Your Dream Writing Space


Post pictures of what your dream writing space would look like (or your current one if you’re lucky enough to have made it already!).

I’ll go first. Mine would look like this, but with way more books all round me:


Nice choice, but i would prefer a less formal type of writing space. Like this one:


God I love that space as well. I think I’d suffer from having a lack of desk though. I need a desk chair for my back :frowning:


I kinda have mine, but I will not post pics now as it’s all junked up with 400 lbs of books for a brain tumor awareness project.


True, a really good, comfy chair is a game-changer!



This is amazing :heart_eyes:


Ooorrrr this! That view though…


Oh good lord that is beautiful I would absolutely love that one. The snow as well totally makes it.

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:fioletowe serce: :fioletowe serce:


I use my front porch about 3 months a year, until the temps get over 90F. Then I’m back out as soon as the heat breaks.

But it’s a MESS out there. LOL No photos.

I’ve got an office too, with a crazy-expensive mechanical keyboard that I use for writing long projects.

But my dream office looks like this:



I always waffle between wanting to live in a faintly haunted looking Victorian mansion and a small, overgrown cabin in the woods, but I feel like this picture really captures the idea writing space for me.


I’m in mine lol. My room.


Ooo… some really nice ones posted!

While I have my own space, which is actually part of my art studio, I’d love to have something with a rich surrounding like this:


I don’t know about a dream space. I think I’d need a semi-formal office space to trick my mind into getting in the work zone. It would definitely have to be outside the house. Hmmm, I really like yours (the first one posted). The windows are beautiful.


I like snuggling in my bed or at a desk with a blanket. If I’m writing at night, I like a little light, so if I can light candles and put them nearby it really sets the mood. If I’m writing during the day I like to do it with my shades open and quiet.