Your Fantasy Character and Story Art


That is actually super helpful! And your handwriting looks really cool

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Hahaha, absolutely no problem! I got this hand model and just sat and drew hands for a billion years in all kinds of poses.

Now feet on the other hand… (lol)

I’m glad you could use it :smile:

Please tell my tutors my handwriting looks cool!

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Clearly I need to spend some kind torturing myself with hand drawings.


Oof, feet kill me too. everything but faces kill me a little lol

I’ll write them a letter of handwriting approval

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It’s the only way to learn; through torture.

Right? Torsos I’m okay with too. And arms. But everything beneath the knee is a pain.

"Dear Fray’s university,

Her handwriting is cool.

Kind regards,


I think they’ll be super understanding.


I’ll do it.

And I’ll do it in my messiest handwriting so yours looks even better by comparison


I’m trying to do more poses beyond standing up and it’s difficult getting everything right


You’re like the best friend someone with a shitty handwriting but who isn’t going to be a doctor could wish for :sob:

Oh definitely. I use even more circles and lines when it comes to poses.

Like this: (How good was Avatar though?)


Mine are just messes:


I don’t think anyone is arting right if their sketches aren’t messy.

In other news, yours look way better than mine.


Why thank you. The true test will be if I can actually turn them into art


You will! The next part is torture - line art - if you do line art… If not, then you’re in the clear and can jump to the fun part! COLOURING! :sparkles:


Alas, I usually do some more detailed line art, but it won’t be that neat


You are pulling off the non-neat line art tbh. I can’t do that. My characters always just look fluffy if I do that.

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Thank you. For years I couldn’t do anything without line art, so I’ve been really working on skin and hair textures so that I could eliminate them.

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Honestly same. I think the nymph and satyr was a one-off. I usually never do line-art that nice, and even that has bumps.

I really don’t do well with stupid lines. Thank you second style for not needing me to do that!

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Yeah! Lines are an acquired taste I feel. There are some styles that work really well for it, but I’m far too chaotic to have clean line-work


The cartoonish one definitely needs it. Just pays a homage to the days where you got one person to do lines and another to do colours.

A realistic style defo doesn’t. It can but it can also not have them. That’s what I like about more realistic styles - you just have more leeway with them.

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I definitely agree

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Ooh I love their colour palettes! And Eleth’s hair especially, it’s got such nice textures going on for still being in progress

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