Your Character's Personality! (16 personalities test)

Have you taken the 16 personalities test with your character? I think that honestly helps you write them a lot, so I challenge you to take the test as your main character and share what they are here!

My MC is an ISTJ-A (or the Logistician)

Also, I’m an ESFJ-A :rofl:


I was legit thinking about doing this same thread after taking a personality test for my characters :laughing: I’ll be back in a bit with my MCs’ results :grin:


Could you link it below?

Hahaha! My MC is the same: the Logistician
Except I was torn on some answers for her cause it’s literally about her changing sooo … :sweat_smile: It’s like some would be different from beginning to end …

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here’s one

my mc’s an ENFP-A, the campaigner (I’m an INTP-A btw)

I use MBTI with almost every character that I write since it allows for an easier understanding of them. With that being said, in my novella Beloved: A Vampire Romance Novella, the MC Crown Prince Tobias is an INFJ-T. I myself am an ENFP-T.

Shard is ENFJ-T Protagonist, which this title is extremely ironic :joy: (the book legit opens with him abducting a ton of people) and Octavia is ISTJ-T Logistician


Natalia: ESFP-A - The Entertainer

Silas: ISTJ-A - The Logistician

Aries: ESTP-T - The Entrepreneur

and I’m an INFP :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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I’m also an INFP :smile: (Though very marginal on the ‘I’. It’s almost a 50/50 split)

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My MC is an INTP-T (just like me :joy:)


Yo Octavia and Ever would totally get along :rofl:

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That’s awesome! It’s not as complicated to write a character if you have the same personality

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You’d think so :joy: But we’re actually quite different. For starters, I’m not a psychotic murderer :joy:


If Octavia ever decided to come out and socialize, then maybe :laughing: She’s very closed off and scripted when in social situations (consequences of being the daughter of the most influential people in the country)

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Are you sure? :thinking:

lol omg

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I always do the test for all my main characters, so I already got it prepared, lol. (I’m an INFJ, btw.)

Nikolai: ISTJ (Logistician)

Addy: ENFP (Campaigner)

Rowan: ISTP (Virtuoso)

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Same girl, and what about you!?

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I’m an INFJ through and through. :slight_smile: