Your crazy search history


Uuuuuh. Kinda. PLZ_KILL is a series of news articles, police records, short stories, recorded conversations, and commentaries–all put together by an anonymous source (who signs themself as PLZ). These chapters can range from telepathic murder to the nature of consciousness, from witchcraft to online gaming culture. So everything comes across as independant and unrelated, but the further your read, the more you realize this “PLZ” is trying to lead you to some greater, terrifying realization. Each chapter is part of some bigger collage that only makes sense once you take a massive step back.

I think the best way to describe it would be pre-apocalyptic. The end is nigh. PLZ is trying to show us why.


Pre-appocalyptic sounds like it could ve cool :slight_smile: i feel like not many stories explore that


My book research today is a bit of a weird mix, I’m deep into worldbuilding for my story so my recent searches include: Prairies and grasslands, greenhouse gasses produced by livestock, and how long can a submarine stay submerged.


Because my books are all about genies, I research on them and what creeps me is all the imaginary ideas turn out to be facts! The subjects and matters of search are absolutely crazy, “Can genie and human have sex?” is like one of them.


Mine was a memoir, so mostly I ended up having to google Schrodinger’s cat (a motif), trauma and PTSD (also a motif), and google a bunch of people that I used to know. Not very interesting.

I did however write a book about grim reapers so I spent a lot of time trying to google old death myths online. Oh. And I did have to look up the names of gods and goddesses quite a few times.