Your Fantasy Character and Story Art



IT’S DONE. The lighting and shading gave me utter hell. XD


It looks really cool! I love those hands


Thanks! Took me a while to get those right. I don’t mind drawing hands now, but feet? Not so much lol


Oof, feet are actually the devil


I made this little animatic? Thing? It’s pretty spoiler-free for a scene that’s not CLOSE to being written yet, it was planned to be longer but I ran out of steam. Maybe one day!


So I have a few characters from the “Songs of Ahrea” series of stories I’m writing.

I’m not the artist of any of them - my company IGRE Publishing has a number of artists. This one in particular is Saph-y, who me and her have been working together since 2011.

A few key characters (In order, Aras, Fiva, Selea, Aya)Aras_final Fivafinal


Pencil and charcoal are the only things I’m good at, sadly.


Any art medium still produces art. :slight_smile: With enough practice, all of us here can improve.