Your Fantasy Character and Story Art


This is a beastie. A little forest dweller worth nothing to a hunter so are often left to skuttle around.


A redraw of Sterel of Sagittarius. The poor really needed it ! He’s so much better now !


Lovely artwork everyone! This is some art of the MC from one of my (old) stories :slight_smile:

Edit: it would be nice if the grid gallery worked >.>


Always credit the artist.


The 1st girl really reminds me of Trish from Devil may Cry


Lol, zero connection whatsoever but I’ll take that as a compliment.


You should, she’s a badass


This took a little bit more time since I’m still trying to figure out the main characters’ designs but this was very much the image i was trying to create ^^


I finished a thing on Christmas Day. And now I don’t know whether to cringe or be pleased. At any rate, behold my cranky boy Victor from Memento Mori (urban/low fantasy).


All I have are some subpar pencil sketches.


Annnndddd I’m back again. I’m pretty sure I’m just drawing so I don’t have to do any writing for what’s left of 2018.

The background is so bad, gosh. :joy: This is Veo Lynn, also from the same story as Victor above.


So I’ve finally gotten around to actually doing a proper portrait of my MC Helena. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m happy with it so far.


I’m gonna kick this back alive again. I’ve been drawing Al from a WIP I’m working on right now and I love her.

What have you all been working on?



Tried to do some dragon art last weekend, but it turned out terrible. So I did some new concept art for my snow kangaroo race instead. Well, actually, I stole two pieces of art that sort of looked like what I intended, merged and modified them and recolored them to my needs. Because, as said, my art is terrible.


The head was originally this:

I kept the ears and mane, which were the reasons I picked it, but shortened the nose a bit, since Zethians are more feline than canine and have no sense of smell. And recolored it to be more snow appropriate. The “hands” are awful and I haven’t decided if I will give them thumbs. They’re supposed to be uplifted animals so lack of thumbs would make some sense. It should have claws on its feet too, for gripping the ice, but they didn’t look better than the hands.

It looks fine now, but I ran it through several filters to get it to that point.

I’ll probably do Kitsune next, so it’s going to be a furry week.


i usually use art to help “flesh” out ideas for creatures. my style is relatively…dark.


i hope the pic wasn’t warped when uploading. i’m new to Wattpad and don’t know the size requirements for pics.


That’s really good! I want to do some creepy concept art like that but computer wise it’s so hard to find the tools Xp


thanks! i usually start with a doodle on paper (usually with ink), then upload the doodle to Procreate and go from there.


It used to