Your Fantasy Character and Story Art


A reboot of the old fantasy story art thread.

NO COVER ART (Maybe if the title and author is removed. I’ll let the mods decide that.)


My two babies from start to finish ^^ they’re apart of a fantasy beauty and the beast retelling and the images are sort of symbolic.



Omg, those are gorgeous!

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They’re so cute!!! I love that style! <3

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Amethyst_Rain Xenoclea

Thank you! ^^ I haven’t shaded the second one yet, but hopefully I get to it so they’re more comparable


This is my jam!

I’m currently writing a story about these three people, who’re all the same race. And it’s not like a human race, per say since they have blue skin. And I’m not very far into the story, but I accidentally drew the two girls.

Malak dell

@RosesnWater Those are amazing! I love your style. It’s so super dynamic :smile:


So basically Disney, if they actually got something right for once. I’m not sure if the guy is really attractive merman, or something else.


This one is related to an old short story I did, about a fantasy world that came about after the collapse of the modern world, leaving behind ancient “Cyber Catacombs”. The titiular girl in the painting: Annabelle, was once a noble, but fall down the social latter to a common church heretic. The only one who knew of the modern world outside of her family.

(And more polite way of saying beheaded.)

Bare in mind the red hair, though I like red hair, was just because of the limited color palate I had at the time.

In reality it’s closer to something like a light brown with blond/green highlights.

Her ties with the old nature still remain with a single leaf on her biddy nose.

Before someone says anything, all my dead characters come back from some sort of cyber necromancy.

Before my whole Neo-Napoleonism craze.


Cleeeaaan. These are amazing!

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You “accidentally” got that pout game :on::lock: Love the textures and the backlighting.

Time to whip out the ol’ 2H and printer paper:

This is Brunhilde. She likes peaches, woodworking, and long, romantic walks o’er the corpses of gods.

Qaram, on the other hand, “fondly” remembers that time I lost my sharpener and couldn’t be arsed to get a new one. Her favourite number is her current body count.


Does it usually take a while? I know some art style can … kind of vary with how long it take to do them.

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Outlining normally takes an hour or so. My tablet is acting up so I can’t upload to cell shade and I refuse to pencil shade no normally just a few details then I move on. For you?

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It depends on the context. I find people take absolutely forever. But there is a thing called “Feeling Drawing” where the individual details in and of themselves aren’t important, so much as the feeling that drawing overall conveys.

Well that, and I suck at hands and feet.

A drawing like this takes a really long time, but generally less long than if I’m doing a portrait. Yes I know the shoes, go away fashion police.:confused:


Damn that emoji game is my new fetish.

Also, I think your Brunhilde could join the Pout Gang here. Love her expression :heart:

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No, I’m kidding. That shading uber cool, so atmospheric.

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Thank you. :black_heart: My reaction face to 90% of life.

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Honestly same.

Resting bitch facers unite :neutral_face: :fist:

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I’m crying. :joy:

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Thank you! Your girls are also super lovely, of im not totally off, I love your use black backgrounds, it makes the lighting so much more noticeable :slight_smile:

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Ahh I get you! These look really good still! I know that feeling about not wanting to shade with pencils, I do it sometimes if it’s just a rough sketch I didn’t plan on doing anything worth anyway, but it’s it’s something new I’ll turn into digital art then the lines have to be clean ^^’

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Oh yes! Nothing worse than one bad pencil stroke completely rearranging the facial bone structure. The way I envy @ennife on Instagram. All hand-drawn and coloured and it is glorious.

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