find out about their Gods, and there is a God of Gods who does not know that there is no God above him. And you are also a God who has yet to find his followers, and for such reason you must go through hardship and challenges, for you will lead as many Gods as the God of Gods leads.

No foolish mortal would dare stand up to their God, but as soon as he becomes a God himself he would not stop until I become the God he writes the story for.


I don’t even fucking know if I fully followed that I think I got lost somewhere along the way but, good on ya anyway.

Madeleine: Sorry to make you stressed out but that’s how it is.

Leo: Cause Dylan can do that.

Dylan: Cause you can do that.

Suhendra: idk, they (his family) won’t survive that long anyways. not that relevant to the plot so, sorry. (Be my dad please)

Michael: at least you got a girlfriend, dude.

Lidya: at least you got a boyfriend, girl.

Adam: you got out from your house and met… stuff. And your twin.

Abram: sorry, my child. got haunted? that still normal. Maybe.

“Ah, this is awkward. This is going to sound rude, but… I didn’t think you were real?”

This did not console the Legion of Unimpressed Characters With Distressing Childhoods, Estranged Parents, and Other Miscellaneous Woes. “So, that’s the truth behind it all? It’s not a sadistic god, or a lack of a god, but an irresponsible one?”

The author thought that was a bit harsh; it was easy to judge now. “Well, I was just imagining stuff! Don’t tell me you’ve never imagined stuff? What if everything you’ve ever imagined has come true, just because you’ve imagined it?”

There was a pause, as everyone realised the implications. They all looked at each other.

Uh oh…

“If if has, then it’s your fault,” said one of the characters, quickly. “You’re imagining us imagining.”

“What if someone else is imagining me?” retorted the author. “If I’m responsible for my imaginings, you’re responsible for yours.”

“Hm, what happens if one of us imagines you?” asked a character. “Does it make a loop? Split off into another universe?”

“How do we know it’s limited to people?” said another, a physicist. “You’ve also imagined the world we inhabit, right? Oh, hey, did you ever sketch out the metaphysics?”

The author went pale. “I actually did imagine a thing, but it was just for a laugh, you’ve got to understand, I was thinking about the problem of induction and–”

“Oh no you didn’t,” said a character who had studied philosophy. “When did you–”

“Stop imagining!” gasped the physicist. But it was too late.

And that’s how at least one universe got destroyed accidentally.

“Because I can”
That’d be my only response


My four characters would have very different reactions. While Karen would try to attack me, Rebeca would stop her. Sheila would give me a cold stare the whole time and Jake would just be super confused, looking at me and then at Karen.

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Me= The Scribe
Character= Tork Jones

Tork Jones: You’re God? Like, the big one?

The Scribe: Nods Yes. Nervously, and quite sadly smiles

Tork Jones: So everything that happened. You did that. Did you always plan it that way?

The Scribe: No. Voice cracking I’m sorry, but you have to understand. I simply bring your story to live. What happened always was and always will be. That pain, I felt it too. I saw it all, and felt it all right there along side of you.

Tork Jones: Shakes his head No, if you’re God then you could have changed it. You could have stopped it all! They’re gone, my arm is gone, everything that could have been is gone! It’s all your fault! I’m a broken shell of a man because of you, and all you can say is sorry. Shaking his head with tear filled eyes You’re no God. You’re just a sad little coward hiding behind some kind of E199 book and pen.

All my characters: “YOu made us Suffer.”

Me: lol good

Misa: “I was okay with the average grades, the average life, and my lack of love life, but moving some perverted rich kid in my house was NOT the change I was looking for. Why did you do this?”

Me: It was time to see the world outside your usual scope. Plus, your original character idea was based on my life and if we kept it that way, there would be no story"