Your Fantasy Character and Story Art


Well damn, that is some next level art! I love the proportions and outfits. They look wonderfully human. :heart_eyes:

  1. Thanks :slight_smile:
  2. I got the same problem, I have the impression that Kozoro is in front of a deforming mirror XD
  3. Your art is great ! I’d love to make something like that ! But I have a big problem, I can’t draw a char if it’s not from head to toe X)

God, I need to draw more. Every time I check this thread I’m reminded how I need to draw more! Y’all are so inspiring :heart:

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I stink at drawing so I don’t have any awesome character art like all of you do, but I do put together some simple photos to try and make some chapter headers (which look absolutely crap next to all of you guys’ artistic things)

This is going to be the chapter header for my creation story


To each his specialty. Yours is very nice ! ^^

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This is probably cheating since it’s not at all recent, but I have nothing new to contribute to the thread as of now lol. I drew this on my sketchbook before scanning it and colouring it digitally. It’s a part divider of my current novel. (And in case you’re wondering, it is like those full-page illustrations in manga or graphic novels, before the actual chapter starts.)


Thank you!:smile:


Thank you!:smile: Originally I did all the characters separately from head to toe, but when I compiled them together I just thought the bottom half didn’t look as interesting so I just cropped it haha.


This is freaking amazing


I wan to read this.

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I want to read this, too!


Oh my goodness! The art on this thread is gorgeous! :slight_smile:

Below is a picture of one of my many Main Characters. I had drawn it on regular computer paper before scanning it, digitally coloring it in, and doing a little photo-editing for the finished picture;


I like her colour palette! Nice and earthy

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Sure! You can find it on my profile :slight_smile:


Hey, you’re not allowed to post links to your books outside of here #share-your-story:story-requests and #share-your-story. Better edit your comment before a mods delete it :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, man :smiley:


No bother :smile:


Same picture 8p sometimes I really hate working on the same image after I’m already mostly happy with the look, but occasionally it’s worth it.

old and new


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What comes next? Awesome transitions on the panels btw :smiley: and loving the inking on these too

Here’s a WIP of something for my second book. Did it on a whim and too lazy to do tones on these. xD


Oh wow! How long did this take you?? The guy in the mirror seemingly appearing behind her is very creepy ^^ this makes for a very mysterious and creepy start! Well done ^^

I do a sort of fairytale start as well :slight_smile: