Your favorite fantasy cover?

Stick to da rules goys. No Wattpad writers.

Share one and tell us what you like about it.

This is my favorite fantasy cover of all time. All the gold parts are metallic on the book. It just gives me a feel. The feel of being cold and standing at a distance looking at this magnificent arch. The rococo swirls on the outside give it a fantastical feel.

Show me your favorite covers! Follow rules, no Wattpad writers.


I have so many!

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These are my current faves.


Ooh I like the art on that second one. What do you like about them?

I’m just obsessed with illustrated covers right now. There’s so many amazing artists, getting solid work and producing solid work for awesome authors right now - especially in YA Fantasy. And I’m in love with all of it.

For a while there was a trend with either just using typography or one simple symbol in Fantasy, but the trend is shifting more towards the illustrated covers and I’m all for it. Aaaaall for it. There’s so much artistic freedom in them too and it can get even more abstract too.

Like this one:

It’s not Fantasy but it follows that trend. I’m obsessed with it :heart_eyes:


I’m far more cliche and generic in my tastes. Give me a cover with an interesting fantasy creature or setting and I’m happy. Something too creative is probably more likely to lose my interest than enhance it. But photo covers also lose my interest. I’ve basically trained myself to ignore covers because so few grab my attention.

It seems I have very specific tastes :joy:


image image image


Those are all gorgeous :heart_eyes:

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I know right? I’m drooling over them at this point :joy:

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I like many covers, but those are the two most recent ones, both by Holly Black. The Wicked King is an exclusive edition, which I ordered from the US, but it looks so sleek in black :sunglasses:


Holly Black’s cover artists are freaking phenomenal!

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Yes they are! And needless to say that I absolutely love her books, even if they leave me in a complete emotional mess :joy:

I’ve yet to read them, but they’re on my to-read list.

Oh another cover that’s freaking amazing is this one:

Look at that font work :heart_eyes:


Oh you definitely should read them! The third one “Queen of Nothing” will be out in November.

That cover is amazing!! I also love the rippling cloak and the background, reminds me of Van Gogh’s starry night :heart_eyes:

I’m gonna wait until the whole series is done and then I can binge like the trash I am!

RIGHT?! Seriously, it’s so pretty. I have it in hardback and sometimes I take it down just to look at it. It’s so damn pretty!

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LOL, that’s a good strategy, better than having to wait a year between each book.
Oh, I understand that. I sometimes just like looking at my books, because they are so pretty :heart:

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And I’m already doing that with at least three other series. I can’t remember how many I’m in the middle of right now :joy:

I buy the pretty books in physical form so they look pretty on my shelves - the rest I buy as ebooks

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Same here. I do have a kindle, but I just can’t resist having the pretty books as physical copies on my shelf, besides I love the smell of books and the way I can just browse through the pages. An ebook can never give me this all around experience :smiley:

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Yessssss! Same :heart_eyes:

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Not only is it beautiful, and not only does it tell you what the book is like, but also the author made it!

How about least favourite covers?


Who made that abomination??? (Second cover - not the first. The first is beautiful)