Your Fantasy Character and Story Art



IT’S DONE. The lighting and shading gave me utter hell. XD


It looks really cool! I love those hands


Thanks! Took me a while to get those right. I don’t mind drawing hands now, but feet? Not so much lol


Oof, feet are actually the devil


I made this little animatic? Thing? It’s pretty spoiler-free for a scene that’s not CLOSE to being written yet, it was planned to be longer but I ran out of steam. Maybe one day!


So I have a few characters from the “Songs of Ahrea” series of stories I’m writing.

I’m not the artist of any of them - my company IGRE Publishing has a number of artists. This one in particular is Saph-y, who me and her have been working together since 2011.

A few key characters (In order, Aras, Fiva, Selea, Aya)Aras_final Fivafinal


Pencil and charcoal are the only things I’m good at, sadly.


Any art medium still produces art. :slight_smile: With enough practice, all of us here can improve.


I finished a few this week, inspired from scenes from the first two books in my series (Salt in the Water and Ghosts in the Glass, respectively). Wattpad forums resize them a bit :stuck_out_tongue: but if you click on them you can see the full render.

This was from the chapter “Two in the Dark” in Salt in the Water–Kaitar and his threk.

And this was from the chapter “Hammer on Glass” in Ghosts in the Glass–Sairel



I had one of my baby bois drawn by an artist on reddit

and…it came out so, so good

Drawn by u/Ko1d on reddit


New creature art for Psychic


New character art for Psychic. Just been drawing a lot lately. Don’t like idea of finishing the year with almost nothing in my “portfolio.”


HELP please ^^’ I am designing a room and I am so bad at it ^^’ I have never ever used perspective before so all of this is new to me ^^’’’ the style that I’m trying to mimic is 1700 century French to start as they are fairly rich.

n the image, they’re mourning a person so there will be a bunch of people all over the floor talking plus word bubbles but if anyone had any suggestions for plants or furniture, I would love to hear them. (I’m also making chandeliers but not done yet ^^’


We gon’ learn about perspectives!

French 1700’s furniture

Some details:



Oh mygod thank you! This is actually for a comic and I’m a pretty lame artist so I might not be able to include anything as ornate as what you have but I cannot express how amazing all these references are thank you so much ^^

this is what I have so far:

the program I’m using at the moment allows me to pretty typical landscapes but anything harder than a two-point perspective and I’m not too sure how it’ll handle it ^^’


You’re welcome and it’s looking good! :smile:

I can’t draw furniture for shit, so colour me impressed!


Thank you again so much for the help ^^

(it’s also a lot easier with references on a computer than paper, you basically just have to know how you imagine it :slight_smile:


Everyone’s art is so beautiful!! :heart_eyes: I don’t know a thing about drawing on a computer but I did make some characters using a fashion/fantasy clothing design website about a year ago :joy: It’s telling me I can’t put images in a post though, so I’ll just have to leave it to your imagination (is it because I haven’t posted much in the community yet? Oy, I’m not on wattpad for a few months and everything changes! I’m not really liking this new posting format. :confused: )

@SarahCushaway I am in AWE of your artistic skills!!! Those are gorgeous!!


Okay, let me try again with posting an image…

This is Suthe from my Secrets of the Swords series. She looks worried here, for good reason. A lot of people are out to get her. :joy:


Aaand one more…this is Lenesa the witch from a different book, Forever Green. Also made on the fashion design website (there were Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings backdrops and costume options–it was great!). She’s got a scar on the left side of her face but it doesn’t really show up well here. Also, the blue blur next to her is a wisp/witchlight named Shwei.