Your Fantasy Character and Story Art


Wow, just wow! The colours, composition…everything! This is amazing!


more nonsense from me!


The very first solo drawing of Ophiuchus of Serpentarius !


So I have these creatures in my story called “diabs,” which are basically just mashups of different animals with a pinch of magic thrown in. This one just recently got introduced! In the original version he had a pug body, but then I figured the French bulldog ears could be enlarged (like bat ears) and fit in better with the bat wings haha.


:flushed: I want one. No, I want three. No, I want twenty-seven, and a really big bed so we can all fit in together and cuddle with the cute bat-puppies


Haha omg, that is the best visual ever :heart_eyes:

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I’ve been in a major creative slump this past month, so I haven’t drawn anything really XD I’ve been working on this, even if erratically.


I love the hair curlicues!

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Here’s a new WIP. I’m trying to work on perspective and form, so its kind of a mess

Edit: Here’s a version I’ve worked on some more…


so I’ve been having some troubles with a physical representation of death. for the sake of the story, its attached to the image of crows/ravens. The image of it is a little busy, but I don’t actually mind it personally. This is essentially what I wanted, but I’m still struggling with what it needs :confused:


That’s awesome! Great color scheme, and the lighting looks great too.


Here’s one of my main characters from my fantasy series, Cornar Dol’shir. He’s a fierce warrior and a daring adventure. The image is taken from part of the book cover I had commissioned by Kerem Beyit (


I’m thinking about making some character cards for when I release the book next year, and the following is some sample text.

"Cornar’s reputation for boldness precedes him across the world of Kalda. The son of a renowned general from the Western Sovereignty, Cornar’s skill with his weapons is unrivaled. Throughout his life he has unearthed wondrous treasures and built a substantial fortune. Now in his mid-fifties, Cornar looks forward to a quite life with his wife, Karenna. But retirement will have to wait…

A deranged scholar has come to Soroth seeking aid to uncover an ancient order called, the Keepers of Truth and Might. Once the caretakers of tevisrals-powerful magical devices-the Keepers have since vanished from Kalda. Drawn by the allure of adventure, Cornar and his most loyal of allies embark on a quest that will forever change their world."


Put that flying pugdog in my life asap.

@HEEdwards That style is amazing!


Okay Google, gimme Xhosa warrior queen in traditional attire. No, Google, no heavy steel plate armour. Why is everyone pouting, Google? GOOGLE THAT’S L’OREAL MAKEUP GOOGLE.


goes out and buys a pencil


Damm this is good! Everyone here is so talented, did you guys just start drawing by yourselves? Is there some kinda poly juice passing around? lol

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Alas, it is mostly a matter of drawing until it looks right

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I mean I don’t know about the rest of them, but I sold my soul to the devil just kept drawing and never stopped.

Also, more character illustrations!


So cute! I love the horns

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Thank you! I haven’t drawn in this style in forever. It was nice to return to some fluffy and sparkly stuff. :sparkles:


It’s really cool. I love the sharp lines, mixed with the more realistic shading

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