Your Fantasy Character and Story Art

Honestly, it’s just a lot of random playing around. My regular art isn’t technically even that good, I just use a lot of colours. If you want to start but just don’t want to throw a bunch of random bright stuff together, what I did to start was look at pictures I liked and what sort of colours they used and then used them in my own art :slight_smile:

Here’s an example:

(unfortunately it was a 8tracks playlist cover so I have no idea who the author is)


And the second one was something I made recently



Thank you so much! I’m very pleased with how they turned out

Just found this thread today. Every art here is amazing!

Let me hereby introduce you to my babies:

Full body!


Well, damn, I love how they look like they came out of a period Chinese/Korean drama. :grin: I particularly love Jiyu’s costume!

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Thank you! :heart:

Just trying some more of that neon city ghost vibe :stuck_out_tongue:



I don’t really understand this color scheme but I’m really liking it and hope you’ll keep making more. Some neon signs in the background would look look amazing too. What was your process for learning to draw backgrounds?

I have to create one for my next book but I’m really not looking forward to it.

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I 100% cheated, also thanks for the advice about graffiti, I might put some litter and at least one neon sign ^^ in there later but for now I have a new gang name




I love it.

Here is the main character and side character, respectively, of my book "The Hall of Records :slight_smile:



(Old Design)

(Concept sketches for his Redesign)
Meet Volsung!
Also known as The Negotiater, The Strategist and The Servant of Wisdom

He’s the Keeper of the Espiriaigne(Es-peri-aig-neh)Clan
Also known as the Clan of the Mind
After working his way up following some unfortunate circumstances that landed him on the Clan’s Doorstep
And yes, He’s a Native American Magician of Southern Cheyenne Descent
And also a very proud Husband and an equally as if not even prouder Dad
He’s a very skilled Illusionist, who is able to make illusions so convincing, he’s able to entice people into thinking he’s a man who is able to bend Reality
As well as a literal Mind Reader, a compulsive telekinetic and a Clairvoyant, though not by choice
Basically, his Clan’s Keeper position is Cursed with the Ability to see the Souls of the Damned
After one of the Keepers ignored his judgement and ended up getting quite a few people killed
Since then, the gods cursed the position with this so that the spirits can serve as a reminder to all the Keepers who come after what happens when they ignore their good judgement and don’t do the right thing for the people
And any Clan Member who passes through this position as well as the first born child born to the Keeper has this permanently

But either way, he actually kind of hates it, despite having grown accustomed to seeing the dead everywhere

He’s also the Keepers’ Strategist and Negotiator, hence his titles
Mainly due to the fact his job is to basically strategize how to solve Clan based problems without resorting to war, making negotiations with various leaders, including the other Keepers to make sure no one ends up assassinating someone, acting as a representative for the Keepers in the Worlds outside his own and just generally making sure everyone keeps their stuff straight and doesn’t end up killing eachother
So naturally, when it comes to his job
He takes it pretty seriously
So much so that alot of the time, people misjudge him for this really strict leader who doesn’t take crap from anyone
Mainly due to how he generally carries himself
Even though in actuality
He’s really just a gentle bear of a guy who really loves his wife and kids and cares tremendously for his people above all else


The awesome art! The awesome art is blinding me :open_mouth:

Let’s see if I can become part of this thread…

This is a picture of a character from a WIP of mine.
I did not draw this. It was drawn by Faith (who doesn’t seem to have a Community account that I can tag for credit so here’s her link:

The character’s name is Sarah and at the time of this drawing, she was a timid, shy girl living in a small village. Now she’s a slightly more outspoken, sneaky girl living in a small village.


Pinti from The Scepter of Tamido drawn by me.


Wow, They.Look.Awesome 0_0

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Her name is Talia Vangard. :blush:

Also, there is so much lovely art on this thread. :heart_eyes:

Do character aesthetics count if I designed all the individual pictures myself?

Back again this time with a sequel cover… It’s my first time ever trying to draw to draw a building so I used the art from YouTube’s Bedtime Stories as a reference.
Matches the first one…



More battle partners.


Post edited because it wasn’t exactly art.