Your Fantasy Character and Story Art


Thank you so much :sob: :heart:

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Here’s some of my recent stuff. I’m working on pics of some characters from a WIP of mine. They’re still in progress.

Here’s Eleth:

And here’s Sher:


I loooove the first one, the shading and the look in her eyes is really nice - also love how I can always spot your stuff. You have a very distinct style!

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Thank you! The second one is in a far earlier stage, so I hope to add more detail to her hair and eyes soon

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It’s looking good already. Like way cleaner than any of my works in progress.

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What do your WIPs look like?


I usually go step by step - so skin first, then hair, then eyes etc.

So it looks like this:


That’s really cool seeing it come together. You seem to be more organised than I am!


Hah, that’s just with this style. I used to draw comics so it was way easier to just do it step by step.

And then there’s this mess:


Dang, all of your book covers are gosh darn beautiful. I’d say that this one is more similar to my art process


Thanks :heart:

I think I like the second style better. It feels less constricting.

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This is going to sound weird, but I LOVE the shading on that hand!!! As someone who can’t draw hands, your mastery impresses me :sparkles:

Also need to learn to do proper library, because right now my line skills are Not Good

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Hands be difficult


Hands are evil gremlins intent on making art hard

Like, I know I need them to draw, but I wish I didn’t lol


I know right. The rest of the body is alright, but hands are so bloody tricky. Get any of the proportions wrong and it’ll look like a weird claw-like blob


Mine always look like a weird claw-like blob :sob:


Same :sob::sob::sob:

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Claw Blob Hand Club

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Hands are little bitches and the only way I can draw them is if I make an ugly sketch like this:

(Enjoy my ugly handwriting)

So in practice I use that technique like this:




(That’s actually very helpful, thank you)

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