Your favourite piece that you wrote?

Hey there!
I’m just here to make new friends and well to know what do you think is the best piece of poetry you wrote??
You are welcome to type in your piece and type in your thoughts on the piece before yours in the replies.
Have fun!

I’ll start by saying my fav piece that I wrote is…

That roses’ petals were soft & gentle.

Treated me as if I were special.

But before I could realise it had thorns,

it pricked me and proved me wrong.

It broke my heart & left me crying here,

trying to keep myself together

before I completely tear apart.


You know that feeling?
The one where you feel useless…

You feel like a peasant in a world of royalty
Like an ant in a world of dragons
Like you’re the only idiot in a world of genius?

That feeling like your not meant to be here,
Like you’re a jester at the world’s most serious science convention
Like a cat swimming in an ocean
Or dolphin trying to walk on land…

You feel out of place in this world,
Like you don’t contribute to anything?
Or like all you do is take when you want to give
Like your in an endless loop of ‘I’m OK!’ and ‘Things Would Be Better Without Me’?

What’s it like to not feel this way?


I’ve written hundreds of poems but this one is definitely up there :slight_smile:

I am a goddess.

Feel the thunder of the Earth beneath your feet;
do not dare turn your back on me.
I will not tolerate your insolence;
I brought you into this world.
Do not force me to bury you in this fertile soil.


Until death

Lifetimes have passed but my heart still calls you
Tethered in waiting for a love slighted
My flame illuminates the dark that grew
The warmth once yours now tainted and blighted

Still, your splendour remains in our wake
A hollowed kingdom built on devotion
Without you here there is an endless ache
Forlorn, I bear the weight of the oceans

Our crumbling castle becomes our pyre
Two lovers wail in deathly desire
I’ll follow you to the end, to the fire
Married decay where we lay in the mire

Now betrothed in both darkness and light
Together we set the Heavens alight


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: that’s beautiful

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Thank you! So is yours :heart:

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Mine is probably dumb…

Little Boat

We braved the storm together
the two of us clinging to each other
in our little boat,
on a sea of sorrow

We were secure in our hope
the two of us dreaming of a bright new dawn
in our little boat
seeking a new tomorrow

But then you left, your promise broken
you left me behind, facing the storm
alone in my little boat
alone with your betrayal

I cried for you, screamed out your name
I held your memory in my empty arms
alone, in my little boat
upon the seas I still sail


It is not! It’s got a simple name but such deep meaning I love it!!

my fave piece I wrote is

“Blooming Peace”

stuck on a path to a safer place

I walk and feel the ground beneath my feet

I hear the birds chirp in the mere distance

telling me, “you’re at peace here.”

I smell the sweetness of the pine as it fills my lungs

and in my mind, I think of all the beauty this holds

the simplicity of these moments, and the knowingness

of you by my side, and every passing moment

I feel closer to you, like this is meant to belong

like everything we have ever said, has our loveliness

that only we would ever begin to understand

I forget there are other places when we’re in sync with

one another

harmony and peace as the birds sing

we simply forget the world as we’re merely living in it

and I think that’s a beautiful statement of what we came together

to be

because nothing really matters if you can’t care for the simplicity of everything, and instead, drown in worry of the big things you can’t handle.

~ l.e.w.m


Blood Puppets

Puppets, we are, on a string
Like birds we fly, we try and sing
Captives held in the world’s stage
All locked in our gold-studded cage

Dance, we leap among the violence
Cry, we ask into the silence
Survive, we live against all odds
Pray, we plead to callous gods

To take our shattered, broken hearts
To break to smaller, sharper parts
To forge escape, bloodshed, a knife
With smiling eyes we flee this life



You know what hurts
like the sun drowning in the ocean
causing the flames to sizzle
burning away the seas
extinguishing itself,
Knowing that you have tainted
the best years of my life
by uttering the scalding words,
Branding me with an iron rod
that you were only with me
because you had no-one else
to fill a void
that someone else created.

I feel your arms around me
Willing them to hold me tighter
But they hang loose about my waist
Not really committed.
Trust me, I know.

I see you now
throwing a frisbee around
hanging around with everyone
but me,
Hoping that joy too is a lie,
Cause I can’t be
the only one that came out



Mine is from my poetry collection Infinity:

Not all battles are won with the sword

Not all battles end in victory,

The biggest battle we face

Is the battle against self-pity.

The biggest victory is infact, victory over self.

Not all wounds are in blood

Not all wounds need care,

The biggest wound we have

Is the wound of despair.

Not all stitches are seen

Not every stitch even means

The biggest stitch we dread

Is the stitch of self-mend.

Not all pain is shown

Not all pain is seen,

The biggest pain is that

The pain of self-need.

Not all selfishness is rude

Not all selfishness is mean,

The biggest selfishness is one

Of caring for our being.


(The devil appeared to me in a dream, and spoke:)
We are the tombstones that will be remembered.
What we do is what’s kept alive, forever etched in stone.

I know my stone is written, my deeds are already carved,
But there’s more to me than the things they say.
They say I’ve done wrong,
But haven’t we all?
They say I’ve hurt people,
And I agree; myself most of all.
They say I don’t care, and that’s not always the truth.

I tried.
I tried.
I tried.
The world should at least know that.

After all, we don’t carve our own tombstones.


My favorite piece is called On My Mind:

Your always on my mind
Every day and every second
I see you inside the lids of my eyes
Whenever I blink
Your stuck to my fingertips
I smell sawdust when you’re not even around
Sometimes I hear you whisper my name in my ear,
When you aren’t even near
I can’t bear to see that you have gone
But sometimes I feel like I don’t belong
In this little small fragile world
Without you here next to me
Now, your always on my mind
And I can’t get you out


Ô Satan, prends pitié de ma longue misère !

Ô toi qui de la Mort, ta vieille et forte amante,
Engendras l’Espérance, — une folle charmante !

Ô Satan, prends pitié de ma longue misère !

Toi qui, pour consoler l’homme frêle qui souffre,
Nous appris à mêler le salpêtre et le soufre,

Ô Satan, prends pitié de ma longue misère !

Bien que j’aurais aimé le signer je n’arrive pas à sa cheville…(Baudelaire)

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Do you have a translated version too?? would love to read it

La paleur de ton corps se découpe dans la brume…tes courbes déchirent la nuit…tu t’avances lentement vers moi…ton regards plante en moi ses iris…ton souffle chaud réchauffe mon sang…les draps blancs dansent sur ton corps fiévreu…

Regard perdue dans le vide…ce matin les choses ont changées…je ne peut rien faire…juste rester la …démunie…je me terre dans ce silence depuis longtemps déjà, ça ne changeras pas…les mondes changent et moi je reste là…regarder passer le temps sur ce cadran sans fin …impuissante …regardes moi…une dernière fois, je t’en pris…regarde moi et dit moi que tout ira mieux demain…pouvoir seulement y croire…s’accrocher une fraction de seconde à des chimères…je te suplie…tu t’en vas et moi je reste là…une dernière fois…

(petite improvisation au feeling)

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O Satan, praise the pity of my long misery!

O you who of Death, your old and strong lover,
Beget Hope, - a charming madwoman!

O Satan, praise the pity of my long misery!

You who, to console the frail man who suffers,
We learned to mix saltpeter and sulfur,

O Satan, praise the pity of my long misery!

Although I would have liked the signatory, I can’t get to his ankle … (Baudelaire)

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Me too what an idea I am on a conversation between Anglophone while I am French !!
(my computer translates automatically)

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