Your crazy search history


I think my weirdest one would be how does a corpse look after being dead for three days?


Oof that sounds like a gross one. My dad teaches a police foundations course and does a chapter on forensics, judt his short descriptions of what deconposition looks like are enough to gross me out, i don’t think i’d want to google it


No, I definitely do not recommend, the results are another level of horrifying


I am almost scared to type out stuff on Google because I am sure the government server is gonna ping with my keywords and next thing I know someone is hauling me inside a vehicle and interrogating me to death.

I have been working on a murder mystery so I have searched stuff like " which veins to cut to cause most profuse bleeding" and " knives used for murder " and " unique ways serial killers marked their victims" and " how to dispose a dead body" and " how to break into homes without triggering alarms" and " creepiest ways to stalk someone" and yeah, some more disturbing stuff.
The image search is scarring though. Personal advice, DO NOT DO THAT.:no_mouth:


When I saw the title, the first thing I thought of was this meme XD


This is basically what this thread is about







so true hahah


Just an artist looking for reference.



LOL I’m so glad someone addressed this topic! I don’t feel so weird now! :sweat_smile::blush:




Tonight I was googling exploratory abdominal surgery. Might need it for an upcoming chapter, but not in the way you’d think…more like, medical experiments. Still debating on it. I’m so mean to my characters.


Nice :slight_smile: that sounds like it could be interesting. Us writers are always the worst to our characters


I spent hours researching and viewing images of radiation burns and fetal mutations from nuclear fallout.

Now Facebook thinks I’m a doomsday prepper and keeps trying to sell me MREs and gas powered generators.


Wow that sounds like some heavy stuff. Writing a post appocalyptic story?


Hmm, you made me realize I haven’t played Fallout - New Vegas (fave video game) in a loonngg time, and maybe I should :grin:


Out of the ones ive played, that one is my favourite fallout


A long time ago I googled what would happen if you strangled a comatose person (how their body would react).

Google really disappointed me. No good answers. Wonder why.


Can you imagine this scenario for the Erotic writers? lol