Your Fantasy Character and Story Art


Praise our dark lord for the gifts he bestows on us :raised_hands:t4:


The pencil texture to this one is so cool! And that blue highlight is so beautiful, it adds a nice touch :blue_heart:


Thank you. For Eleth, I just need to make a background and add finishing touches


PRAISE HIM (there’s no pentagram emoji. Every day Discourse continues to disappoint me.)

@AveryJutsu Thanks :smile: I have a thing for those colourful highlights.


I finally got around to drawing the owner (also protagonist) of the diab I posted some time ago. A reader said she wanted to see more of the blind and scarred eye since the character keeps it covered with her hair so I thought “Ayy how about some WIND!” I attempted to do a cinematic crop as an afterthought lol.


Love the little frenchie. It’s super cute!

Also, the way you draw clothes is awe-inspiring and I’m jealous.


Thank you! I must’ve re-sketched the skirt a dozen times. For some reason I thought fabric in the wind would be easy :joy:


I hear ya :joy:

But it’s looking great. And the colour palette is so soft :heart:

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This is phenomenal. This should be in manga! (Okay I got excited but really really impressive) I love the colour pallete and the fine details on everything.

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This illustration made me add this book to my reading list because I want to know about this girl and her dog o.o


Thank you! The very first draft of my story was actually in a short comic form (my art teachers told me I should do it), but so much has changed that it’s basically like a whole other story haha.

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Yay! I must warn you that the dog comes in rather late because of all the world building and setup I had to do first :sweat_smile:


Lovely colours and sense of proportion. Makes me want to know the character, which is part of the challenge, I reckon. The bat-pug is a nice touch!

Here’s a self-portrait I did for a class– I didn’t know how to render facial features, so it’s rather flat, like an Egyptian tomb painting.


To get the effect of artist’s canvas, I slapped on some transparent goop and laid on a piece of cheesecloth.

Hanging on the wall above my writing table, she became a character in a historical novel that’s way too long to post on WattPad. She’d probably make a good elf, or a vampire (with wee fangs).


But demon doggo is there and that’s all that counts lol

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And your portrait looks so cool! It may be flat, but the canvas effect and colours really add to the style. What did you draw on originally?


Ta! I’m a one-trick pony. Most of my other artwork is pretty sad.

Watercolour paper. Outlined the hair and face in light pencil, then daubed in the background with a fat, dry brush. Filled the hair with blue watercolour and the face with faint blue and some pale gold. My eyes are hazel, but I liked the cat-yellow. Lined the features with a quill pen and india ink. Then I went over the blue of the hair with heavy streaks of paint and then some oil pastel, I think. It’s been a while and my memory’s not precise.

Friends find it spooky because the face lacks expression, as if I’m hypnotised or even dead. One art-history buff told me that the black pupils centered in yellow irises signify madness.

I had it framed and gave it to a boyfriend. He gave it back after a month or so. Said it made him nervous, as if I was watching him.

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Haha I find that awesome. I’m kind of a nut for spooky things though so maybe that’s why I like it so much, even if it wasn’t your intention


A bit nervous about sharing my art, but here is a few armour explorations I drew for my main character. Soon I’ll have to get back to it, and draw some concept art for my other characters too. :cherry_blossom:


These look awesome! I love seeing the different options and ideas you’re putting into it.

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Beaut work! The pose is formal yet natural. The exaggerated narrowness of the face adds to the character. I’m half in love with him already.

Here’s another spooky thing I did, that’d be a good fantasy cover. A classmate gave me a B&W photo and I made a collage sort of thing.


I was mad for dribbling coloured ink and then blowing it, which can be unpredictable but also very cool when it turns out. The black is acrylic and I coated it with an acrylic glaze, which has bubbled over the years.