Your Fantasy Character and Story Art


Honestly, it’s just a lot of random playing around. My regular art isn’t technically even that good, I just use a lot of colours. If you want to start but just don’t want to throw a bunch of random bright stuff together, what I did to start was look at pictures I liked and what sort of colours they used and then used them in my own art :slight_smile:

Here’s an example:

(unfortunately it was a 8tracks playlist cover so I have no idea who the author is)


And the second one was something I made recently



Thank you so much! I’m very pleased with how they turned out


Just found this thread today. Every art here is amazing!

Let me hereby introduce you to my babies:

Full body!


Well, damn, I love how they look like they came out of a period Chinese/Korean drama. :grin: I particularly love Jiyu’s costume!

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Thank you! :heart: