Your Fantasy Character and Story Art


Apparently, producing only one new drawing per month does not a better artist make.

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A cover for a sort of 80s fantasy ^^


Some people are bothered by severed heads, so just in case.

Very old drawing I did in high school, when I was more into fantasy.

Not even the weirdest stuff I ever drew.

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I LOVE everything about this except the author label. It looks so out of place. Is it your own art?

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Character from an upcoming project.


Same character from before with her battle partner, a rhino named Lucas. First time drawing a rhino. I think he came out okay. Enough to look like a rhino.


Lo’s original art, way back when

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Finished a long-delayed project: character cards for my current WIP.


My main character for my main novel. No color, but she’s a blue gradient.


And a creature for my unpublished WIP. No, not a phoenix. Galderkin of the Firewing type have been mistaken for phoenixes so I did use a phoenix for reference. That’s all. Imagine a red, orange, yellow gradient on the wings and little bits of flames coming off.


Btw, I suck at drawing birds so this is quite a good attempt for me :wink:

I don’t have the courage to color them in :confused:

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I like the gradients :smile:


Ooohhh :0 I like that :smile:

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thank you! :smile: i forgot i had posted that tbh :sweat_smile:

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I…really need more practice with rain and wet clothes.

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Thank you, I did draw it! I’m currently teasing out a bunch of different 80s fonts ^^ which is ehy the author font was different/weird :slight_smile:

I’m now experimenting with neon yellow :woman_facepalming:


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Ahh! I love that! I’m a sucker for lights and bright colors. I think some more glow around the author name would make everything look more cohesive but still, I love it! Do you have an art account anywhere?

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Thank you again ^^ the author title isn’t perfect because it’s still in a different font but I feel stronger about than before for sure :slight_smile:

I wish I did! I noticed you have a DA which I used to do but after my computer died I just post art to wattpad ^^’ love your colours btw speaking as someone whose had issues in that area I can’t say how much I love a well coloured piece of art

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I wish mine looked half as good as your cover. I like bright colors but I guess I’m always afraid to use them. Like I won’t do them justice or something?

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Hey all! Joining in, so I apologize for the long post, but I’ve got a fair amount of art. This is all collab work between me and a friend of mine from my Urban Fantasy novel Ether Roots

First up is Kez, my Pyromancer and Haven Society agent (she’ll tell you she was a rockstar at the age of ten, which isn’t far from the truth when your father is a living rock legend)

Next we’ve got Anna, the story’s primary MC and my absolute mess of an Aerasmancer (wind witch).

Here we’ve got Holly, New Yorks finest Green Witch and Anna’s ex-fiancee.
Dayo is one of my favorite characters in the story and happens to be Kez’s sister and a gifted Tag Warder (along with a few other surprises)

And finally Amara, Dayo’s cousin and my Bone Witch/Trauma Doc.


Oh my gosh! Those are awesome!

*is speechless *

I so envy people who can draw people.



Lookit the bab
hopefully it’s not squooshed

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