Your Horror Monster

Zombies, ghouls, vampires, werewolves. These and many other monsters have become loved within the horror genre, but sometimes, a never before seen monster can send the readers screaming in terror. So my fellow horror writers, what nightmarish abomination have you created?


A latent desire so shocking to your moral center that you deny it fiercely, and when that doesn’t allay the desire, you find someone to project it on and blame them for making you feel this way. You take out all of your fear, shame, and self-loathing on them through any means available. The more brutal you are, the more you are able to convince yourself that it was through no fault of your own that you are like this. They wouldn’t be punished so severely if they didn’t deserve it, after all, and you certainly know it wasn’t your fault. Nothing you do diminishes the desire, no matter what awful things you do to your scapegoat to prove your innocence, until you have gone so far from the person you were that there is nothing left to prove it to.

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I actually JUST made a poem describing a bunch of monsters that are very familiar to people, yet not what you’d expect. Do ya wanna hear it?

Human nature is a pretty terrifying monster ;w;

That’s actually extremely compelling and interesting, and I love it to pieces

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Deadspace’s monsters were my all time favorite for horror. If I were to create something, I’d probably mimic their idea.

I’m in the process of creating one. It’s a struggle! But I think I’m almost done with it. :scream:

How long did it take you to write your monster(s), friends?

@DissonanceDance The folly of humanity. Few things are scarier than monsters that hit close to home.

@Eternalautumnfire Dead Space has some pretty crazy monsters. I’ve been using a Youtube channel called Roanoke Gaming which discusses the lore and biology behind the necros and other monsters for inspiration for my own.

@DoraTonks Depends on what exact purpose my monster serves. Is it going to be a mundane human that hunts down people? Not hard and rather short since some mystery can add to the horror. Is it a Lovecraftian horror that warps reality and melts the human mind? Need to figure out how to make it stand out from the rest which means a long and diffcult journey is a head. However, it’s always satisfying to see my monsters come to life in the end and scare the hell out of people.

And good luck on your own monster! May it be memorable and horrifying!

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I’m certainly not a horror author but i have made some relatively, and outright, scary creatures/people that became monsters. They’re all inspired from something pre-existing with my own twist on it (Don’t massacre me, since when did these things become entirely unique?)

A pretty tame one is a monster i created for my main series. It’s entire body is covered in a black, pulsating shell. It has tentacle appendages on its back and sides that have minds of their own. It’s a skinny thing, so it’s REALLY fast, but it’s head is where things get scary. Its head is like some kind of flower merged with a worm, it breaks apart into four triangular parts of its head, and in the centre, is a massive red eyes surrounded by rotating circles of teeth, teeth also line the open head. That’s tame.

In a more mature story i made another. This one has a centipede’s upper body crossed with a spider’s lower body, it has no flesh legs or arms, so it’s been merged with machinery, cybernetic legs and entire chunks of its body had been replaced by machines. On its underbelly it’s fleshy and pulsating, it’s kept the sheer amount of centipede legs it originally had but they’ve been replaced by weapons and machines like vices, saws, swords, lasers, everything. It does have a face! On the end of the centipede’s body is a vaguely humanoid face. The skin is rotted, greenish and brown with visible veins and an entire chunk on the right side of its face missing. Its mane of black hair becomes tentacle appendages when angered, and inside the veins flows a kind of black and purple blood. The reason for this is the metal skeleton this zombie amalgamation is filled with housing one of the MC’s who was captured and has his blood siphoned to operate this machine. Also this thing is HUGE. Talking about 4 stories tall standing up, it can stand up on its mechanical legs.

Which one’s worse?

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I’m trying to make mine unique, so I suppose I’m where you are in making in stand out. I’m luckily 50-75% done, but pieces fall together slowly. Ideas I have aren’t quite good enough, so I keep pushing onward, rewriting until I like the concept of the creature. :scream:

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Interesting. I’m a through and through fantasy writer, but I’ll probably play around some with sick and twisted monsters in an upcoming project.


@Arkotract I’m leaning towards the tamer one simply because it can go where I go. The spider-centi thing, while scarier in appearance, will announce its presence with every step. Might be good for building up tension, but serves as a warning to get underground or a safe, enclosed space. After all, a creature 4 stories tall can’t fit very well into a cave.

But the question remains, can it blend? :stuck_out_tongue:

@DoraTonks Keep writing till ya love the creature! I’d recommend sharing what you got so far so that maybe others can give their input and help it grow.

@Eternalautumnfire Even in fantasy can horror monsters thrive. After all, we did get Shelob and that’s one scary spider… up until she was made into a human woman. Rolls eyes

Come on, I wanted a giant spider to ride into battle.

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Honestly i agree. I designed that one with the ‘one scare only’ trope in mind. It’s essentially a fight, not to mention it’s a little too extreme. The worst part is, the first one used to be a person… ugh

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I almost feel like a giant spider is cheating. Most people are afraid of spiders anyways, so one close to the size of a half giant seems like a cheap-shot. However, that is a widely successful story, so who cares.

I’ve definitely created my fair share of nastys. I wanted to reimagine a lot of common monsters that are generally depicted as weak, beginning monsters in the gaming realm, and make them terrifyingly deadly. I also created a few monsters of my own that are not something you’d want to mess with while out on leisurely farming stroll.

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I’ve gotten help from three writers so far, but I’d love to ask even more! Discussing it ends up ruining it for potential readers, so I’m wary and ask if they mind, because a lot of people tend to want to experience the story as a reader. :sob:

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I haven’t created my own monsters, but Junji Ito has created some of the most memorable monsters in literature. He takes things you wouldn’t see as scary- or even think of- and creates these wild stories.

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I have created my own monster, trying desperately to make it unobtrusive, but also terrifying. When I figure out how to upload parts of my book to the Wattpad Community I would love some genuine feedback from all your horror enthusiasts.

I’m a huge fan of cosmic horror… so a lot of my monsters have alien aspects, as well as I use abstract and uncommon influences like bugs, fish, and bacterium. An example of one of my creatures is a Whisper… it is gray, long like an eel with a round head, at the end of its head is a small mouth with pyramidal teeth. Along its side are small nostril-like holes/flaps… and its tail tapers to a crystalline rod that emits a low electrical frequency and burns matter.

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Most of the monsters I created is based/inspired on some conspiracies. Like create demons that is responsible to Hollywood Big Names scandalous yet darkest affairs & secrets.

Also, alien monsters.

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Genies :wink:

Are they monsters?