Your crazy search history


Hello everyone,

I don’t know about you but I find I always end up with the weirdest stuff in my history when I’m planning a book, and I’m wondering what’s the latest thing you’ve had to research for your story? What’s the strangest thing you’ve had to look up? have you ever searched something like “How to hide a body” and thought ‘the FBI is putting me on a list somewhere I know it’

I’m in the early stages of planning a new book and I don’t remember where the idea came from. What I do remember is having some beers the night before and waking up to two articles about something called “solarpunk” open on my phone and one more article about zeppelins.

I don’t know what kind of drunken thought inspired me to look that stuff up but I’m glad I did because now I’m in the planning stages for a steampunk-ish fantasy story that I’m really excited about.


I think the most recent thing I’ve searched up is the history of landmines after a rabbit hole of the invention of grenades and TNT. 90% of the research for my story is about weapons, armour, combat and medical treatment, so I’m pretty sure I’m on a list somewhere lol. I can’t really think of anything strange that I’ve searched up, though I’m sure I’ll remember one eventually.

Solarpunk sounds wicked.


Haha now that’s something I can relate. The last story I made was military sci-fi so my history was packed full of weapons related stuff :stuck_out_tongue: it was just page after page of “how effective is this calibre of bullet” “battlefield medicine” and “what really happens when you shoot a person with a high powered laser”

The answer I found to that last one was that a laser could flash boil the liquid in a person and basically make you explode. Way way nastier than the neat little burn wounds we normally see in sci-fi when someone gets lasered


Dang, that’s freaking awesome (but not at the same time :sweat_smile:).


I searched “do plants have hearts” earlier today for a chapter of my book… I’m boring.


I was going to add a middle eastern war to my story and I suspect I’m watched. I did a lot of research into ISIS. So far the RCMP have not knocked on my door.


Do they? Now I’m curious :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha no, they just are alive… Kinda like bacteria and other organisms without hearts. But it makes you wonder…


I’m still trying to figure out how certain plants leaves move away if you put a heat source too close.


Now that is interesting.


I actually haven’t had anything bad in a while, but I have a story which is a comedy set in a funeral home. So some of the stuff I had to search for on google should definitely put me on a watchlist hahahahaha everything about chloroform, insurance for driving a hearse and everything else you can imagine haha


Haha nice i heard a similar story from someone here once where after her search into all things funeral related Google targeted ads kept putting banners for discount coffins on all the sites she visited


Yeah exactly! Hahahaha I was always like please god no! Kept searching for normal things just to get rid of those ads


My recent search history:

  • Third person multiple POV
  • The shifter baby SPN
  • Audible hallucinations
  • Jigsaw John Saw

They’re regarding 2 stories I’m planning and 1 story i read.


My previous search history comprises of mostly different pancake and waffle recipes and vodka. :joy:


That soubds like a recepie for a fun night lol


I’m not sure what my craziest search is, but my most anal retentive one was definitely “history of eyedropper” when co-writing with someone in a steampunk setting. That had advanced steampunk-fantasy style technology. Like, I was fine with the clockwork undead and the airships, but what form did the eyedropper take in this approximate time period?


I’m sure someone out there thinks I’m going to break into haunted historical buildings, plan to kill someone out of sight of Google Maps, and/or go off grid (which no cause I like my creature comforts thanks).

Axe murderers and haunted locations in the northern midwest. Fatal mine accidents. Famous Bigfoot sightings. How blood reacts to different poisons. A google map search of multiple small towns in the middle of nowhere in the American southwest and following that inch-by-inch for accurate highway descriptions. Etc.


Now THIS is what the people need to know. Science fiction is way more horrific than in just the Alien/The Thing body-horror sort of way. I’ve done a science fiction book and had to research what actually happens when a sealed ship implodes in space. It ain’t a pretty picture.


So far, I’ve searched a lot of medical stuff, like how does organ transplants really work, what are the complications etc. and also… Korean army :smile: